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Another exploited PSP Game was announced for Vita Firmware v3.36 by Vita developer Qwikrazor, following the "Arcade Dart" exploit. That is currently still available for purchase on the PS Store but now you have an additional choice as the developer has an exploit ready for "Hot Brain"also. This game is only available in the North American PS Store. So if you have not scooped up on either of these recent exploits and are wondering what path is best; take the [break]ss[/break] words from The Z over at as he has pointed out the Hot Brain exploit you do not need another base game, similar to how the recent Numblast exploit worked. Where as exploits, like in the case of Arcade Darts needs another base game. So that is one thing to consider before choosing between the two exploits, but act fast as Sony has a history of pulling these games quickly after these exploits are announced. This exploit will have the same functionality of running ARK eCFW as the Arcade Darts exploit allows, so need to grab this on if you took advantage of the the recent Arcade Dart Exploit, .

Ark ecfw Vita.JPG

PS Vita developer Qwikrazor has released a new name of a new exploited game for Vita firmware 3.36, this time around "Arcade Darts" is the game to acquire from the PlayStation Store for this Exploit, this game is available on the US/EU stores but the game is not available on the Japan and Asian regions. This exploited game is a key piece needed to get ARK-2 eCFW working on 3.36 firmware. [break]d[/break] The significance also in this exploited game is some of you may have it already as this was a previously exploit game that the developer was able to re-purpose. Checkout the details below from the developer and some additional notes by The Z over @


Developer Joel16 is back with more updates to CyanogenMOD PSP but now dubbed as CyanoPSP. Version 3.0, updated from the experimental release reported last month, adds the ability to load homebrew from the file manager. Also included below is a teaser video for version 4.0, check it out.


Check this out, recently member sbp pointed out in the Showtime News Thread here in our forums of a new project appearing on the Showtime Forums. Claes Hallström has developed for Android user's a new application for your device that will control Showtime if connected on the same network. The developer has started this project about 4 months ago and has made numerous updates with the current version as v0.5. Also if you are a fan of "2nd Screen" or "Network Controlling" then checkout this [break]ss[/break] previous article we did going over how to achieve this on the official YouTube / Netflix apps as well as webMAN with it's www server and/or droidMAN for android user's.
Following up on the previous update of XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) developer's Aldostools & Samson have made some updates and improvements to this XMB Modification that comes loaded with added functionality to the XMB. This XMB Mod takes over the Install Package File feature found on PS3 CFW's and supercharges it. You will still be able to install package files, but with many new additions such as a built-in XMB File Browser, Quick web links to Homebrew Store, Scene Sites (such as this one), Radio Links, Game & Save Manager and tons of other features[break]s[/break], you can get an idea of what this mod offers in the video below, but be warned that is a much older version and there is some changes and additions not seen in the video. This update provides a fix for a problem that has been around for sometime and Aldostools explains more about it below, but no longer should you see duplicate pkg's listed in the Package Manager. You can checkout more about this and all the details of XMB Manager Plus in the information provided below:


Developer Aldo Vargas has a dual release of webMAN MOD v1.41.17 + IRISMAN v3.42, adding a new creation feature of a "Fake ISO" for files on NTFS Drives via IRISMAN, and thus adding support for webMAN MOD to handle this new "Fake ISO". This feature can be useful to display things on the the XMB via webMAN MOD such as in the example provided by the developer in the quote provided below with MP4 files showing in the BluRay/DVD ISO folder. [break]2[/break]


A new PlayStation 1 Homebrew Game was released in December of 2014 called Fly Little Bat by John over @ This Flappy Bird Clone is interesting as you are controlling a bat, Which makes the character a bit more fitting as you duck, dive, dodge while evading objects,. This homebrew game for the PS1 is impressive and one of the better graphical ports of a Flappy clone. If you are a CFW PS3 user, we have prepared a PS3 Installable version for user's wanting to try this on the PS3, view all the details of this very addictive homebrew creation:


Developer Aldostools has released the latest version of PS3 Tools Collection. Updated apps in the release include PS3 Covers Uploader, PKG ContentID, PS3 Games Database, IRISMAN, webMAN-MOD and lastGAME Customizer. Be sure to check it out and just ignore [break][/break]any words like "Plagiarism", "copied" and "claim" because I think something is somewhat incorrect via the source linked below. :cool:

PS3Tools Collection.png

PS Vita developer Qwikrazor has a new "kernel mode" exploit running on Vita Firmware v3.36, the exploit is used for running the "ARK-2 eCFW" via the PSP Emulator which allows for running your PSP Backups as ISOs / CSOs and PS1 Games as PBPs but with the downside of having no sound on your PlayStation 1 Games. However, things like PS1loader, PKG Installer or usage of the Webkit Exploit are not supported [break]d[/break]. The Z over at say this exploit works on all model PS Vita devices and also the PlayStation TV (aka Vita TV). Checkout all all the details below and also at the source links provided.


It has been more then a few months since we seen the last PPSSPP update, but the team of developers over at have been working on v1.0 of the popular PSP emulator. In this update the developers have managed to get a wide variety of new improvements. Direct3D 9 supported on Windows (which helps those older GPU's and OpenGL). New Graphical improvements on certain games, Speed improvements to the emulator running on x86 systems. Audio & Network Ad-Hoc improvements have also [break]sss[/break] made its way to this update along with even more features jammed in the v1.0 update as seen below with additional media.