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Following the release of the utility AppManager Plus, that the ONELua team released themselves rjust a couple of days ago, has now also released an update to the interpreter itself ONElua progressing to version 3.1 (v3r1) with a variety of new functions that can be seen in the release notes included, that also details a few fixes to round out this new update, that is for sure worth checking out if you plan on creating some LUA homebrew projects in the future..
cnsldv has released MediaImporter for your PS Vita /PS TV, this homebrew utility will import MP4 format videos to the Vita's Video Application, this importer is great because you do not need to use CMA or QCMA to import Video's, the developer behind the project has said if there is interest from others, he could work on doing the same with Music and Photo's. So give this and go and leave the developer some comments about this project that makes things a bit easier.​
The file manager for the PlayStation 2 that keep evolving as developer's are still keeping the legacy of the PS2 going. Developer's @sp193 & AKuHAK have taking over a new unofficial fork of the project titled wLaunchELF, which is a progression of the first unofficial build (uLaunchELF) and the original build of LaunchELF. this project spans many years and seen various developer's input and work within the projectover the years, Here we are not even midway in 2017 and we seen the 2nd update already to this very functional file manager for your Homebrew Enabled PS2 Console. The PS2 Homebrew Community is still doing some great things and progressing things very well with various improvements such as this file manager that keeps getting better through time and dedicated developers..
Here is a handy utility for HENkaku user's brought to you by the ONElua team called App Manager. After you install this VPK, the homebrew will allow you to manage you installed Applications & Games, A nice file explorer that includes a media player with various other features and uses you can checkout in the release quote​
Need to re-install firmware 3.60 (HENkaku exploitable fw) with a fresh clean copy on your PS Vita / PlayStation TV devices? If so this utility developer @SilicaAndPina created in collaboration with @CelesteBlue will make the task much easier. . Want to revert some of your modifications or recover from some corrupted files, this utility may be very useful and as an added bonus there an extra feature you can read more about in the release notes.

Developer reprep (@ReRepRep) released O'Clock Vita Minimal. What's that? It's a kernel plugin that allow you to overclock your Vita/PSTV. Specially useful for PSTV users where power consumption is not a problem, and there is no need to disable it ever. Big advantage in that case is that plugin don't need any input from user, just add needed games to config, and forget you got it.
The new HENkaku Settings TheFl0w just recently previewed are now LIVE for ALL HENkaku users!!!! Screenshots taken from my PSTV just now!!! Notice the LAN connection and not the 3G Sim he had enabled. molecularShell is still v1.43 but no longer has the spoof options in the app. As you can see in the last pic (in the screenshots tab). I grab/ PSX-Place!!bed it 4 minutes after going LIVE!!! Go ME!!! That's right folks you seen it first here at where else
Developer bosshunter known from his contribution in to PSP scene released modified version of Camera Patch Lite. Plugin taking little bit different approach to enable right analog support on PSP games played on Vita/PSTV. This resulted in improvement support in some games (eg. SOCOM series).
Evolution continues as some serious progression appears on the horizon for HENkaku user's on firmware 3.60. As a new video shared from Yifan Lu of Team Molecule (creators of HENkaku / TaiHEN) which shows the group is back at it with a new release we will see on the 29th of July. In the teaser video the team showcases HENkaku/TaiHEN active on system boot (unlike having to be launched after system boot currently) and as a little extra spice the team shows what appears to be a custom coldboot modification as well. Is this the progression of a HEN maturing into the first true Custom Firmware for PS Vita & PlayStation TV devices? On the surface it appears that is a possibility as the video teases a bit, but until more details are learned I would caution calling it anything such as CFW, but one thing is for sure this is from a legitimate group that brought us the original hacks and come late July we should have more details with I am sure some teaser and information will arise in between.
Noled is a recent kernel plugin released for the PS Vita created originally by Xerpi, and then has been released in compiled version by reprep (@ReRepRep). This taiHEN (kernel) plugin is very simple as it can becomes very useful when you are gaming or watching video's in the dark and the led light becomes a major distraction. Now you have the option to say goodbye to light while you have this plugin running.