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Orion has updated GameSonic Manager to with two recent updates of adding various fixes and some additions from around the scene such as the Blocking of online server of some of Sony's servers that was added in webMAN MOD, haxxxen's new payload mamba with map_path has been added. Also checkout all the changes in these updates listed in the changelogs provided below.

Gamesonic Manager v3.41
Source Code

Developer Rahim-US has released an update to very popular ME/LME CFW of the PSP (PlayStation Portable) originally developed by developer Neur0n. Rahim-US has added some new improvements to the CFW with this update of v2.3 that consist of DAX Compression Support which is a format that offers better compression then the more widely known CSO, but the downside of DAX is that is slower then CSO. So one is geared for speed (CSO) and the other for Space (DAX), Also this update provides some extra memory unlocked in the handheld for PSP Games and a few other changes as seen in the changelog provided below.


Following the official path of webMAN by developer deank. Fellow developer Aldo Vargas (aka aldostools) has updated webMAN MOD to include the v1.34.00 official changes and also some various other things with the release of v1.34.01 of this very popular fork that contains features that both developers [email protected] & Aldostools have added. over it's lifespan . In this update [break]..[/break] an added option to select the default user account that is used to copy your personal edat, saves and trophy files . New options in the File Manager have been added and a bug that was fixed that was introduced by the the new extended content profiles feature. View all these changes and more in the changelog provided below by the developer.

Update also Aldostools made released the previous version of v1.34.00 those changes can be seen below as well


Following the release of deank's improved stage2.bin for Cobra 7, darkjiros has released v1.01 of his 4.66 Cobra CFW to adopt these improved changes. This release will improve the game compatibility of several games that have gave the CFW problems such as Dishonored , Various Splinter Cell Ttitles and possiable various others. Now with these games hopefully some of these few games that gave Cobra problems has been resolved. View all the details of this CFW release [break]//[/break] below


Alexander has released a new 4.66 Cobra CFW, This LITE EDITION does differ from other Cobra Ports as the firmware does not include PS2 or PSP ISO Support. It's unclear for this reason to not include these features but all other Cobra function are present in the firmware. So if you enjoy PSP/PS2 ISO support you may want to try a different Cobra CFW or alternate means like PS2 Classic and the various PSP Conversions Tools to play those Retro Games (Note those methods are Untested). Checkout all the details in the Translated Release notes found below:


A new update to the original (aka Vanilla) version of deank's webMAN plugin has been updated to v1.34 and also the developer has improved COBRA 4.66 CFW with a new Stage2.bin that can be easily installed. This update to webMAN and stage2.bin are aimed to improve game compatibility as the developer has tried and tackle some problematic games such as DISHONORED that has alway had issue working on Cobra CFW. but the developer with his amazing skills and some dedication was able to defeat this issue and most likely fixed other games he was unable to test. All the details can be seen below from developer deank.


Over at a cool mod done on a Fat Model (CECHLXX) PlayStation 3 was done by PS3 Hardware Modder Mikka, This very impressive looking mod takes a Stock Black Consoles and turns it into a gorgeous Pearl White Console. but the genius part of this mod is when you flip the cover and see instead of the memory card reader but a E3 Flasher. This is done very clean and its a very nice modification to this models PS3. Checkout below what the developer had to say and also view all the pics of this process in the links provided below.


  • Hello there, at first sorry for my bad english

    Here is my latest project, a L03 with a Cxx front cover, the chrome trim and built E3 Flasher without SATA station. It's a decent mod, nothing extreme.
    That is indeed so, but it gave me so much that I wanted to recreate it on my own way... A decent result has been important here.

    • First it was about the housing adapt. Without it provides, as from
    • After this was done, it was a perfect fit
    • Then i went to work on, the positioning and wiring of E3 flasher / E3 linker.
    • The dual boot should be possible.
    • Once that was done, followed by the preparation of the case for painting.
    • After that i went to the assembly and function of Re-examination.

    Conclusion: There was a lot of fun, but a second time, I would not do this anymore :)

    Hope you guys like it :)


See ALL PICs at
PlayStation 2 Homebrew user's will be please with a new update to OPL (Open Ps2 Loader) Manager with CFG Editor released by PS2 developer danielb. This update marked as v14 comes equipped with several fixes that will improve your experience as Network Mode will not delete games correctly now, Improved Game Listing and also the dev has fixed a bug that would crash the application when renaming a game in the "bad iso tab". Also for anyone who natively speaks Italian or Russian languages you will be please to see those new translation are avaiable in this release of v14 . Additional details about this application can be seen below in the quote from the developer.


I am sure everyone here knows of the website but who owns these websites? That is a very good question, and one i found my self asking a few times as i noticed the ads looked very similar for sometime now. As when comparing them to other websites such as the ones owned by CaputoMedia and the ever growing neglect and lazy approach the owner Pirate had for what was suppose to be his own website. Well the truth has come out and its very clear that Pirate does not own but is rather a puppet of CaputoMedia who was hired after the sale to maintain the site. [break]..[/break]

They asked Pirate to stay on and maintain the website as the company feared that the same type of backlash would occur when they bought up rest of the scene's popular websites of PSX-Scene / DashHacks / PSgroove .. So how do we know that Pirate no longer owns the site. Well the easiest way to confirm this is follow the money. The ads on the website all have several things in common. They are all the same and from the same company. but there is a unique identifier that can not be denied. This is called the poolid


If you search "61976" on the four websites page source, they will show that is the poolid for CPMStar (which is a Gaming ad company). This ID is unique, think of it like an account number. Some site has multiple numbers if they want to see which ads are being clicked more and all that but also many sites will use the same number for all the ads. but in this case the number is being used by all four sites. Which only happens if all the ad revenue is going to the same account.. So this is 100% factual and not any type of speculation as this is the smoking gun evidence that proves Pirate is not the owner of the website known as / As you see in the pictures included below and you can search this for yourself that all those ID match. So there you have it....
A quick update has been released to Universal Media Server bringing it to version 4.3.1. The update mostly fixes a bug when starting up the app and with it comes a few other improvements to the Windows installer itself and a couple of renderers.[break][/break]