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Developer Aldo Vargas (aka Aldostools) has updated the very popular webMAN MOD plugin for a CFW Enabled PS3 Console. webMAN MOD should really be considered more then a MOD but perhaps be called webMAN Plus. As it contains all the great features from deank's original webMAN plugin, plus the MOD edition gives the plugin even more features, with added functionality by developers [email protected] & aldostools. [break]..[/break]You can't go wrong with either plugin webMAN or webMAN MOD. However you will noticed alot of differences between the two once you start digging into it usage and features. Checkout the latest updates in the changelog below for webMAN MOD v1.34.09 and also view additional info about this plugin via this link in our forums

Also recently a new prepNTFS (webMAN MOD Edition) v1.05 was updated as seen below.


A new tool for the PS3 has been released by developer Red-EyeX32, this is a simple tool and the name say it all " lv1.elf Embedded Files Extractor". is a simple tool Red-EyeX32 created for his own personal use that he felt some others could benefit from it's usage as he decided to release it to the public. View additional details of this tool for developer's release quote found below:



Developer Rudi Rastelli dropped by the forums with his update to PS3 Game Updater. Version 1.0 allows you to abort downloads and also ignores game updates already downloaded. Check out the full list of features and changes from the developer below. (Apologies to Rudi Rastelli for only seeing this now.)


PS3 Game Update.gif

Talented developer Flatz has released a tool for the PS3 community. With the aid of a PC this tool will allow you to obtain your PS3 console ID. IDPstealer does this by intercepting network traffic so there are a few requirements. Like using a latest or spoofed CFW to get PSN access and setting up a proxy server. Please note that the dev does mention that this method can be patched by Sony.

Update: This application was patched by Sony in OFW 4.70 . Works on 4.66 OFW and lower only


Forum member Crownable via wololo has announced an exploit he found for the PS Vita. This exploit that works on firmware 3.35 is showcased in a hello world video and is a ePSP exploit. Crownable did mention that he might wait till the next update to the handheld is released before he releases his exploitable game. So at least for those waiting there is hope of some playful hacks post firmware 3.35. Not to mention [break][/break]Bubbles.



Source: wololo
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Developer, and Rebug team member, Habib (aka smHabib), has released a bunch of files pertaining to the upcoming Rebug custom firmware 4.65.2. The 'Presents' zip file in the download below contains all the developments done to ps2emu, stage0 payloads, stage2 syscalls and CEX to DEX conversion. Although [break][/break]this is not for the average user I'm sure some Dev's will like to check this out.

rebug present.gif

Developers Mr.Gas and Tomtomdu80 have revealed one way that will get you those custom bubbles working on your PS Vita. This method requires you to have a running exploit on firmware versions 3.20 and below. You will then need any purchased PSN game and rename its folder by including the ampersand character (&) to the end of it, [break][/break]then create a folder with the same name, by using homebrew, but without the ampersand. After that you will need to dump a fake_np signed EBOOT.PBP file to the folder without the ampersand and finally rebuild the PS Vita database. Your custom bubble should appear.


How to create a fake signed EBOOT.PBP via KanadeEngel:


Create & use custom bubbles for PS Vita via The Zett:

Yesterday after a very hectic Christmas day with the family I finally sat down at around 9PM and thought I would check out GTA V online. After a few login attempts I was met with many PSN errors and then finally that PSN was under maintenance. Then it slowly dawned on me... Lizard Squad and their promise to disrupt PSN and Xbox Live over Christmas and even indefinitely with DDOS attacks. So going to their Twitter feed confirmed my suspicions that they indeed went through with their plans [break][/break]and the internet blew up with allot of angry gamers who wanted to play their newly bought games.

Then in the early hours of the morning of the 26th renowned owner of Mega, and the former website Megaupload, Kim Dotcom Tweeted to Lizard Squad that he would give their entire team lifetime access Mega if they would stop their attacks on said servers. A single package includes 500GB storage and is worth $99 per year, he is said to have given 3000 packages out.

I too feel like this is just pure marketing at its best but I'm sure that many will just be happy that they can enjoy their gaming over the holidays without Lizard Squad rearing their ugly heads. What is your thoughts regarding this?


kimdotcom tweets.gif

Sources: @KimDotcom | 2 | gizmodo
Developer Mysis, who has developed other useful tools for the scene like NORinspector for example, has released a very impressive Proof of Concept Plugin for the ps3 a few hours ago. In this plugin, some very nice features have been added including,XMB Screenshot, In-game Screenshots, BD Screenshots, In-game Background Music, Dumping game Klicense, and a first time ever,(to my knowledge) Live Game Recording! This plugin looks to be on track with alot of stuff the scene has wanted for a long time now, and i am very excited to see future revisions as it can only get even better. Read more about it below:


Developer Aldo Vargas (Aldostools) has released another update to further improve his heavily modified version of deank's webMAN. If you have yet to use this, then you are definitely missing out on one of the best tools in the scene. With this version, a bug was fixed when dev_blind was enabled on startup, and furthermore, the scan for content on start up is started in a separated thread, which should result in web services starting faster.

Also, I would like to take the time to thank everyone who donated to keep Alive!!! Without donators support, we would have seen the end of aldostools's site and more than likely the end of support for alot of the tools we have came to use alot.