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In July 2016, we seen Ben Heck (Hardware Legend) first got his hands on elusive Nintendo PlayStation (SNES-CD) Prototype Console for a teardown demonstration of the textremely rare "urban legend" that came to surface just several years ago, after being located in an attic of the current owners home. It was not in working condition, but we were able to learn alot about the device as Ben Heck compares various parts and modules to the Super Nintendo (See Video Here), Then at various time throughout the year Ben Heck was trying to restore the Prototype Console to a working state and in late July of 2016 we seen Ben Heck make some significant progress and was able to get some portions working but the SNES CD drive was not working and while no official games were available we do have the Homebrew Game Super Boss Gaiden . Then in late November 2016 Ben Heck once again gets a crack at the prototype that change history and while progress was made with the CD drive we still were not able to use the SNES CD add-on but today Ben Heck releases a video titled: "Nintendo PlayStation Prototype: Finally Working!" So, was Ben able to boot Super Boss Gaiden or Another homebrew Game? check it out.... :
The latest homebrew release for HENkaku user's comes from developer vladgalay, who has released a very fun 2d Shooter that is very similar to the game playplay in CSPSP (a homebrew for the PSP), which is a 2-D top down shooter. Flyer Deathmatch is a LUA based game that was created with ONElua and i suggest giving this game a look on either your PS Vita or PlayStation TV that hopefully is on Firmware 3.60 and utilizing the HENkaku exploit as that is the only way you will be playing this VPK file.
Recently developer @BenMitnicK left a message informing us about the latest update to AT9 & AT3 Converter (v2.2) A useful utility for converting audio files, Such as popular formats of wav & mp3 files to codecs such AT9 & AT3 fthat is used by the PSP / PS Vita & PS3 system, so this little tool makes process much easier as there is not many tools out there that will convert easily to those formats.
Developer DeViL303 who is already known for so many PS3 XMB Mods has now yet another mod for REBUG 4.81 user's. This time around the "What's New on PSX-Place (PS3 XMB MOD)" is an XMB mod that transform the What's New section to provide a current news feed of the psx-place mainpage (that checks for new news every 15 minutes) , Also another great aspect to this mod, it will now scroll PSX-Place headlines under the XMB Clock. Give it a look with the video DeViL303 has uploaded and then a give it try on your 4.81 REBUG CFW.
Plugin development continues to evolve, as it only seems fitting to bring a VSH Menu to HENkaku (not on LiveArea quite yet) and developer Joel16 is here to make that happen with this new taiHEN plugin called the Ultimate VSH Menu. Following the initial announcement developer Joel16 has since released a test version labeled version 0.00. as the developer has additional plans and functions of this early POC. We seen Total_Noob bring us the VSH menu long ago on the PSP and in recent years we have seen @3141card bring us VSH menu to the PS3 and the main goal is to offer functionality quickly and onscreen. This should be very interesting to see evolve as this is no doubt the start of a welcome project.​
During the GekiHEN Contest plugin entries was a fairly light area of development, but in recent we have been seeing a number of developer's creating excellent TaiHEN plugins, some devs that come to quick mind are Joel16 and reprep who have had several new plugins but also Rinnegatamante continues to create many useful plugins for the exploited Vita /Pstv devices. Now with Screenie Rinnegatamante gives us the ability to take HD quality ScreenShots.
Not a huge update to Vita Homebrew Browser (A recent GekiHEN Contest winning app) but a critical bug was present that would prevent some homebrew titles such as PickrVITA, Numpty Physics to name a few from loading creating a crash of the VHBB application, So, devnoname120 has addressed this issue with the vpk release of v0.81. To use VHBB you must have a HENkaku enabled PS Vita or PlayStation TV (VitaTV) running 3.60 FW.
Looking at recent commits on TheFlow's github You can see that developer hyln9 added very nice feature to both Adrenaline plugin, and Vitashell app. New feature is mounting imc0: which looks like internal memory card, and can give us another 1GB on slim PSV and on PSTV. Actually is very good idea because when external memory is used that 1GB of space is totally unused.​
@DeViL303 has a new update with some new additions to the Homebrew Store that conveniently invades your XMB. XMBPD or (XMB Package Downloader) now has been updated to version 0.70 and this update adds some new things such as over 60 No-PSN pkgs from esc0rtd3w,who has been on a tear lately with his noPSN findings and research, plus this update adds some updated managers and utilities & also a new XMBPD Rebugification skin from Berion can be seen in v0.70. See full notes in the logs provided plus a video that gives a great video guide of installing XMBPD and adding some extra's. The video is nearly 20 minutes so DeViL303 has covered alot of aspects of the XMB MOD.
Shortly after the release of the HENkaku exploit, developer meetpatty updated the Numpty Physics port from the previous Rejuvenate Exploit (an exploit now out dated and replaced by HENkaku) for comparability with HENkaku exploit with the release of version 0.3 (May 16 2016), Now since developer Rinnegatamante has picked up the project and with this release of v0.4 it contains some Bug Fixes, but stay tuned as some future updates are in the works as the dev shares a small roadmap of changes planned. Checkout the details of this game that now has me thinking about Eskiss on the PS3 (for the PS3 homebrew user's out there).Checkout the download in Vita DB by Rinnegatamante where you can find all his homebrew and most of the Vita / PlayStation TV homebrew Community has to offer.