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Here is a type of CFW for PlayStation 3 consoles with a broken BD Logic Board/Drive and contains an issue of not being able to boot anything from the PS3 XMB. It does not matter if the content is stored on the DISC or HDD, you can not launch anything from the XMB with PS3 Console's contain this defect. If that sounds like a PS3 console you have laying around or know someone who might have that issue, there is good news as there is an easy fix (Yes, Sony its easy and Sony should issue this patch themselves). Simply by disabling & patching the Disc drive, developer's in the PS3 community have found out this allows those otherwise useless consoles to launch items once again from the PS3 XMB, So play your purchased Content from PSN / Disc Backups ect/ Purchase things from PSN store/ play video & use services once again on your PS3. noBD CFW for a majority will never be used, but is a great option for PS3 owners that are otherwise stuck with a broken console that would only use would be a power hungry screensaver. So lets take a look at some of the NoBD CFW options and favors we have seen released to this point
Two years ago the YouTube application for PSVITA was deleted from the PlayStation Store along with support. I created a simple application that allows you to use YouTube directly from the web browser with the use of uri call and with easy functions. I also posted the code source on GitHub (editable by everyone) and the download available
Team Rebug has decided to release 4.82 REBUG - LITE EDITION, this is not a REBUG REX CFW. REX is a hybrid type of firmware that uses CEX (retail firmware) & DEX (debug firmware), DEX firmware usually takes some time after a firmware update to emerge into the public hand, this has not happened for 4.82 at this time. So, the team decided to release a 100% CEX based CFW for 4.82. This only make sense with an influx of new CFW user's looking for a quality CFW thanks to the PS3Xploit Nor/Nand Flash Writer for CFW Installs on 4.82 OFW. By default (after installation) this firmware acts similar to a "Standard CFW", but when REBUG TOOLBOX is installed (see tab below for details about REBUG Toolbox), you can toggle "ON" COBRA (v7.54) to make this a full fledged COBRA CFW with a simple Toggle Option in Rebug Toolbox, Cobra is essentially a payload that adds various features to the CFW, such as Background Plugin Support on boot, Local streaming of games, ISO Support (PS3/PS2/PS1/PSP/DVD/BD) are just a few of the many highlights that COBRA adds to a CFW ( all Features can be viewed in the COBRA tab.).
[UPDATE - v2.05+ (12/6/2017)]
As the days past since the 4.82 OFW update, developer's are scrambling to update various Apps / Mods / Tools / CFW, while not every release needs an update to support a new firmware version, some things will and no better place to checkout then our 4.82 Homebrew / CFW thread for all those 4.82 related releases. XMBLock from developer @ermak86 is a XMB Modification that will allow you disable (lock) some of the XMB settings,The "Lite Lock" will lock the Update / System Settings / Internet Settings, where as the "Full Lock" will lock the entire settings category. Now be aware that Update Lock only is for the XMB a game prompt asking you to update, will not be locked.. There is screenshots / video of this mod in action. So check it out (contains easy installer for the mod) and protect your PS3 if you have other's using it with the great XMB Mod
VitaHEX games has a new release for HENkaku user's, but this time around PlayStation TV user's you will be sitting on the sidelines for this release. As Vitamon GO (a Pokemon Go Clone) is a Vita exclusive since this utilizes the rear camera of the device. this is not a complete game but a good POC that is open source for anyone to expand upon and add to it, be it new characters or additional elements of gameplay. Other VitaHEX creations have included the following: ZombieBound, Crazy Traffic 3D, PRO Camera Vita, Voice Recorder Vita & Notepad Vita
Recently the developer's behind the official ScummVM project (many "Point & Click" type games engines emulated) have begun an Open Test for the Emulator, the downloads are open to all users that ScummVM supports, which is many. For our PlayStation Homebrew Fans there is builds for the PSP / PS2 / PS VITA-PSTV & PS3. in this test version of v2.0 adds support for additional 23 Games with this update, some of those titles include Leisure Suit Larry 7, Kings's Quest VII, Police Quest 4, Riven; Sequel to Myst & Starship Titanic along with 19 additional titles you can view listed below, to see additional titles this emulator can handle, no better place to look then the >> official compatibility list over at the projects official website, that is also filled with tons of great details about this emulator for those want to enjoy this genre of Retro Gaming. .
GameSonic Manager is another PS3 backup manager (an Iris Manager fork) from @Orion, the dev now adds support for recent 4.82 CFW releases, supporting both Standard Editions and Cobra (v7.53) (CEX based CFW's). While making some additional changes and also brings the Control Fan utility along with the journey, checkout all the details in Orion's release post found below
I am sure many of you who have been on the outskirts of CFW for years might of heard of deank's multiMAN, well the developer has made an update to the popular homebrew via the app online updater, the changelog is simple but effective adding 4.82 CFW CEX Support. This backup manager and is a very functional homebrew, the file manager is quite impressive and spawns it own name mmOS, this is a great ps3 homebrew that continues to see support from developer deank,
Since the release of Ps3Xploit (NOR /NAND Flash Writer) that allowed for some PS3 Consoles to install CFW directly from 4.82 OFW there has been some user's having issue understanding the installation process, mostly from not reading or overthinking the steps. Sometimes is just needs to be explained a bit differently so new users understand some steps a bit more clearly. Plus, Thibobo has made a minor edit to 4.81.2 REBUG REX so the CFW be installed from 4.82 after executing the Ps3Xploit (without toggling QA) .Below you will see two tabs, the first one if the guide by Aldostools with the 2nd one being information about REBUG REX 4.81.2, the CFW of choice for many in the homebrew community. Its long history of being a safe stable & reliable firmware makes it an easy choice,with innovation behind the CFW in every release as well.. While it can be a very complexed firmware , it can also be very simple (standard like) CFW. To keep simple, its an easy, Just don't install the Rebug Toolbox (pkg)
The NOR Dumper was released alongside the NOR / NAND Flash Writer, which for understandable reason got the bulk of the attention ,but a tool to dump the NOR Flash is always handy and can also be for console's on lower firmware's as well. This release shown by team ps3xploit's @esc0rtd3w are ports to various OFW so far as of writing (4.21 / 4.41 / 4.45) have been ported to go along with the 4.82/4.81 NOR Dumper. For most PS3 User's this will not interest you / be of any use for you. If you have to ask, then its nothing you will be needing.