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Hacker flatz is well known in the PlayStation Hacking community for many advancements and projects now is doing some things on his PS4 that contains 4.55 firmware. On his YouTube channel he released a new video titled "Custom PKG on retail PS4" which covers a demonstration on a PS4 (4.55) of an Installation of a Custom & also a Re-Packaged PKG file. While this is being demoed on a 4.55 flatz does state this should be easy to port to other firmwares (when a current firmware is exploited) and is a "bullet proof method in comparison" to 1.76. Flatz will soon share a write-up to achieve this task.
Here is some PS4 news/teases for 5.00 firmware, as a userland webkit exploit is shown via a screenshot from PS4 Hacker qwertyoruiop Twitter. You may recall this dev also showcased an exploit to v4.XX firmware in that past that was never released. Which the hacker was more then willing to share the news he had exploited the PS4 but did not have the same feeling of sharing the actual exploit as much as the news, sadly.. Will this 5.00 exploit be made public or will this exploit also be kept secret? Only time will tell as no details about a potential release has been stated at this point. About the exploit itself its only a userland webkit exploit that is being shown, so this means it will still require a kernel exploit to be like open in the same sense as 1.76. qwertyoruiop also states he has found a bug to exploit the kernel in v5.00, but has not did the exploiting of the bug quite yet. While this is exciting news and great work by the hacker. I would caution about getting too excited because this has the potential of never being released like the work in 4.XX previously detailed, but things are moving for the Ps4 so who knows....
Following the released ports of Zelda ROTH (Return of the Hylian) & Zelda Oni Link's Begin for Vita/Pstv, the third port comes to the community from developer usineur with the release of Zelda Time to Triumph to complete the three game trilogy of the fan-made created series that extends the story of Zelda from Vincent Jouilat's perspective, This is a welcome port to the Vita as it serves as great editions to the ealier work of both usineur and Rinnegatamante.
Maybe one of the small plugins indispensable for adrenaline 6, we're talking about the plugin released in the past by Codestation on PSP called HUD. This plugin shows some basic information directly on the main screen of the eCFW Adrenaline and in real time during a game like; FPS, CPU / BUS speed & CPU usage,CPU speed notification, Battery status (percentage), Local time. In addition to displaying screen information, this plugin can: change CPU speed, Change the various positions on the screen (cpu / fps etc) & Change the various combo buttons
Developer BenMitnicK has once again released another interesting MOD for VitaShell. This release will install over VitaShell (official) if you have it installed on your exploited PS Vita (PSTV), adding various new additions to VitaShell. In this release there is alot of additions and inclusion of other homebrew tools/apps that were standalone apps such as VitaForcast , Vitaident, NetProfileCheck are just a few new inclusions that have added those features directly into VitaShellMOD with this unofficial version of The original project orginally by developer TheFlow.. Also in this mod various Cosemtic changes were also made with this release.All details of v1.75 of VitaShellMOD can be seen in the release notes directly from the Dev.
Developer Arkanite has been working on a huge project called PC Link, in early September we covered some of the initial development and the idea behind the project that aims to allow use and stream your PC to a ps vita / pstv. Since our previous news there has been a few progress reports from the developer As the reports detail a few intriguing features that will be apart of this powerful Vita homebrew. Game Library is a feature many will absolutely find useful as shown in the screenshot is a coverflow style menu for choosing your PC games to stream (via your local network) and play on your Vita or PsTv powered by HENkaku. There is currently not a public build yet, the creator is on with more information about the build and updates to the public & supporters by patreon.​
Developer gdljjrod (of ONElua) has announced the latest updates to Adrenaline Bubbles Manager that the ONElua team has published with the recent release of v3.08 that was followed by a small update of v3.09 that was released earlier today. In 3.08 various options and improvements were introduced with v3.09 bring added support for iso,cso, & pbp support. In the details provided below you will find easy to consume instructions with additional details about these recent updates brought to you by the ONElua Team. Another great homebrew powered by ONElua.
Earlier in the week PS3 developer deank made a small change to the sMAN plugin with an update that promotes the project to version 1.12. In previous version of the sMAN (plugin based off deank's original webMAN with new features not to be confused with Aldostools webMAN MOD (which is also a great plugin choice as well) ) In sMAN PS2 ISO (not bin+cue) were only supported during Scanning. While some members in the psx-place forum though this could be a bug developer deank clarifies the situation by stating " It is not really a bug, because sMAN only supports PS2 games in ISO format but not BIN + CUE. That's why it does not find the game during the scan " so the developer has now added support to Scan also your PS2 games in BIN + CUE format. If you have not gave this plugin a try yet, the Slaunch Interface is one of the biggest cosmetic difference you will see compare to deank's original webMAN.​
[UPDATED (See below) : Original Article >>Last week as we posted in The FEED (psx-place's Secondary News Page) about a new Tertis Clone powered by the Vita port of Lua Plus Player (lpp-vita) for HENkaku enabled devices (vita/pstv). Since the initial release of Tetronimo, developer svennd has been busy polishing this early port, evolving into a really enjoyable & polished Tetris Clone. As you see from our previous announcement (in the "The Feed" ) several updates have been made, some of the additions include a brand new interface, High Score Support & various other additions & elements to make this an enjoyable release. Changelogs & details have been included about Tetronimo, the dev is also seeking feedback as well as feature request so be sure to drop a line in the comments
Developer bigboss (psxdev) has been diving in deep on the PS4 of late, the dev recently blogged about the PSVR reversing to open the headset for additional platforms, but on the PS4 a small building block was introduced! In the form of a library for 2D Graphics for homebrew devs called liborbis, its early but a start to something that hopefully evolves overtime, As mentioned in my opinions of the PS4 1.76 exploit, bigboss also showed off a Simple PoC Homebrew running on the PS4, the video can be seen below. So progress is being made and shows why v1.76 is a good window for development and hopefully this progresses well by time we see a public exploit for a current firmware.​