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From the developer's who brought you Nifty Lifty & Nibbler comes a newly update Chuckie Egg with the release of v2.0 from the Richie over at insoft. There is a version of this game for the PSP, PS Vita and other platforms seen at the developer's website. This retro style game that sorta looks like old skool Donkey Kong is actually a remake of an old home computer game called Chuckie Egg. View all the details of this recently updated game.


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Here is a PSP Homebrew Game released back a few months ago in November of 2014 by Indie Game developer sebastianmihai called Newton Voyage. This is a very simple PSP Indie Game and and can be alot of fun. The dev. has made many Homebrew creations across many platforms, Take a look at his[break]s[/break] website showcasing many of his fun games checkout it all out over @ Sebastian Mihai - Home . We have reported some of his previous work, such as his PS1 - 2048 clone 11th Power that was a great take on that recent classic. Find out more about Newton Voyage.for the PSP below in the official release quote:


Several updates have been made to the very popular webMAN MOD recently by PS3 Homebrew developer Aldo Vargas (aka aldostools). The developer continues to progress this impressive PS3 Plugin. The developer has been improving the plugin's performance and adding some new functionality with these latest updates. To get caught up on all the latest changes [break]d[/break] to this modified version of deank's webMAN view the all changelogs included below that list each each that has been applied to the popular plugin.


About webMAN MOD

Latest Changes in webMAN MOD

UMS Developer SubJunk has updated the Universal Media Server to version 4.4.0. This release adds and improves support for renderers and file formats, fixex many bugs, improves speed and more. For a full list of the changes in the new update, see the changelog and notes below.[break].[/break]

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A New Indie Game Port comes to PlayStation 3 CFW user's from homebrew developer Sandroron, This is Work in Progress Port of the popular Survival Horror Five Nights at Freddy's, which is a point and click style game. Originally developed by Scott Cawthon for Android, IOS and other devices back in August of 2014. [break]s[/break] The game was developed using the recently improved PS3 Lua Player, just like other recent ports Flappy Bird Family and Swing Copters by Sandroron.

The developer is looking for some input and a bit of help you can find these details and more about this latest project by Sandroron below:


About Five Nights at Freddy's
Official PS3 Release Quote
PlayStation 1 Homebrew is still kicking and very well alive, Just recently we seen the release of the 11th Power Homebrew Game released for the 20 Year old System and now we see a new update to ROLL BOSS RUSH. For those of you who do not know about this. I strongly suggest you to checout this Homebrew Indie Game by developer isufje The first thing any user says about the game, this is one of the best games i seen as a homebrew. It's still a work in progress but there is some great visual that are sure to impress (for a PS1 Style Game). Checkout the recent progress from isufje as his continues to improve and hopefully one complete this game. As it's a stunning hobby project so far.


MUGEN is a Homebrew 2D Fighting Game Engine originally by developer Elecbyte, Many PS3 user's may recall this game bundled with PainTown this release comes as a standalone version of the game. This title has upto 7 Actions buttons (depending on your character) and uses the D-Pad for directional controls. View all the details in the included Translated quote provided [break]ss[/break] below:


A small but pleasant update has been made to the widely used multiMAN, which is a Hombrew Applications for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) by developer deank. IN this update marked as 04.66.10 the developer has fixed Game Covers for Split ISO Games, Also a fix for Game Backgrounds on ISO Games was made. Then to round out the update a few corrections were made from new issues that v04.66.08 introduced.[break]ss[/break] Additional multiMAN Guides, Tools and more can be found in our forums starting with this link to the multiMAN forum (link). Also checkout the latest multiMAN video created by PSX-Place moderator worrorfight.


Habib is back with a new update to his recently released HABIB 4.66-COBRA CFW, in this update the developer add PS3 Manager API (ps3mapi) Support, Also PSNpatch developer KW's stealth extension support was added and the dev_flash name has been restored to it's official state. Checkoout all the details including the PS2 Controller Sync Issue workarounds and more from the developer below:


Sony is amping up the PlayStation Now Service as the start of 2015 as they now have started a Streaming Plans for PlayStation 4 Owners. Starting on January 13 2015 for $19.99 a month (or $44.99 for 3 months) Sony is offering a subscription that gives access to over 100 PlayStation 3 games for PS4 user's to stream as much as they want compared to what many called high rates for limited playing time in some of the early PlayStation Now Pricing. This is sure to make the service more attractive, lets just hope Sony continues to improve the streaming loading and performance of this Beta platform.

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