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Sony has released information on it's upcoming TV Cloud Service (PlayStation Vue) for Sony Console's such as the PS4/PS3 and most likely the PS Vita/ PlayStation TV as well, plans for expanding to other devices such as Ipad are also in the fold, so be sure to keep a watch out on that as this service evolves over the next several months... The service will roll out an invite-only Beta in the US this month on both [break].[/break]the PS3, PS4 and possibly Ipad also. [break].[/break]

At launch the service will boast about 75 Channels that includes Local broadcast channels as well as cable channels from the likes of Viacom, NBC-Universal, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery Communications and many more media outlets. Also PlayStation Vue will offer On-Demand content with popular programming being available on the cloud for 3 days after airing live. Also the service will provide user's with the ability to save shows on the cloud for a period of 28 days Sony has confirmed. Early in 2015 Sony expects to roll out the service in select US cities and expand from there. So it could be months before you get to enjoy this service but the ball seems to be rolling. What are you thoughts on this latest service from Sony? Sound off below in the comments section.

CodeLion, aka BBalling1, has pushed another commit to the PS Vita tool JSoS Module Dump. The update now allows the tool to dump up to 76 modules. More about the tool and [break].[/break]its releases can be seen here.


Download: JSoS Module Dump

Source: BrianBTB via @BBalling1
Over the past week or so we have seen many videos on YouTube where developers and testers have been uploading videos showcasing VHBL, TN-V and even PSP games been launched as standalone apps. The way they are doing it is a mystery at the moment and apparently easily patchable. Here are [break].[/break]a few that you can check out and some more can be seen in our forums here.




Thanks to Hakaze and KanadeEngel for the news tips.

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Developer Katsu, aka xmax katsu, has been busy with quite a few interesting ventures regarding the PS Vita. First up are two hardware mods that he Tweeted about. The one been a Micro PS Vita eMMC Nand Reader and then dual nand been possible. I for one like the dual nand news. Katsu then showcased a trick using Charles proxy regarding PKG file installation.

ps vita dual nand.gif
ps vita pgk install glitch.gif
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The plugin webMAN-MOD, a collaboration between [email protected] and Aldostools, has been updated recently. In version 1.30.35 load last game is set to off by default, which is something I prefer. Also added is developer Habib's ODE patches and a bug fix.


Just in case you missed it, because I sure as hell did, here is an update to IRISMAN. Developer Aldostools dropped the updated which addresses a bug in the options menu. The fix also applies to RetroXMB, a app that creates shortcuts of ROMS and PS1 ISO's on the PS3's XMB.


After the release of PlayStation 4 firmware Masamune, yes they named it, many were hit with the bug that affected the newly added Reset Mode feature. The bug, which was fixed in firmware update 2.01, only affected those who turned said feature on. Sony has now announced yet another update, version 2.02, is on its way so one can assume that further bugs have been squashed post 2.00. Not much to see here [break].[/break]except the usual stability dribble, but just a heads up to those who might want to let others beta test it before updating your console.

ps4 update.gif


PS4 Update 2.02 is now live.


Sources: @Envisager_ | @PlayStation
Talented PS3 developer doobz who you may know from his advancements in PSP-on-PS3 and RetroXMB work, amongst many other ps3 contributions, is back in the PS3 Scene with a new release for PS2 Classic's. This update is providing a fix for Games that were CD based. A list of these CD Based Games can be seen in[break]...[/break] this list (note: all games in link may not play via PS2Classic emulation) . These are Source Code releases for they will not of be of use to most end-user's but should be appearing in compiled version / other tools soon.

PS2 Classic.PNG

Download: PS2Classic v2 SRC

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Following its initial release RetroArch PSP has had another update that seemed to slip through the cracks. The update is revision one of the beta release and resolves a few issues. These include tempGBA sram saving and the loading of compressed archives. Included in the update is [break].[/break]some additional information and a list showcasing known issues. Be sure to check out our RetroArch PSP release thread for additional info.


Developer Evilnat has updated his popular PS3 Homebrew App SEN Enabler to version 5.6.3. This update improves the checker for LV1/LV2 syscalls, improves the syscalls detection/deactivation, adds new temporary files to delete and fixes the graphic bug in the settings menu. Evilnat has also added a couple more shortcuts to the plugin version. Check out the full changelog below and follow this LINK for [break].[/break]additional information about SEN Enabler.


Evilnat went on to state: