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One of many legends in the PS3 Homebrew Community developer deank is back with a new progression of the sMAN plugin. We all know deank from projects like multiMAN, webMAN and now the sMAN plugin that has appeared to perhaps replaced (?) the original webMAN (aka webMAN Vanilla) project as now a new feature will allow you to choose between old style of "My Games" with the "XML" Mod, this option is off by default. As seen in the included pic in the release notes, the "XMB Intergration" can be toggled on/off easily in sMAN setup. The dev did not stop there with improving this PS3 Plugin in v1.08n additional details such as improved speed on scanning from external / internal hdd when extracting Game Icons / obtaining info from the PARAM.SFO can be seen with all details of this update​
Lead Developer Subjunk and his team updated UMS (Universal Media Server) to v.6.6.0. In this update the support for many renderers was added and improved, some minor bugs were fixed, support for AIFF files was added and more. UMS Universal Media Server is a popular DLNA server which supports a lot of devices including PS4, PS3, PS Vita and many more. You can view the full change log and all supported devices below.​
After some testing builds where issues were introduced in the latest updates of webMAN MOD there has been some significant progress that has produced a new Stable release (v1.47.01) after some exciting new inclusions are added to the popular ps3 plugin that takes deank's webMAN (vanilla) plugin and adds a variety of additional features and functions. In some of the latest updates Aldostools has tinkered with deank's slaunch (since evolved into sMAN) and has some modifications that differs from the approach in deank's sMAN, There has been alot of development of this plugin lately by developer aldostools and some regressions did arise while implementing some of these latest additions, but all has fixed., The developer recommends anyone that was using the various v1.46.xx - v1.47.00 builds/commits to update to v1.47.01 which is consider a much more STABLE build.
Following developer Zar' s recent release of ManaGunz (a very useful ps3 homebrew/backup manager), the dev has a new release with PS2 CONFIG Editor that will write CONFIG files for your PS2 Games on PS3 CFW. These config flags can improve game compatibility on some titles as they have been proven to do so in the past, this tool is still in the early stages but this tool is a welcome sight for the community.​
The GekiHEN Contest continues to see some new entries since the deadline expansion of the current running Homebrew Contest for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV / Vita TV, this time around we have another Game Port Zsokoban by gdljjrod using OneLua, this LUA port which is based on the classic Japanese Sokoban is a really fun puzzle game that will having you pushing blocks to solve. Checkout it out.
UPDATE (FEB 26) Davee of Team Molecule release a CMA Key Generator to ease this Process
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Original Article (FEB. 20)
Well the other day I caught wind of this on Reddit but Yifan Lu quickly made it private as it wasn't ready for public use so I didn't report on this. Well it now seems it is ready and the dev has released this to everyone now. This means we can extract anything from CMA backups even 3.61+ or old ones you have with another account etc. And better yet we can repack these adding what we want as well. Please note this doesn't allow for piracy but some tricks can be done as this will allow one to install ARK on 3.61+ systems without the need of being on 3.60 first or a PS3.
sMAN is progressing into a "Super Hero" type of plugin as fellow PS3 developer Joonie dubs these latest updates the "SuperMAN" plugin due to the evolution and responsiveness as developer deank continues to polish the plugin that combines the original webMAN project with the newly developed sLaunch feature (a new UI for launching games from the XMB) into this single project dubbed sMAN, while not officially standing for "SuperMAN", we have to agree with Rebug developer @Joonie that @deank is creating yet another masterpiece before our eyes as this new UI continues to mature and evolve. Since the last checkup up on this plugin, it was residing at version 1.05 since then deank has made several new updates, making v1.07 the latest release (as of writing this article) for this new ps3 plugin experience .​
Developer BenMitnicK updated his VitaToolBox for use on PS Vita Firmware 3.60 (Henkaku) from v1.1 to now v1.2 . VitaToolBox is a Vitashell 1.51 fork with additional features you can call it a AiO or feature rich PS Vita Homebrew in other words. In the latest updates is a VitaIdent screen which i find is very useful because you will find all the information about your PS Vita you need ( for example even your cid and psid are here all in one place). plus in the recent update of v1.21 we see the inclusions of instruction manual added with other additional changes to view in the included v.1.21 changelog​
With 1.76 having all the hacks recently buying a console on 1.76 can sometimes result in an unactivated psn account meaning your browser won't work. So basically this guide will allow you to enabled the web-browser of a PS4 if it denies you access. This is PERMANENT and requires NO activated PSN account. Originally there was no public or easy fix for this kind of thing until now, I am not writing a tutorial step-by-step since I thought a visual guide for this kind of thing is way easier and shorter than following steps. Luckily for you MODDED WARFARE made a clear and easy tutorial to do this. So if you are someone stuck in this situation give it a try, good luck! ;)
It has been quite impressive seeing the progression of the COBRA payload over time, COBRA originally debut on the PS3 way back in 2011 as the CobraUSB (by Team Cobra) this refers to version 1.0 - 6.0 of the payload. This is the period that the device was closed sourced and locked down to Cobra's USB dongle. After the device was put aside and shelved by Team Cobra, it laid dormant for sometime, not keeping up with firmware updates and leaving user with many bugs for the early 4.2x CFWs. There was some public pressure for the team to release the source code and with Team Cobra at the time launching a new product in the ODE, the team folded to public pressure and we seen the source code release(s) and the Open Source Cobra (usb-less version) refers to v7.0+ (which currently we stand at version 7.52)