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While there has been the breaking news of installing CFW on OFW 4.82 from Team PS3Xploit, It seems there may be some imposter's and i have seen a few examples already of malicious/mis-leading webkit exploits that are designed to brick a user's console's or even other malicious activities. Included below in this PUBLIC WARNING is an example, one of the scams going on they setup the exploit and package as working on a SuperSlim (it does not and will not), well due to those SuperSlim's (and late Slim models) and also those later models we will not be seeing a CFW on those models. So there is red flag number 1, That is why the HEN style hack is the target for those console types., That portion needs developed still, but the hole to exploit is there with PS3Xploit. Unfortunately there might be other scammers and they make it look like its from PS3Xploit team using the same style to the page with Team PS3Xploit listed as the listed devs with this fake and dangerous release. To be safe make sure you verify that is been released here, as Team PS3Xploit will be releasing all materials on exclusively.
[UPDATE-2 (11-28-17) - FAQ TAB has been updated again in the article)
There has been alot of development going on around the PS3 since the discoveries of the PS3Xploit (webkit exploit) on 4.81 OFW, first we seen the IDPS dumper (4.81/2 OFW) released with some big news & hope to come along with it, like a Flash Writer (downgrader) for OFW, so if you have been reluctant to buy a Hardware Flasher such as the E3 Flasher and bust open your PS3, but have been wanting to get your PS3 FAT(PHAT) Console and your Downgradable PS3 SLIM Models (up to & including 25xx models with minimum installable version <= 3.56) on Custom Firmware, then here is your chance with a 100% SOFTWARE SOLUTION thanks to the work of PS3Xploit Team ( @bguerville, @esc0rtd3w & W) along with contributions from new team member @habib to help expedite this release. Essentially what this Software Solution does is write a patch to the CoreOS (on NOR/NAND Chip) and when the PS3 Console is then rebooted you can install a Custom Firmware directly, So downgrading back to 3.55 is not required in the process, rather "Direct OFW to CFW patching" is done to allow for Custom Firmware Installation.
Developer @Evilnat has recently been making several BETA updates to SEN Enabler adding 4.82 Support for all fetures and released firmware types, this homebrew offers a variety of use's and features. A great feature that this app (and other) is "disabling of CFW syscalls" essentially your turning off your CFW essentally until your next boot. So play on PSN with reduced chance of a ban from PSN, the rule of thumb is respect the network just as an OFW console would, PSNpatch also has this type of feature and the two apps differ but offer great results and provide different features and options as well..
Developer Joel16 has dropped off a gift to the Vita community as v1.1 of PSV VSH Menu has been released. A bit of customization is introduced in v1.1 New "Launch Program" feature also has been added, these are just a couple of the changes that are listed in the entire changelog, Full details of the update for this progressing VSH menu can be seen in the details provided by the dev.
I wanted to introduce to the scene a project I (HWNJ) have been working on with Chelsea_Fantasy for a long of time ago. XtremeEliteBoot was a private project that we only shared with a small circle of people in Cuba back in 2012. It is intended to be a "ready to use", "all-in-one", "noob-proof" alternative to "FreeMcBoot". Also, XEB featured some exclusive features that no PS2 homebrew was able to provide until the time of writing this (2017-11-15).​
PS3 Firmware update 4.82 hit the other day , which was suspected to close the PS3Xploit,, however it seems a future update will be patching that exploit as 4.82 was a planned update by Sony and did not address the PS3Xploit quite yet, but we expect that to come soon. However for you exciting CFW user's it that time as we wait and see which CFWs and APPs will be updated. While its good to see CFW released, its not advised to jump on those CFW until various apps like manager's and other utilities are updated as well. We have a 4.82 Custom Firmware / Homebrew / Tool thread for all those releases as they become live. Not all apps / Tools. / Homebrew need updates but depending on what resources they use of the system will dictate if said homebrew needs updates. usually its manager's and utilities and also the CFW , First up we have a NEW Standard CFW release by a familiar name developer @Alexander with his FERROX brand of CFW.. Checkout all the details of this CFW release; 4.82 CFW FERROX STANDARD EDITION from Alexander. If you have any issue's/ suggestions / Feedback then drop @Alexander a line in the comments below as the developer is an active patron at psx-place and also his home site

{UPDATE v0.2.3 Released(See tab)}
Following the official announcement of the PS3Xploit news (4.81 OFW Exploit), the devs behind the project have fulfilled the promises of releasing the IDPS Dumper for OFW 4.81/4.82 as this release is ready for the public. Now there is many more things being worked surrounding the overall project but this IDPS Dumper works on all models of the PS3 (NOR and NAND, note 12 GB EMMC will be supported soon in an updated release) and no reason not to release this tool. Since PS3 firmware 4.70 Sony had blocked flatz IDPS extracting tool (IDPS Stealer) and there has not been a known way to obtain the IDPS on OFW (4.70 +) consoles , but now this tool can now obtain your PS3's ID, which can have various uses, the tool has been confirmed to work on SuperSlim models by the team. . If you have not read the previous details about the PS3Xploit project, then checkout this official thread to get the firsthand information about this ambitious PS3 project.
UPDATE >>>>: Its appears that 4.82 DID NOT close the PS3Xploit.

It appears Sony has released a system update to Firmware 4.82 for the PS3, which is likely to close and patch the recent 4.81 exploit (PS3Xploit) as expected, The update came a bit quicker then many (including myself) expected, but you just never know with these type of things. If you planned to take advantage of the PS3Xploit hacks (Software Downgrader / Possible HEN (Homebrew Enabler) on Super Slims) DO NOT UPDATE TO THIS NEW OFFICIAL FIRMWARE 4.82, Stay on Firmware 4.81. As this firmware is investigated by scene developer's and also as Sony releases official details will be posted/updated in this article.​

Current CFW user's be sure to keep this thread in your bookmarks, As updated CFW ad new homebrew are released to support 4.82, we will add in our list that you can find >>> here <<<
Its very possible, we could see a new PS3 Firmware Update Coming in the near future for the PS3, the PS3Xploit Team wanted to be farther along with the project before any released files relating to the Exploit were released, so the project couldn't be patched before completion.The plan was not to release the IDPS dumper by itself, but with the entire project. However, when the leak occurred there was enough to give Sony a direction on what they needed to patch. So, that is when the team figured it was best to release what they have ready and tested. Which was the IDPS Dumper, since this Moronic Leak did nothing but alert Sony on what was coming down the road with enough clues to patch. The team detail what they have been doing/plans and then released the finished IDPS Dumper, to get awareness on this hack before an eventual firmware update arise, note that could be marked as 4.82 or higher when released. PS3Xploit will run on 4.81 Official Firmware. Do not update if a new System Software (firmware) update does arise.
Developer Rudi Rastelli has made a stop by the psx-place forums to let us know the utility PS3P PKG Ripper has been updated to v1.4.1. This update is small but provides several bug fixes to make this very fast PKG Ripper even better. If you have a large PKG File then this utility will server you well in extracting those PKG files much faster then PKGView utility. This PC tool comes with a handful of useful features that are defined in the release details below along with the exact changes made in v1.4.1.