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Here is new utility that is a welcome sight to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV community as developer Arkanite releases VitaPad++ (which do not get confused with VitaPad which is a completely different app with different functions). This text-editor with tons of functionality is a handy tool but developer has packed alot of additional functionality and features that makes this such a great utility even for developers who might want to edit / review and source code on the go, There is already great features but also see the roadmap and it should serve as a great addition to he Henkaku Library of homebrew . Additional details of this latest GekiHEN Contest Entry, note as of writing this news we have 1 day and about 12 hours (counter in our forum) until the deadline for submitted entries.
UPDATE v1.61 (03/18/2017): Small update to provide several fixes
(03/17/2017): The much anticipated release of VitaShell v1.60 that contains USB Mass Storage Support for the PlayStationTV (PSTV) aka VitaTV has been released. Also announced is the winner of the VitaShell Theme Competition, with the new theme available in this update. This update provides some additional tweaks and cleanup as PSTV user's will no longer have to see the battery indicator going forward from v1.60. This AIO File Manager for the Vita & PSTV continues to pack in creditable functionality for HENkaku users on Vita firmware 3.60. The full details of this update and also a history of logs has been provided along with some additional details from creator and developer of VitaShell, TheFlow.​
Here is a new release for the PlayStation 3 CFW Community by developer Berion, The popular mod (XMBM+) that gave the XMB tons of new functionality to the XMB Has now been updated with features and changes that are optimized for 2017, so the dev has dubbed this unofficial release XMB Manager Plus 2017 or simply XMBM+ 2k17. Release details and a tons of screenshots can be seen in the included details provide.​
For those who don't know, PlayStation Now will now support PS4 game streaming. PlayStation Now as we already know supports streaming hundreds of PS3 games to your PS4 or PC. For 2017 PlayStation Now is now expanding to one of the newest platforms, PS4. All of the games in this service even PS4 games will be included with a single PlayStation Now subscription. In a few weeks Sony will be doing private tests with PS4 games on PlayStation Now. If you are an active PlayStation Now subscriber keep a close eye on your email inbox (the email you use for PlayStation Now) as you might get an invite!
It appears the ScummVM Team has officially named developer Cpasjuste as the official "maintainer" of the ScummVM Port, This emulator will take back in time to those classic point and click games, this emulator playing a variety of classic games the full list can be view on the official site ( via the Comparability Chart . The official team (and various unofficial ports) can be seen across many platforms such as the Dreamcast, Windows, PSP, PS3, to just name a few of the supported ports, so its great to see the team officially adopt the PS Vita / PlayStation TV port. View the vita port details and specifics in the release details provided ..​
The latest entry into the GekiHEN Hombrew Contest comes to us from developer Rinnegatamante with another release. OpenSyobon Vita the port of a SMB inspired remake that will leave with a brand new experiance that includes twist with some old flair of the iconic side scroller gameplay. Just when you think you might have these controls mastered, then you realize opps "its not that game". If you want to check this game out in your browser you can give this online version of Syobon Action (aka NekoMario / CatMario), for the Vita / PlayStation TV version for henkaku on 3.60 view the download and details inckuded​
A couple of new updates aiding in the evolution of the sMAN plugin has been seen in recent days as developer @deank continues to add functionality and as you see in the screenshot additional eye-candy as well. Following up on v0.08n, deank officially labled v1.09 as a Beta Release as several new things were implemented and went through some testing phases. Deank has stated he has almost re-written sMAN so much that it now almost differs from webMAN v1.47n by nearly 50% according to the guy who know (the developer of both plugin) deank. Also thanks to freddy38510 NTFS drives will show the actual time & date stamps in both FTP & the file explore in web-browsers. v0.10n was recently released as well and officially moved from Beta to the next Stable update , that did just that improve the stability & performance of things like the www client . This plugin keeps improving and new features continue to impress as deank's continues to put his magically touches on this ps3 plugin.​
Developer Aldostools pushed a new update recently to the popular PS3 plugin webMAN MOD, Following the release of 1.47.01 that gave stability to many of recent additions added such as the sLaunch MOD, with the next version jumping o 1.47.03 we see the plugin will come in 4 Editions (Cobra, Full, Lite & Non-Cobra), 2GB issue with ps3netsrv has been addressed. Then /setup.ps3 menu has seen various changes to give a cleaner feel. The developer has outlined even more changes you should checkout in the provide log.​
Well this is nothing new but is very sad and well i figure I needed to speak on it a bit, since i get this questions about these type of claims often,, Scene sites are promoting FAKE NEWS left and right., It really should tell the user who is the creditable news sources in this scene and who is not. Why is not reporting the latest PS4 "progress" about 4.50 PS4 LINUX that has spewed out these fake news sites mainpage? Well, the simple answer is WE DO NOT REPORT FAKE NEWS, so that would be the main reason as there is no legitimacy to the claims of a PS4 4.50 Linux Hack. There is not much news for the end user on PS4 hacking,most of things stay private until they are ready or the time is right . Did you know about other groundbreaking exploits in advance or did they just appear?​
As the GekiHEN Contest is closing developer's are pushing some nice utilities and homebrew before the contest officially comes to a close on March 19th, so be sure to get your submissions in on-time. Following up on the previous release from the ONElua team of gdljjrod & DevdadisNunez with the ARK fast utility the team has now released ONEtranslate and uses Google Translate for the translating. See support languages and other details along with a screenshot demonstrating the translations.