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A new update to Resident Evil Code Vita was made by its creator @Markus95 who is well known for various game mods for different games, you may recall some of the PS3 work with the paintown total conversion mods.. Now the developer has informed us that his latest creation has been updated to version 0.4 with some significant progress. RECV is using the engine from another PS Vita / PS TV homebrew in Super Hero Chronicles and is a Lua based project built with Lua Player Plus (vita) .
Here is a new GekiHEN Contest submission, if you have not heard the homebrew competition for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (gekihen) has been extended to March 19th. This new homebrew game by developer Akabane87 titled Project Void,, the project is currently labeled as a Work In Progress, but even in the early stages it iooks to be a very promising homebrew, that i hope to see many updates as this early build is impressive, The game is a 3D Space Shooter that puts you right into the dogfight, with the ability to build your spacecraft using various modules with unique abilities that will affect your craft in various ways
Update (2/2/17/) -- v1.46.01
Original Article (Jan 31, 2017)
Plugin development continues on the PS3 for Custom firmware users, this week alone we have seen some new features added lin PSNpatch by KW (w./ Homebrew Blocker) and we have seen deank back with new updates to webMAN that added NTFS Support / a new XMB game loading that no longer uses the web browser trick (webbrowser_plugin), in other words the flash you see when mounting a game on the XMB In,webMAN MOD v1.46.00 the plugin incorporates that function but in a different way, this is due to the differences under the hood of the plugin. As webMAN MOD contain
Here is a new homebrew game for various PlayStation devices, Blindness II by Applelo is available on the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Vita TV) & also the PSP. This game is simple in design but its one of those very additives games that will test skills. Checkout all the details of this release in the details provided.
So Yifan lu has released a Netcheck Bypass despite stating he would only be working on hacking F00D, the equivalent to lv0 on the PS3 which might spell checkmate for our beloved systems for those of us that stayed on 3.60, as for those that went to 3.61+ it might not be the same story due to Sony changing the keys an authentification of the PlayStation Network after the initial release of the hack. Again much like the PS3 but this time we have no way of downgrading at this point and time.
Developed by ShadowPrince, aka ShdwPrince, this plugin is not only useful if you have some dodgy buttons but will also aid in creating button combo's for your PS Vita games with the touch or press of a single button. The plugin in question is called ADVRemap and in its current state an alpha release. Some have asked the developer if remote play compatibility via PS4 Link will be added,​
PlayStation 4 dev idc released new scripts on Github that invoke the PS4 kernel to decrypt the contents of a PS4 update file (firmware) and pup unpacker scripts, now before you ask no this release is not going to get you any steps closer to a PS4 CFW but as zecoxao outlines on his twitter this can help "porting webkit exploit everywhere, for instance. you can decrypt any usermode elfs from 1.00 to 3.55/3.70 because sony forgot to change keyset",
Following the recent updates from legendary developer deank that improved NTFS support a great deal in the webMAN plugin, and the recent Cobra Update (stage2.bin) that allows you to play Games & Media from burnt optical disc. The developer has been busy with yet another trick up his sleeves, as we showed yesterday deank has been working on a new test feature for webMAN , now the test feature has been introduced officially in webMAN v1.46n. this new feature utilizes the source code release for the custom xai_plugin (by mysis) and mounting games is much faster and cleaner from the XMB as the web-browser trick is no longer needed as deank adapts the custom xai_plugin in a great way. Checkout all the details and a video demo of the new game loading in the details/changelog provided by deank..
UPDATE: FERROX COBRA (w/ 7.50 Cobra is also supported)
Developer @deank has followed up the very much improved NTFS External HDD Support in webMAN, which another great release, this time around a new feature for the Cobra Payload Currently this release of (stage2.bin) only supports Habib's 4.81 STARBUCKS (v1.02 ) w/ COBRA 7.50 CFW & 4.81 FERROX (v1.02) COBRA 7.50 but we should see other CFW such as REBUG supporting this new changes that now give you the ability to play your Games / Media from Burned Optical Media, checkout all the media types deanks has tested and confirmed working.

Want a sneak peak of a Test feature in webMAN? If so checkout deank utilizing a recent source code release (from mysis) that helps webMAN check that unrelated development (from this article) here​
I am a few days late on reporting this, got a bit busy this week and forgot i did not report it, but its huge news for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV Scene. Of course those devices on 3.60 firmware and with the HENkaku exploit running Xerpi has achieved 3D Graphic via the GPU (libgxm), where as previous emulation and games used software rendering of the graphics. So we should see much improved emulation that utilizes the system's hardware (GPU), we know there is an N64 emulator in the works, which this release has surely delayed it (for good cause) as this new advancement came just a few days after learning of the N64 emu in development (that already had Super Mario 64 running at near full speeds). Stay tuned as emulation news is sure to heat up on the Vita & PlayStation TV Scene(s), until then Xerpi leaves us with some sample VPKs.