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With the recent news of the upcoming release of PC Link, developer Rinnegatamante has a streaming solution for the other way, With Vita2PC, your vita (or pstv) screen will be streamed to your PC via your local network via a WiFi connection. Audio Streaming is also possible but he dev warns that feature is experiential currently and be aware issues could be present. However with this an initial release we can only hope to see things improve, but appears already to be another solid release from the developer, who has greeted us with so many solutions and entertainment for the Vita.
Hi guys, here we go. This release has done because the current PS3 nightlies don't seem to work like they should, so the main reason is a more stable homebrew.
Developer Arkanite seems to be working on a great application, while we do not have a release the preview video is sparking alot of interest as this looks to be a great addition to the homebrew library for the Vita. With a app that will allow you to stream your PC screen to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV devices . Unlike Moonlight (that required Nvidia) this appears to be a solution that will reach more PC user's . As Arkanite states "Running on Win10 w/ Intel 4400 Graphics' so this is obviously going to appeal to many more setups then Moonlight could just with that statement. Details are thin other then the video & this gthub page but this is what the community is all about finding and creating new features for our beloved devices. Are you excited about this upcoming release? I know I am :)
First we seen developer VitaHex Games deliver the homebrew game Cray Traffic Jam 3D followed by the release of Improved Camera App, Now the dev has a new release utility for the platform called Voice Recorder Vita as the title suggest its a voice recorder that has the ability to record 30 second clips (.wav). Plus a simple UI that will allow you to delete & play your recordings back.
LuanTeles has released the latest version of PS3 PRO MOD (v1.6) which is a collection of XMB MODS for PlayStation 3 CFW user's to give a PS3 PRO themed experience (that obviously counters the PS4 Pro moniker) that also incorporates some features as well into the MOD,. Since we last reported several new updates of this project have arisen, which now resides @ version 1.6. All features can be easily seen in the "Previous Releases" tab to get you caught up on this project, then with v1.6 some improvements to resolution of some items as detailed below
Following the release of MLTactivator from developer's MiraLaTijera (MLT) & Dragon
are back at it again with a new release called MLTHaKu which aids in the installation of SD2Vita without the need of a memory card. As MLT did in the PS3 Community the dev and his crew are making some great advances for the PS Vita. As @pinky stated "very handy for people with a 1K system" , full details can be seen in the Release quote, i made several common sense fixes but be aware this is a Google Translation, better translation are always welcomed
So you wanted to use the PS4 Remote Play feature on your local network but learned you must have an Internet Connection? Well MysteryDash has the solution to use Remote Play Offline with the release you can as the dev puts it "enjoy playing on your PS4 from your computer (WLAN/Ad-hoc) without the need of an Internet connection". Learn more about this project and how to use with the provided nformation​
PlayStation TV (PSTV) user's got a new plugin DSMotion (two variants available) which aims to add Motion Control Support for both the DualShock 3 k 4 controllers, which is essential in completing / playing some games as these games were blacklisted from playing the PSTV originally. There are some limitations but a step forward especially for games that require some motion controls as the titles outlined in the release note.​
Check it out as @CaptainCPS-X has made a return to the PS3 Homebrew Community recently and the developer has some plans and a bit of a preview of an upcoming release. A new version of his popular project FBA RL (Final Burn Alpha Retro Loader). This arcade emulator is based off the PS3 version of RetroArch/Libretro, but being CaptainCPS-X is an official contributor to the Windows FBA project and also a PS3 dev there was no better person to bring the original feel of the arcade emulators to the PS3 from windows. Now the developer is deciding to ditch the Sony SDK used to create the original version and has decided to o the pslight route for various reasons outlined in the Coming Soon Announcement you can view from CaptainCPS-X below:
Its 2017 and the PlayStation 2 community continues adding new content, that keeps the system going with new interest.This time around developer Theldus adds a port of NIM to the library of PS2 Homebrew. This simple game is all about using your math skills in strategic pursuit to avoid being the last to make a move. The dev has shared a bit of information on the title and a bit about the projects development, so give it a look as this simple port is a welcome addition to the PS2 Community. -STLcardsWS