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As we wait for the next official release of Team Rebug's next Custom Firmware (CFW), The team has shown they have been working on some great new advancements. As you may recall a couple of weeks ago we told you about the new PS2 Placeholder that works with both PS2 Classic's and ISO format games for NONbc Consoles. Well the Rebug Team has went a step farther and resolve the Controller sync issue with PS2_GXEMU for Semi- Backwards Compatible Consoles (Semi-BC), the developers also believe they will be able to do the same with HWEMU for Full BC consoles. [break]dd[/break] (in testing). Checkout the tweet & video below from REBUG developer Joonie as Habib was able to slay this troublesome issue that plagued PS3's since firmware update 4.50. So there you have it, in the next REBUG CFW we should see a solution for all PS3 consoles. Huge Thanks to Team Rebug, we are looking forward to your next release

ps2 bug.png

Following the recent release of Darknet 4.66 v 1.01, darkjiros has released Darknet 4.66 cex v1.02 [cobra_edition]. In this update, darkjiros has fixed the cobra mod PS2 Emu Swap problem that existed in previous versions of 4.66 Darknet Cobra CFW. [break]ddd[/break] For a more expansive list of features and tips on how to use this CFW, check out the information from darkjiros below.



The console may of just turned 20 years old recently but that is not stopping the Homebrew Community from making new games for platform. A new PlayStation 1 (PS1) Homebrew Game has popped up from developer Sebastian Mihai. This recently released game titled as The 11th Power is similar to 2048, but differs in gameplay, Instead of numbers [break]ss[/break]which can be a bit boring at times. 11th Power uses Colored Balls each representing an exponent, with the object of getting blue balls, No no not the blue balls your thinking of but 3 blue balls not the pair. In attempt to achieve 2048. This clever take on the game is impressive and is can be very enjoyable. Checkout all the details in the release notes below and be sure to checkout additional details in the links provided at bottom of the article


Developer Aldostools come through with another update to webMAN MOD, this update is a small update but does contain some improvements. Some code was removed as it was no longer needed and thus makes the plugin more efficient by leaving less of a memory footprint. Which is always a good thing as plugins do [break]..[/break]have memory restrictions. So anytime you can reduce the memory footprint the better it is for future development. Also several issues were identified and addressed in this update. Plus to round out this update the developer has tweak the installer to install the webMAN.xml Menu and Icons for the XMB. See the complete changelog provided below.

Following the release of WebMAN MOD v1.34.02 earlier today, developer aldostools noticed some minor bugs preventing the display of icons for content on NTFS hard drives. Therefore, WebMAN MOD v1.34.03 has been released. Also included in this quick update is the option to install the Lite edition by holding X for a few seconds when launching the updater.



Following the previous update of PS3 ISO Tools that developer Rudi Rastelli drops on the community a few weeks ago comes a new update with v2.1. In the last update the developer swapped Estwalds "makeps3iso" with Cobra's "genps3iso" to give the application ODE support. Now the dev has brought back the "makeps3iso" by allowing CFW to user either ISO creation Tool. ODE user's should use [break]ddd[/break] "genps3iso", Also in this update there is a Patch ISO function will be disabled for CFW under 4.20 and also various bug fixes have been made see more on these changes and even more jammed in to this update from the developer's Changelog found below.


Developer Evilnat ia back with the latest edition of SEN Enabler for the PS3, with the release of version 5.7.3. This popular PlayStation 3 Homebrew Application now comes with DEX support. The developer has released two installations, A pkg for CEX-DEX user's which gives no Spoofing abilities for DEX, but if you need a Spoof for your DEX setup. Then you should the DEX only package. Evilnat has also added a few other improvements to the homebrew as seen in the changelog provided below.

Orion has updated GameSonic Manager to with two recent updates of adding various fixes and some additions from around the scene such as the Blocking of online server of some of Sony's servers that was added in webMAN MOD, haxxxen's new payload mamba with map_path has been added. Also checkout all the changes in these updates listed in the changelogs provided below.

Gamesonic Manager v3.41
Source Code

Developer Rahim-US has released an update to very popular ME/LME CFW of the PSP (PlayStation Portable) originally developed by developer Neur0n. Rahim-US has added some new improvements to the CFW with this update of v2.3 that consist of DAX Compression Support which is a format that offers better compression then the more widely known CSO, but the downside of DAX is that is slower then CSO. So one is geared for speed (CSO) and the other for Space (DAX), Also this update provides some extra memory unlocked in the handheld for PSP Games and a few other changes as seen in the changelog provided below.


Following the official path of webMAN by developer deank. Fellow developer Aldo Vargas (aka aldostools) has updated webMAN MOD to include the v1.34.00 official changes and also some various other things with the release of v1.34.01 of this very popular fork that contains features that both developers [email protected] & Aldostools have added. over it's lifespan . In this update [break]..[/break] an added option to select the default user account that is used to copy your personal edat, saves and trophy files . New options in the File Manager have been added and a bug that was fixed that was introduced by the the new extended content profiles feature. View all these changes and more in the changelog provided below by the developer.

Update also Aldostools made released the previous version of v1.34.00 those changes can be seen below as well


Following the release of deank's improved stage2.bin for Cobra 7, darkjiros has released v1.01 of his 4.66 Cobra CFW to adopt these improved changes. This release will improve the game compatibility of several games that have gave the CFW problems such as Dishonored , Various Splinter Cell Ttitles and possiable various others. Now with these games hopefully some of these few games that gave Cobra problems has been resolved. View all the details of this CFW release [break]//[/break] below