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The latest 4.81 CFW release has appeared, as developer @Alexander makes an update to his FERROX-COBRA CFW. Including the latest advancements presented in Cobra v7.50 released earlier in the month here at by habib. So far we have 4.81 STARBUCKS , 4.81 REBUG REX and now 4.81 FERROX using the latest Cobra payload. Also this release comes with a mod installer for installing several slight mods to the firmware.​
As i have mentioned previously in the Ps2ident news, the PlayStation 2 community is still very active these days and more proof of that arises as developer nokiajavi has updated Android version of Jlojch to version 2.13. With this ps2 utility you can see the list of games comparability with HDLoader, USBetreme, ESR, Open PS2 Loader & PCSx2. Jlojch also comes in the form of a PC tool as well, more details can be seen in the source link​
PlayStation 2 developer @sp193 did not just provide a recent update to the PS2 HDD Checker but also the PlayStation 2 Identification Tool (PS2Ident). This app works by dumping the PS2 ROM chips and MECHACON NVRAM and takes that data to identify different aspects about your console. Another great tool and update from the PS2 Community that is still very much active in 2017.​
Following the update to ArtemisPS3 Developer @haxxxen has made a recent update to MFW builder, a tool originally developed by Kakaroto and has been maintained and added to by other developer thorghout the years such as Toolboy and haxxxen has also been a big contributor of the project and that cotinues with this latest update. Checkout all the details of this CFW (aka MFW) tool update from haxxxxen in the details provided
PS2 developer @sp193 who is one of the driving forces behind PS2 development and responsible for many contributions in the PS2 community, now has an update to one of the devs popular utility for the PlayStation 2. PS2 HDD Checker v0.941 has been made available on the projects official page, Test the health of your PS2 HDD with this easy to use utility from SP193's collection.
Recently we have seen updates for couple of XMB Mods from @DeViL303, the first update was to XMBPD (XMB Package Downloader), this the XMB mod that adds an integrated Homebrew Store directly into the XMB, with lots of content and additional features such as installing pkgs on the fly. Then the optional addon for webMAN MOD, the webMAN Launchpad gives user's an alternative way of loading games from the XMB. There is no better way then to just give the video demos a look that is provided for these mods, along with all details of these recent updates.​
Game Mod developer @Grim Doe who you know from various game mods such as some os his famous ones done in Mortal Kombat 9 over the years. but the dev is back with a RTM (Real Time Modding) Tool for Sigularity. View all the features and what this tool can offer in the details provided by Grim Doe

An unofficial update to ArtemisPS3 for better 4.81 Custom Firmware Support & Fixes was recently released, the project originally ported to the PS3 by Dnawrkshp has seen other developer such as Aldostools and now haxxxen provide some unofficial support over the lifespan of the project that is a great Cheat System for PS# CFW user's in this update MAMBA users will be pleased to know 4.81 MAMBA (& MambaAutoloader) has been added to the system. Additional information about this update can be seen in the details and links provided.
Seems RetroArch Vita will have a Nintendo 64 (n64) emulator soon and reports suggest it's running Super Mario 64 at full speed with sound already surpassing the PSP emulator in its first incarnation. There are even talks of the Dolphin EMU core right around the corner. Move over PS3 seems the PSTV is kicking your butt.

N64 emulation has long been a dream for the PS3 but with the Cell architecture porting is not an easy task without significant re-writes to an emulation geared specially for the system (ps3). However the Vita & PlayStation TV things are stacking up differently, while still a challenge it's appearing its a much more reasonable task to achieve as we witness this unfolding.
Since @aldostools was nice enough to include this feature in the official builds of webMAN MOD, here is simple guide how to use extracted SingStar PS2 backups on SingStar PS3 version using the mount_ps2 webMAN MOD command.

Personally I am using the mount_ps2 command, not sure if mount.ps2 does the same now. I will update wMM this weekend, currently still have 1.43.36 installed but it should work on the latest version unless aldo removed or edited this feature again.