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Developer deank is back with his first update to webMAN (official aka vanilla) in 2015. In version 1.40 deank has added some improvements to the plugin for Cobra CFW user's who are launching PlayStation 3 Games. The dev has opted to removed all of habib's patches in favor of one patch that will correct 80010017/8001002B errors, crashes due to Lv2 Kernel and various other oddities that have happened with recent versions of the plugin. Also in this update [break]..[/break] an issue has been corrected when a user has multiple HDDs connected by USB and is loading games from folder format (aka JB format). Additional details can be found about this update in the official release quote made by deank earlier today.


UPDATE - Regarding the status of multiMAN v04.66.07
Developer Aldostools released a update to IRISMAN. This version , 3.36, adds the Mamba payload with PS3M_API and also PRX Loader by developer _NzV.[break][/break]


Download: IRISMAN 3.36

Source: brewology
Tactik-knife has dropped by our forums with the latest release of PS3 Console Compatibility GUI. In v3.0 the developer has Added a new section for BD drives along with additional info about daughter-boards and other components of the drive. Improved the Code, which should results in an improved speed and performance. Plus other changes and additions as outlined in the full changel[break]..[/break]og below"


For those who are not lucky enough to have a PlayStation 3 running custom firmware and had to resort to using a optical drive emulator, here is a bit of news. Albeit a bit late there has been a new Cobra ODE firmware update, version 2.3.

Cobra ODE.gif

Warning there has been reports of bricks of the ODE when flashing this update,
Use at your own risk

Here is the latest update to webMAN-MOD. In this update Aldostools has fixed a bug where games would not show in webMAN. You can now add or use custom IP addresses and a few changes to the File Manager will display more files.


Download: webMAN-MOD 1.34.10

Source: brewology
Following his recent release of PS3 Manager API developer NzV is back with a new release with an unofficial update to PRX Loader. A homebrew utility originally developed by u$er, for loading custom .sprx plugins for Standard CFW user's In this unofficial update the developer has added new payloads for various DEX and CEX CFW support, including 4.66. While adding some additional modifications as seen in the changelog provided [break]s[/break] below.

PRX Loader.PNG

Version 1.08

Andreas Oman, lead developer behind Showtime Media Center, aka Showtime Media Player, has released the next stable build of the very popular PlayStation 3 media player. There are a slew of changes which you can check [break][/break]out below.

Aldostools, talented developer behind the likes of webMAN MOD, PS3 Tools Collection and more was kind enough to show me a new development for webMAN. In the quoted posts below he showed me the new Web Chat Service for webMAN MOD 1.34.09. I'm still away from my PS3 so be sure to check it out.


Orion the developer behind the GameSonic Manager, has recently released a Christmas Edition of the Manager. Now residing at version 3.46. There has been an added Holiday Splash Screen, New Christmas These and even a X-mas themed Soundtrack. In addition to those changes Orion has fixed several bugs. The complete changelog can be seen [break]d[/break] below.


Following the recent release of KaKaRoTo's PS3export comes a new application from TheDarkprogramer called PeXploit, making KaKaRoTo's exploits more user friendly in this GUI version of the tool. This tool is still considered a WIP (work in progress) and still being tested. So if you experience any bugs that need to be addressed be sure to report them in this thread below and also the source link provided. View all the details and usage of this application [break]dd[/break] below and also checkout the recent releases from KaKaRoTo via this link.


Here's A Mini TUT