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Enstone is back with yet another update to Control Console API. This update, as seen in previous ones released, brings compatibility to current custom firmware versions. With the releases by the developers behind Rebug's latest custom firmwares, those been 4.81.1 and 4.81.2, developer Enstone updates CCAPI bringing support to custom firmware 4.81 DEX.

Well seems developer TheFl0w is back with a new update to his popular application VitaShell with v1.50 and now v1.51 was pushed the next day to fix issues that came around to deliver something Sony blocked from us USB access to our memory cards. No longer are we stuck using the DRM ridden Content Manager Assistant or as we know it (Q)CMA. This allows much faster file transfer over the prior option of FTP access, which BTW is still possible as we can toggle between USB and FTP. This is needed as it seems Vita TV/PSTV users out in the cold as this is only for the Vita HENkaku user base. If you try you will be greeted with this lovely screen.
(UPDATE v1.45.10 -- Jan 13) Original Article (Jan 7) :
Following the recent official update to webMAN from @deank, we see the popular fork (webMAN MOD) from @aldostools now receive an update, When we seen developer deank develop this plugin from the ground up with the core features. We thought the plugin could not get much better back then, then developer aldostools took over alot of the development with the fork of webMAN MOD and have thought many times how can this plugin improve, but it does as the scene improves this must have plugin keeps up with the times​
Developer @Evilnat has released v6.0.4 for SEN Enabler, this multi-functional ps3 homebrew has many features and abilities. For those new or need a refresher of how to use this homebrew, that also has an optional plugin can be seen in the support forum. This update provides support for 4.81 DEX, disables new cfw syscalls that recent CFW releases have introduced, plus a few components have been updated for latest Cobra Support. Checkout the full changelog by the developer in the details provided.​
Team Rebug is back with a new release with 4.81.2 REBUG REX / D-REX , this update adds the new Cobra v7.50 payload that debut in 4.81 Habib Starbucks CFW, along with the changes that Cobra v7.50 has brought ( Fake Save Data Owners & Game Quit patches have been applied for us, so that means we can say good bye to those annoying popups. Rebug Toolbox has been updated with new PS2 Netemu toggler for Cobra. This Custom Firmware keeps getting better and better and be sure to checkout the complete release notes at for its usage with the rebug toolbox​
At the last day of 2016 this update appeared on the official blog from Team fail0verflow, yes the same group of developer's who ported Linux to the PS4 with graphic acceleration and in the past have done extensive work on various console such as the PlayStation 3 among various others. In this update from macan we get a glimpse about the team's current work with interesting details about some of the compelling features that Linux on the PS4 is capable of in its current state. Currently the needed exploits needed to run & Install Linux on PS4 is only available on v1.76 firmware, there is reports of v4.01 running Linux with some privately held exploits, but the latest PS4 firmware has patched those exploits, but more exploits could exist/could be discovered in the future
The GekiHEN Contest deadline is approaching and time is running out to get your entries into the homebrew contest. There has been various projects submitted but some categories are a bit bare with just a few entries. While even the sections that have a good number of entries, its still is anyone's competition and we hope to see even more homebrew added to those catagories as well. The contest is winding down, lets take a look at what we have entered into the contest to this point. There is a lot of homebrew to checkout, but help developer improve their projects with some valuable feedback as developer can still provide updates for their projects.
(SEE UPDATE x2 v4.81.01 + 4.81.02 ) Original Article: 04.80.00: Developer @deank has brought his popular backup manager up to date with the release of multiMAN v04.81.00 . In this release the developer has added of course 4.81 CFW support for what appears only on CEX CFW at this time, but Stealth (aka StealthMAN) user will see an update supporting 4.81 CEX. This is a feature rich and popular backup manager that now has full 4.81 (CEX) Support . Additional releases for the PS3 firmware update of 4.81 can be seen here in our forums.
Developer Subjunk and crew have updated UMS (Universal Media Server) to version 6.5.3. This update has added new support for new renderers such as the Sony Bravia X series TV. v6.5.3 also contain a variety various fixes that the development team has outlined in the latest changelog. This popular DLNA Media Server keep supporting additional devices and continues to be a very polished release. Checkout of the detail of this latest release​
It has been awhile sine we have seen PSNpatch updated by developer KW , but now the dev is back with a new update for PSNpatch, providing some new improvements. First change we see in the plugin is a suggestion by psx-places own atreyu187 for support for using PS3 Media Remote / multiple controller ports. Also this update is important for disabling your CFW (syscalls) as we see the emergence of new syscalls there is a need to disable them is a need to disable them for a proper CFW disabling for in theory a much safer experience when connected to PSN on a CFW enabled Console.