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While there is already some work-in-progress for a PS4 Emulator, there is still a lot of to accomplish when speaking about emulating PlayStation 3 Game Titles on your Personal Computer. But even with it's complicated CPU architecture, the Team behind RPCS3 keeps this challenge updated by showcasing their newest achievements about PS3 Emulation with more and more Game Titles compatible via their Emulator. And with their newest Progress Report for March 2018, it is still impressive to see that they can get more and more Game Titles playable by each month.​

@TheDarkprogramer has recently released a couple of new utilities for the PS4, these will end up being must have for many PS4 user's. The first tool released was the PARAM SFO Editor, which is a useful utility for editing aspects of your pkg files, you can learn more about this file type over at the >> ps4devwiki,

The developer also released a PS4 version of a PS2 Classic GUI, so creating Custom PS2 Classic pkgs of your own for your exploited PS4 has now become much easier thanks for this tools.The developer plans for additional updates, so feedback is welcome in regards to your experience using the tools and new features/idea's that could be implemented.
Maybe you are one of those older people who still can remember that - instead of Reverse Engineering with some Software inside each Operating System to install a Custom Firmware (CFW) - you had to take apart half of the console by soldering a "tiny little piece of additional hardware" only to get Homebrews and Backups running on your older PlayStation consoles. Not only this was way more harder to accomplish compared to "todays standards" by installing a CFW or using a Webkit exploit to get full control of your PlayStation consoles, it was mainly created for older PlayStation Hardware with mostly one goal only - which was sad enough - Piracy. But Today, Developer @_AlAzif announced "his own intepretation about a modchip for the PS4", which will help you for using the latest webkit exploits without dismantling the whole console and without any need to host some exploit files on your home server or exploiting them via the Internet.​
The abilities for PS3xploit (v3) HAN continues to progress, this time around a simple XMB Mod that adds a new function into the XMB's "User" Category. As seen in the image included a new entry of "Restart System" has been added and when you select the icon it will restart the PS3 without a Conformation. Making a Restart that much faster and easier from the XMB. A long-time XMB MOD from CFW is now brought to PS3 HAN user's,

HAN Toolbox (The Unofficial Companion for PS3Xploit HAN) has been updated to version 0.4 by project creator's @DeViL303 and @pink1 who also recently updated PKG Linker to version 2.0, which is another great release by the two XMB Modding devs. In this update to the Toolbox support for the recent Ps3Xploit Tool releases are now easily available from withing the XMB Mod. No better way to explain this mod then to see it in action and thanks to the video the devs prepared you can see all the new changes and extra details by watching and seeing for yourself.
While many Developers concentrates for finding the newest and latest exploits for the PS4, PSX-Place's own Developer @esc0rtd3w is still not tired with the PS3, especially not with the capability of changing several files and functions via PS3 HAN. And before you think it's only one new (boring) tool he is showcasing, he published a whole set of five tools, for replacing several.SELF.Files in several directories, such as for the internal PS1/PS2/PSP Emulator or for the internal BD Player and for many more. It is great to see that with all the latest and newest in PS4 Hacking, the PS3 is still a thing, especially when there are Developers like @esc0rtd3w, who still works on them, even on the latest Official System Firmware (OFW).​
Developer @SpecterDev published a write-up on his GitHub repo about the latest PS4 Kernel Exploit on System Firmware 4.55. But as you may already recognized from the Title of this News, he explains at his write-up that this mentioned Kernel Exploit is not only convenient for the PS4 itself - it could be also useful for other console platforms using FreeBSD in general, which sounds very interesting. This great write-up also shows how the PS4's System Firmware is running on FreeBSD in general and how the Developers behind the PS4 (didn't) tried to made this System secured from exploiting it.
The new PKG Linker is here, we both put a lot of time and effort into this project, so we hope you get many hours of happy use out of it. Within a few days of the release @DeViL303 and I (pink1) started working on an update for PKG Linker v1. After seeing all of the server problems in v1 we built v2 around a Modular copy of Uniform Server. The project has been completely rebuilt, with new features including:
Developer LMAN aka leecherman is back with a fantastic new tool called PS4PKGViewer. This small utility for the PS4 is a tool to view PS4 Package Structure of any ps4 pkg file which is useful for obtaining various Info. about the file. Additional details of this update (v1.2) can be viewed in changelog for information.
OpenPs3FTP developer @jjolano is back with a new EXPERIMENTAL release of the FTP Server for PS3 Custom Firmware . The release comes in the form of a Homebrew PKG (CEX & REX ) and also in the form of a background running Plugin (sprx) for Cobra/Mamba setup's.. This release as mention is experimental as it contains "multithreading support" which should increase performance on your system but due to this change there could be some stability issues in the early adoption of this new feature, Report any issues and also improvements your experiencing using this release from the dev. The developer has already made two quick update adding better stability in R2 /. R3. So with time and the communities help of feedback, we should keep seeing this improve with more updates to become a stable feature with of course better performance thanks to multithreading support.​