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Developer Rinnegatamante is back again with a new release for the community. The developer has now officially released VitaQuakeIII this release allow for playing of Quake 3 Arena & Quake 3 Team Arena now on your HENkaku exploited PS Vita or PlayStation TV. The project is still in the BETA stage and may experiance some performance issue's at times, like Rinnegatamante recent updates to his other Quake ports of VitaQuake and VitaQuakeII, VitaQuakeIII is powered by VitaGL (Hardware Rendering)​
Developer Evilnat creator of various PS3 Homebrew & Tools has released version 6.0.7 of SEN Enabler and has fully addressed the issues with 4.82 and v6.0.6 with squashing the bugs that caused some setups various issues. The developer has great symphony for those affected and goes in detail on what the issues were and who they affected. All issues have been identified and fixed in this latest version and the dev has added new checks to help prevent these errors from occurring with various Cobra CFW's that were affected. View all the details from Evilnat in the details provided below​
Since @Joel16 showed us his "Initial Release" of the PSV-VSH-Menu plugin back in April 2017, he has still at hard work to improve this plugin, not only with small bug-fixes, but also with several improvements and new features. Now the dev has updated his plugin to Version 2.0.

If you didn't know what this plugin is use for, it will allow you the access of several Hardware & Software based Functions to get control of your PSVita like overclocking the CPU & GPU clock speeds, displaying a "remaining hours" status from the internal battery and many more.​
When the Fail0verflow Team was developing their PS4-Linux port at the time we just had the original Ps4 models. As we have seen the PlayStation 4 mature with newer Ps4 Slim and Ps4 Pro models released, along with recent 4.xx exploits for those models. There was a need to add full support for those models and ps4 developer eeply has provided now provided those models with Video-Out Support, so that should make things a bit easier to use. :)
After a critical bug was unfortunately found by some user's of this popular utility that makes quick work of extracting your PKG files the dev arrives with a fix. The bug would occur if the process of extracting was aborted and would delete the output directory, depending on the output directory it could erase and cause the user's a giant headache. Developer Rudi Rastelli acknowledge the issue and took care of it with this update of version 1.4.2. Anyone using Any previous versions of this utility are advised to update, this will ensure you do not experience this bug that could potentially wipe your drive or important folders clean.
Since @DeViL303 and @pink1 showed us their very useful "HAN Toolbox" for your PS3, @Joonie and others from the Rebug Team updated their Custom Firmware to REBUG Lite v4.82.2 (w/ COBRA 7.55) , not only with some important changes and fixes, but also supporting the HAN Toolbox on-the-fly.

: Details about HAN Toolbox inclusion (from Joonie / DeViL303 >>>> see post(s) <<<<<)
Version 0.3 of HAN Toolbox has now been released by developer's @DeViL303 & @pink1 (whom also released PKG Linker recently as well) leaving the BETA tag behind and now this is considered the first STABLE release. HAN Toolbox is a XMB Modification for PS3Xploit HAN ( the unofficial companion) and provides some extra features like the XMB File Explorer to name one of several features, Checkout all the details provided by the developer;s for this XMB Mod for PS3Xploit HAN user's.​
While there is no native PS3 Homebrew support with the release of PS3Xploit HAN (for 3k/4k models) , that is not stopping from other forms of homebrew from launching. Since the emulators of (PS1/PS2/PSP) are now unlocked,, this has open the possibility for custom pkg to use on the PS2 Classic Emulator. That means some homebrew's are capable of running on those newer PS3 console's. While there is limitations, PSP itself being the biggest as the PS3 simply at this time has been nable to boot much of any significant homebrew of the platform.. However that has not been the case for the PS2 and likely the PS1. First we seen SNES Station (Super Nintendo / Famicom Emulator) a PS2 Homebrew that has proved to work with HAN. Now psx-place user @NiHuShu has launched UlaunchELF (ps2 homebrew app) and has managed to get PGEN (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive) emulators (ps2 homebrew) running
Here is a neat trick from psx-place's own @pink1 (one of newly added mods) and @DeViL303 as the ps3 developer's have polished off PKG Linker v1.0. This XMB Mod that works on CFW and also PS3Xploit HAN , this mod adds a feature to your XMB that serves pkgs from your PC directly to your PS3, no need to transfer them to a Storage media device and connect via USB with this trick. This project is just the start of some to some of the work the duo has been tinkering with, they have also been working on a HAN Toolbox (also an XMB MOD), right now that homebrew is still considered a PoC, but you can test it out here, a polished released the devs have told me should be in store soon when v0.3 drops and that will be considered the first stable version that graduates the PoC-Beta Stages.
Recently @DeViL303 & @Joonie shared a video demo of a Super Nintendo (Ps2 Homebrew) Emulator working via the unlocked PS2 Classic emulator from the Ps3Xploit HAN (v3.0). During some the previews leading up to the release we showcased the video before now developer HABIB has released the emulator in ISO form and instructions how to add your own ROMs. The question now becomes what other homebrew and emulators can we get running on these console's?