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Developer gdljjrod (of ONElua) has announced the latest updates to Adrenaline Bubbles Manager that the ONElua team has published with the recent release of v3.08 that was followed by a small update of v3.09 that was released earlier today. In 3.08 various options and improvements were introduced with v3.09 bring added support for iso,cso, & pbp support. In the details provided below you will find easy to consume instructions with additional details about these recent updates brought to you by the ONElua Team. Another great homebrew powered by ONElua.
Earlier in the week PS3 developer deank made a small change to the sMAN plugin with an update that promotes the project to version 1.12. In previous version of the sMAN (plugin based off deank's original webMAN with new features not to be confused with Aldostools webMAN MOD (which is also a great plugin choice as well) ) In sMAN PS2 ISO (not bin+cue) were only supported during Scanning. While some members in the psx-place forum though this could be a bug developer deank clarifies the situation by stating " It is not really a bug, because sMAN only supports PS2 games in ISO format but not BIN + CUE. That's why it does not find the game during the scan " so the developer has now added support to Scan also your PS2 games in BIN + CUE format. If you have not gave this plugin a try yet, the Slaunch Interface is one of the biggest cosmetic difference you will see compare to deank's original webMAN.​
[UPDATED (See below) : Original Article >>Last week as we posted in The FEED (psx-place's Secondary News Page) about a new Tertis Clone powered by the Vita port of Lua Plus Player (lpp-vita) for HENkaku enabled devices (vita/pstv). Since the initial release of Tetronimo, developer svennd has been busy polishing this early port, evolving into a really enjoyable & polished Tetris Clone. As you see from our previous announcement (in the "The Feed" ) several updates have been made, some of the additions include a brand new interface, High Score Support & various other additions & elements to make this an enjoyable release. Changelogs & details have been included about Tetronimo, the dev is also seeking feedback as well as feature request so be sure to drop a line in the comments
Developer bigboss (psxdev) has been diving in deep on the PS4 of late, the dev recently blogged about the PSVR reversing to open the headset for additional platforms, but on the PS4 a small building block was introduced! In the form of a library for 2D Graphics for homebrew devs called liborbis, its early but a start to something that hopefully evolves overtime, As mentioned in my opinions of the PS4 1.76 exploit, bigboss also showed off a Simple PoC Homebrew running on the PS4, the video can be seen below. So progress is being made and shows why v1.76 is a good window for development and hopefully this progresses well by time we see a public exploit for a current firmware.​
If you go back to the very first article ever posted on psx-place you will seen developer bigboss (aka psxdev) released details & information on reverse engineering of the PS4 EyE Toy. Now, The developer has released today Part 1: of Reversing PlayStation VR Device We know bigboss from various research on PlayStation Hardware, The PS4 EyE Toy, PS Move Controllers among others, but not the developer has set his sights on the PlayStatiion VR (PSVR), so reverse engineering of the Processor Unit that communicates to the PS4 is the target of discussion in Part 1. bigboss motivation and end goal with this research is having the ability to use the PSVR on other platforms.
We have seen alot of progress with PS4 development lately in the form of backing up some games & even some simple POC that showcases a simple PoC of homebrew abilities., but honestly I am not very excited about it yet. While the exploits/development are progressing well, they are restricted to a low firmware of 1.76 which I am sure most of you are on a firmware that is much higher. We have no downgrade solutions for the PS4 and even if we did, its still a v1.76 firmware and many of the PS4 features are not contained in those early firmwares. You are restricted to a very limited number of PS4 Games that the console can even play, as many games ( a large majority ) are signed with a firmware higher then 1.76. Meaning that they can not be played on a console with a 1.76 based FW, So this takes alot of the appeal the PS4 gives a user in the first place, but can that trade-off be justified in the form of receiving new features an exploited firmware can give?
Welcome Skyrim modders! This thread is a Skyrim Elite Edition modding guide where I share my research, tutorials, and other useful things. Since Elite Electronics is now done it's up to us (the users) to continue a beautiful project. If you are someone who messes around with Fallout/TES games a lot on PS3 then contact me as I am starting a research group of my own (called 5yk3). Right now there are no video guides, but I will get to making those soon. These are my methods and they work for me, so if you know a better way please inform me so I can check it out. Thanks and have a fun time modding. :-p
Rinnegatamante is back with another solution and release for the PS Vita (& PSTV) community with the release of a new plugin called Savedata Decrypter / Redirecter. The idea behind the plugin is to allow user's the ability to re-direct your SaveData to a different storage location, ur0,ux0,uma0 are all now in play for re-directing your saves, but when redirecting the saves also are decrypted which opens the door for various cheats and modifications to be done to the save files. Usuage and additional information can be found in the included release notes of this new plugin for HENkaku (Enso).​
Its here, the anticipated Zombiebound v0.1.0, the homebrew game by VitaHEX games running on the Lua Player Plus Engine that was announced recently. this is a great homebrew game for HENkaku enabled vita's / pstv's devices. Zombiebound is inspired by the Call of Duty Zombies mini games, where the objective is to survive each wave of Zombie invasions that progresses in difficulty as each round or wave passes. The developer has plans for updates of this game, but I personally had an early preview being a patreon for VitaHEX and the game was quite enjoyable in the initial release as I was mowing down zombies to acculturate additional points to purchase the new weapons in true CoD Zombie fashion. Game is a great homebrew and we hope to see some additional updates, the good news there the dev has plans for future updates with a small roadmap of upcoming changes, but also anyone can contribute to the Lua based project with new maps or anything. See all details in the release notes from VitaHEX Games
Recently developer cxziaho released the fontRedirect plugin, but the dev did not stop with just the plugin, developing farther a new app FontInstaller (installable vpk) is introduced for HENkaku which will install the plugin but also contains a useful interface for selecting various fonts stored in ux0:data/font/. However do note there is still some bugs when changing font in some games that will result in a crash. So expect some errors and use that at your own risk, but great to see a new level of customaztion on our exploited PS Vita's & PlayStation TV's.