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Following the release of BlockOut II developer bomblik has another GekiHEN pending entry in GNU Robbo for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (PSP port available as well), this re-implementation of "The Adventures of Robbo" is a puzzle game as you navigate a robot character through a series of planets, essentially navigating "vertically-scrolling mazes" with a path of objects to dodge and avoid. Get creative as this game also has a built-in level editor.
This release pending GekiHEN Contest approval is a re-implementation of the original game "Blockout"now ported to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV running the popular Homebrew Enabler known s HENkaku (on firmware 3.60) as developer bomblik ports BlockOut II , this 3D Tetris style clone, gives a 3D aspect to that classic 2d style many may know much better. Just like Tertis avoid any gaps as you turn, spin, and navigate the shapes as speed intensifies the more you progress. Checkout this new Homebrew Port for the PS Vita / PlayStationTV.
We recently seen deank working with other developers/members to achieve a much improved experience with relation to using External NTFS HDD, now the fork of the webMAN project and with its own extensive history webMAN MOD (by aldostools) has incorporated and adapted those latest changes along with some new features that now reside in webMAN MOD 1.45.11. For full details of this latest update the latest changelog has been included.
It has been awhile since we checked in on the progress of UAE4ALL (Vita Port), an emulator for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV powered by the HENkaku exploit that resides on firmware 3.60.. Since Cpasjuste who is the develper behind this port released his entry into the GekiHEN Contest the dev has been busy improving the project with many updates in the recent weeks since this project debut to the Vita/PsTV Community. Some of the latest changes include extra controller support for PlayStation TV / Vita TV user's , new changes to some of the backgrounds in the UI, plus a ton of improvements that can be seen in the extensive history of updates we have provided with other details about this emulator.​
A very useful feature has been introduced to the PSNpatch plugin, with the release of version
v2017.02 , the plugin already had the ability to refuse a PSN login if disable CFW syscalls (CFW disabling) was not enabled, which prevents those accidental logins before you disabled those CFW syscalls,
which has been believed to prevent alot of bans, but this update takes it even a step farther but also disabling the ability to launch Homebrew with the new Homebrew Blocker feature that is activated (by default) when using the plugin to disable your cfw syscalls, which is essentially temporary disabling CFW until the next boot, this new update makes this feature an even safer option for accidental things such s launching a homebrew when your connected to PSN.​
It was back in January of 2016 we seen developer @mysis release CFW Setting v0.1, the devs Custom xai plugin , now the dev has decided to release the source code and explained some of it functions , to help other developer's who may be able to utilize this XMB Modification that brought new functionality to PS3 (CFW) XMB. What will the development community do with this latest source code release from @mysis.
Here is a PS3 homebrew utility that many PS3 Custom Firmware user's have used very often, if you have not used this standalone version you have certainly used FTP in webMAN / wM-MOD / multiMAN / IRISMAN / Ect.. then you have used this utility created by developer jjloano. OpenPS3FTP has not seen an update since 2013, but the developer has returned and made several updates to the widely used utility. So what changed in the recent updates? For starters the utility should be more efficient and stable as various improvements have been made, but also performance should even see an upgrade as libsysfs has been implemented. Will we see other PS3 Homebrew project make an update to support what should be an improved FTP for PS3 CFW users.
When it comes to anything in life the most I enjoy is messing around with some tech I have on hand. Be it my mobile phone, PS3, PC or handheld consoles I'm always up to adding any flavor to them. This bit of homebrew, together with VitaPad by Rinnegatamante, dubbed VitaMote by developer SonryP will get you using your PS Vita as a remote for your Android devices. Now your PS Vita​
Here comes a new emulator (PFBA) for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Henkaku), while we already have an FBA (final burn alpha) emulator in RetroArch, this emu port gives a different approach and User Interface, the emulator does not just just run a Vita/PS TV build but also has ports for Linux & RPI 3 from developer cpasjuste. This release is an entry in the GekiHEN Contest, which is set to end on January 27. So be sure to get your entries submitted during this last week of the competition
If you have been keeping a look on this thread: libntfs_ext library compilation with cellsdk in the forums you will have enjoyed some great development conversations as developers worked with deank together taking this idea and putting it to practice. With this update there is no longer a need for prepNTFS v1.0 (an app by deank which, in the past, provided webMAN with NTFS Support (see update tab for extra details on prepNTFS)), you will have the ability to access your NTFS drives via FTP with upto 2 drives (4 partitions) connected to the your CFW enabled PS3. Checkout all the details in this latest update coming from deank.