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Orion the developer behind the GameSonic Manager, has recently released a Christmas Edition of the Manager. Now residing at version 3.46. There has been an added Holiday Splash Screen, New Christmas These and even a X-mas themed Soundtrack. In addition to those changes Orion has fixed several bugs. The complete changelog can be seen [break]d[/break] below.


Following the recent release of KaKaRoTo's PS3export comes a new application from TheDarkprogramer called PeXploit, making KaKaRoTo's exploits more user friendly in this GUI version of the tool. This tool is still considered a WIP (work in progress) and still being tested. So if you experience any bugs that need to be addressed be sure to report them in this thread below and also the source link provided. View all the details and usage of this application [break]dd[/break] below and also checkout the recent releases from KaKaRoTo via this link.


Here's A Mini TUT
PlayStation 3 Developer _NzV_ has improved and released the latest version of PS3 Manager API (aka PS3M_API), this API extends the features of Cobra CFW and also to CFW user's who use a Standard CFW with the Mamba payload. This is an impressive system that run on various CFW as outlined in the release quotes [break]d[/break]below.


Many a app over the last week or so has been updated by developer Aldostools. These tools are part on the PS3 Tools Collection brining it to version 2.7.34. Updated apps below include PS3 Games Database, PS3_DISC.SFB Edit, Retro XMB Creator, PKG ContentID and more. So be sure to read on if you are an avid fan as I am because these apps are very useful to any CFW user.


Another quick update to PS3 Game Updater has been released by developer Rudi Rastelli. The update improves sorting in webMAN, ISO creation and splitting of ISO's larger than 4GB.

PS3 Game Update.gif

As the PlayStation 2 community awaits the official release of OPL (Open Ps2 Loader) v0.9.3, which is expected to be released in the near future. There has been some unofficial work being done on the open source project with PS2 Developer s0ck3t over at PSX-Scene releasing the latest version of E2OPL (v0.1.1). E2OPL is OPL with EXT2 File System Support Added.[break]d[/break] There are several benefits that arise from using this file system such as the ability to use files that are larger then 4GB in size and no need for defragmentation . The complete details and usage can be found below and in the included ReadMe file in the download.

OPL Logo 3.JPG

Developer Flatz has released a couple of new tools following his recent release of IDPSstealer, this time the developer Releases some more tools via fellow developer zecoxao over at PlayStationHaX, These developer tools are similar in the functionality of the recent ps3xport tool, [break][.break] View the official details from zecoxao's release quote:

Pic courtesy of

: arctool

Source: PlayStationHaX
Developer Aldo Vargas (aka Aldostools) has updated the very popular webMAN MOD plugin for a CFW Enabled PS3 Console. webMAN MOD should really be considered more then a MOD but perhaps be called webMAN Plus. As it contains all the great features from deank's original webMAN plugin, plus the MOD edition gives the plugin even more features, with added functionality by developers [email protected] & aldostools. [break]..[/break]You can't go wrong with either plugin webMAN or webMAN MOD. However you will noticed alot of differences between the two once you start digging into it usage and features. Checkout the latest updates in the changelog below for webMAN MOD v1.34.09 and also view additional info about this plugin via this link in our forums

Also recently a new prepNTFS (webMAN MOD Edition) v1.05 was updated as seen below.


A new tool for the PS3 has been released by developer Red-EyeX32, this is a simple tool and the name say it all " lv1.elf Embedded Files Extractor". is a simple tool Red-EyeX32 created for his own personal use that he felt some others could benefit from it's usage as he decided to release it to the public. View additional details of this tool for developer's release quote found below:



Developer Rudi Rastelli dropped by the forums with his update to PS3 Game Updater. Version 1.0 allows you to abort downloads and also ignores game updates already downloaded. Check out the full list of features and changes from the developer below. (Apologies to Rudi Rastelli for only seeing this now.)


PS3 Game Update.gif