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VitaHEX Games has been on a mission to deliver various Homebrew Games and utilities, now the developer gives a bit of sneak peak of his upcoming release of Zombiebound, due out on Sept 30 or on the 26th of Sept. for Patron donators ($5 tier). this game looks to be an amazing addition to the HENkaku enabled Vita / PSTV . The dev has shared various screenshots that honestly gives a look that brings you back to the mansion of Resident Evil 1 with some gameplay of COD Zombies, in this game that is in a FPS perspective. View the details of this upcoming release in the details below and also checkout other VitaHEX apps such as Crazy Traffic 3D, PRO Camera Vita, Voice Recorder Vita & Notepad Vita
It was annoying the default combo to make screenshots and I updated Prxshot for Adrenaline 6.PRXshot plugin that comes in field and changes the rules, and uses a different button to capture a screenshot. I remind you that screenshots are in BMP format Follow the guide for more information.
Movian Remote is an extension to the famed Movian Media Center (ps3 Homebrew) in the form of an Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, giving your smartphone or any android device with a connection to your local network the ability to control Movian instead of your DualShock Controller on the PS3. The updates comes packed with various new features a new UI has been introduced we have attached some pics as seen below. Also ciaha adds a new built-in Share feature that integrates the YouTube plugin within Movian and the Official YouTube App, making sharing seamless
This handy utility we know as AdrenalineBubbleManager from the ONElua team has added support to the recent update to Adrenaline v6 & also the AdrBubbleBoot plugin recently released by LMAN (Leecherman). If your are new to this utility it allows for your own creativity with personalized bubbles for your PSP Content on the LiveArea. Checkout all the details in this latest release of v3.05 for complete changes:
Seems developer TheFl0w has pushed a new update v1.63.The new update adds ability to export video files,added support for PSVSD uma0: mounting and fixed bug where the right analog stick was simulated when the headphone was plugged in.(Update) Seems like a v1.7 could be released soon as well, see kozarovv post here (link) for a look of those upcoming changes as well
The game that arguably started the gaming craze PONG has now an improved version for the Vita Platform, as developer NamelessGhoul0 unleashes Pong v1.10. We know this game is about as simple comes and we have seen so many ports but can't be denied the playability of this classic is still there. No doubt one the best competitive games of all time, simple but quite effective. This version includes new improvements and fixes to audio within the game, Analog Stick Support as well as Score improvements are some of the changes included in v1.10.
A new updated arrives (1st Alpha Release) for the popular Project Void for the Vita Platform running of course HENkaku based exploits, this homebrew game by developer Akabane87 continues to progress and impress, the developer is really creating a special project with this homebrew. If you have not been following the progress your are really missing out, but not to worry there plenty of info to keep you up on the changes and videos of various features to keep you catch up on this exciting titled codenamed Project Void. This is still a game under development but already a very enjoyable experience. What are your thoughts about this title for your PS Vita / PlayStation TV?
With the recent news of the upcoming release of PC Link, developer Rinnegatamante has a streaming solution for the other way, With Vita2PC, your vita (or pstv) screen will be streamed to your PC via your local network via a WiFi connection. Audio Streaming is also possible but he dev warns that feature is experiential currently and be aware issues could be present. However with this an initial release we can only hope to see things improve, but appears already to be another solid release from the developer, who has greeted us with so many solutions and entertainment for the Vita.
Hi guys, here we go. This release has done because the current PS3 nightlies don't seem to work like they should, so the main reason is a more stable homebrew.
Developer Arkanite seems to be working on a great application, while we do not have a release the preview video is sparking alot of interest as this looks to be a great addition to the homebrew library for the Vita. With a app that will allow you to stream your PC screen to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV devices . Unlike Moonlight (that required Nvidia) this appears to be a solution that will reach more PC user's . As Arkanite states "Running on Win10 w/ Intel 4400 Graphics' so this is obviously going to appeal to many more setups then Moonlight could just with that statement. Details are thin other then the video & this gthub page but this is what the community is all about finding and creating new features for our beloved devices. Are you excited about this upcoming release? I know I am :)