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Since our last report on VPKviewer leecherman the creator and developer behind the tool has released two new updates recently, with the releases of v0.3b and v0.4b adding various Toolbar Improvements & various Improvements along the way spawing over these two updates, As you can see the new progress and changes in the screenshots provided shows the developer has been putting in some time on improving this utility. Additional details on this useful utility for editing & viewing your VPK files can be seen in the detials provided,.​
bigboss is back with interesting new research as hacker currently is Reversing the PlayStation VR device for use on other platforms. ,We have seen this developer take on the PS4Eye Camera and port that to other platforms and while providing some research about the PS4 Eye,Camera among various other projects like the PlayStation Move which can be seen @ the developer blog found in the link at bottom of this article, Will bigboss achieve his goal? History tells us its not if, but when this taleneted hacker will get it done and as he usually does details and information will be provided along the way as we see below with this Introduction to Reversing the PlayStation VR device
Well I don't know how true this is but even @Joonie from the Rebug Team Tweeted seems to think this is legit. The "hackers" Chaitin Tech seem to be funded commercially. The event is legit and has been known to showcase hacks before. So this holds some water as even infamous PS3 hacker geohot (not affiliated with the group) who we all recall helped bringing Linux back to the PS3 was at the event on stage while the team demonstrated the hack!! (See included pic). They haven't stated when or if they will release anything at this point but we will have to wait and see I guess.​
Developer @Markus95 has stopped by our site today to drop off a little gift for the Vita community. We all know Markus for his various Paintown mods for the PS3 some of more recent ones included Dragon Ball Paintown & .Resident Evil Operations . Well here is a Vita Game created with Lua Player Plus (vita) called Resident Evil CODE Vita (Beta 0.2), this is a shooter that is alot of fun (if you like shooters). If have played Super Hero Chronicles (if not you should) for HENkaku, then you might be familiar with some of the gameplay as that engine was used in creation of this completely new game that has spawned.​
Vita developer Red who recently released The Binding Of Isaac Game Mod Installer has now released a very simple standalone FTP utility called FTPlaystation. This utility was created with Lua Player Plus (Vita) and is simply for transferring files between the PC and Vita. It does not currently have a file explorer on the Ps Vita side, just a quick simple FTP alternatives to VitaShell. If you have a feature idea's or requests. Let the developer know in the comment section below and possible your request will be accommodated in a future update
Redsquirrel86 is back following the initial release of Custom Themes Manager (CTM), with the release of version 2.0 the developer has created some new features that will allow you to use your own Custom Themes from a local folder, unlike in version 1.00 where your choice was from the download database that contained over 180+ Custom Themes. .There is a lot of changes and addition in this newly released VPK , checkout all the details of this application below.​
Following the VitaQuake update, Vita developer Rinnegatamante has yet another homebrew release in the form of yet another plugin TrackPlug , you may also want to checkout his other recent update to another plugin of his rimCheat. This new plugin allows to keeps track the time spent playing games. So kids no lying to your parents you were not playing games all day, and parents here is way to check in on your kids to see how much time they are playing . Checkout additional details about this plugin/app release​
Developer Rinnegatamante who is responsible for 13 Homebrew Releases since the debut of the HENkaku Exploit. Not only is the developer producing alot of brew for the Vita/PsTV community but also supporting many of these releases with updates to improve various aspect. This time around the developer releases a new update to VitaQuake with an update marked as version 2.10. There is alot of additions and tweaks made in this version of Quake for the Vita. Also note you can play Quake on RetroArch as well, so tell us how do you think the two version compare?​
Guys I am seeing it all over the net, alot of hype over this and that about this exploit or this useless thing people are trying to claim will lead to something. The PlayStation 4 stuff is a hot subject no doubt and we are seeing alot of CLICK BAIT from around the scene on these subject due to amounts of traffic a false claim or story can generate. Intentionally leaving you on cliffhangers /(for future hits) and misleading you to think something big is coming from that source of news they fabricated. When many times it has already been debunk years ago (yes old stuff gets recycled often) or its simply a fake dev that is created with some fake content.
PSX-Place's own @atreyu187 has recently shared two guides with us & the Vita Community. One is written by himself and another written by reddit user DarkBlack711 , These two separate guides will remove some of those unwanted Sony ads on the LiveArena of the PS Vita & PlayStation TV, DarkBlack711 shows us how to remove the multi-tasking ads and also made some clever suggestions with modifying it to add things such as HENkaku links, which could be useful to some user's/ Then recently atreyu187 also showed us how to remove the Feature Screen on LiveArena. Both useful guides for HENkaku user's if these in system ads bother you. Checkout these latest HENkaku Guides ..