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Here is a quick update to Gamesonic Player. This homebrew app can be used with either the PSP running custom firmware or on the PS Vita running a PSP game exploit. Further details and installation [break][/break]instructions can be found below.


Download: Gamesonic Player v0.2a

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Orion has updated Gamesonic Manager. This release now includes launching video via the games list with multiple formats been compatible. These include the popular MKV file format as well as others such as AVI, DIVX and MP4. Also included in version 3.57 are various tweaks that make the GUI and MAMBA payloads a bit quicker in their respected operations. [break][/break]The full changelog is listed below, so be sure to read up.


Version 3.57 Changelog:
One of the most popular PS3 homebrew projects will be getting a new name. Showtime the full feature media player created by Andreas Oman. Will be changing names going forward as the developer says it was not an easy decision to make the very progressed project but one he felt was needed for reasons you can view in his own words below.. Going forward Showtime an application we all have enjoyed so much will be known as......[break].[/break]


Following the releases of No PSN Apps by bitsbubba and strictlyfocused that has freed those 3rd party apps of the intrusive PSN requirement that is not needed in order to run the applications such as Netflix, YouTube, CrunchyRoll, Crackle, Hulu+, Amazon Instant Video, IGN and Snagfilms (as seen below). Thanks to the efforts of Admin Francesco Lanzillotta you can now add PLEX to the list of apps that have been freed of Sony's Spying .​
Following the previous update of version 3.0 (experimental) of CyanoPSP, the developer behind this PSP project Joel16 has progressed the project to a Stable build with the release of v3.1. This is a small update that provides a couple of new features in adding the ability to change the wallpaper giving this UI a different look if you so desire also this update comes with an improved Game Launcher and no longer do you need to use the file manager to load your eboots. Then also the PSP dev provides a fix for launching homebrew on internal storage. [break]s[/break]. Checkout all the details of this project and update below and also at the PSX-Place thread found here.

Here is a patch for a small fix

PS3 Developer Zar who has created apps such as the backup manager ManaGunZ and the PS3 Gamepad Utility, recently made a small update to another one of his popular utilities called IDPSet that fixed an issue with DEX firmware showing up after a DEX convert, the developer was able to fix this issue by adding the swap of "software_update_plugin.sprx". [break]ss[/break] If you are in need of this fix, checkout all the details below

Developer Enstone over at NextGenUpdate, has updated the ControlConsoleAPI other better known as simply CCAPI with support for 4.66 (CEX) support in this REV-2 update of version 2.60. CCAPI is an API that is compatible with CEX based systems unlike the DEX variant of TMAPI. [break]s[/break] View all the details below for this latest update and checkout out CCAPI thread here in our forums.



Recently we showed you Showtime Remote an android (.apk) application by developer Claes Hallström that allowed you to control Showtime via your device that is connected to the same Network as your Showtime application. Then also following that release we showed you a version Aldostools did in HTML called Showtime Remote webGUI giving many more platforms a remote feature for Showtime Media Center. [break]ss[/break]

Well, we are back today as both developer have made some progress on their respective applications that makes controlling Showtime that much easier and convenient. Claes Hallström has released Showtime Remote v1.0 and is now available via Google Play. Developer aldostools updates Showtime Remote webGUI to version 1.1 with various additions and also the developer try his hand at an android (.apk) version also.


Developer Rudi Ratelli has released a new beta update for PSN Liberator with a few small changes adding the ability to select 3.55 or 4.21 Resigning options. Also you can add your on "(dev_)klicensees" by adding them to a .txt file named "my_klics.txt" that is located in "Tools" subfolder of the extracted download for PSN Liberator v0.94B. For those of you who are not familiar with this Windows Utility, it's useful for converting your purchased PSN content into a disc formats (ISO/Folder/PKG). Details of the latest changes can be seen below and you can also view additional information about this application via this link.


Some bad news for PS3 CFW user's who have a "spoofed firmware" as it seems Sony has made a move to block spoofs from accessing the PlayStation Network (PSN), however CFW user on 4.66 are unaffected at this time. When logging into the network you will be presented with a Error Code of "80710A06" and be signed out of the network, which reports have pointed to only spoofed CFW user's getting this error. The good news [break]ss[/break] recently there was a release of about 8 popular services that no longer have the PSN login attached to them thanks to scene developers who were able to lift this intrusive requirement the official Netflix / YouTube and other applications . You can see these "NO PSN Apps" via this link

Be sure to stay tuned at as more develops on this latest news surrounding the PlayStation Network and CFW user's


Sources: PSX-Scene / Nextgenupdate