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SilcaAndPina has been on a roll of late releasing various utilities and tools for HENkaku exploited PS Vita's (& pstv), Today the dev stops by the forums to drop off the latest release details of the frontend (GUI) for Team molecule's psvimgtools. In psvimgtools-frontend v0.4 MacOS support debuts, but note this an early beta version, so be sure to leave some feedback if you are using that build. Version 0.4 has brought a variety of changes to the tool that is used for decrptying & extracting ,psvimg files, which are your PS Vita (or pstv) backup files. For additional details about this update and this release checkout all details provided.

We all are a fan of TheFlow's VitaShell but other developer's have tinkered with the source code to add some additions to VitaShell, this release called VitaShellMod (v1.61) comes to us by developer @BenMitnicK, in this latest updated to this very functional and useful vita homebrew comes alot new additions and changes. There is a variety of features you will not find in the original build of VitaShell, so give this a try and see if you enjoy the extra additions nd provide some feedback for the developer in the comments below as well.​
Here was a very informative video that some of you may of seen I re-tweeted on the psx-place twitter the other day, after seeing libretro re-tweeting, this video shows how you can get the max out of your PlayStation 1 Emulation experience. In this video by Simply Austin we see RetroArch (PC version) which shows some of the latest and new advancements that make emulating the iconic PS1 very sexy.. Give it a look and tell us if you have tricks you use on RetroArch (any platform) in the comments below:​
PS VITA / PS TV idstorage dumper released
The very informative @zecoxao has a new released tool for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV Community. With this new plugin zecoxao now has a utility that is designed to dump idstorage leafs to ux0:dump. The release comes in the form of a plugin and is easy to setup, checkout the details and examples (wiki link at bottom) for all the details surrounding this small utility.
Developer cnsldv has a solution for unlocking your memory cards. When inserting a memory card from a >3.60 Vita in your HENkaku Vita you get the "You must update" dialog. This homebrew mounts the card in a way that isn't checked, deletes the file and unmounts again. On reboot the Vita thinks it's a new card and it passes the check. Only works on PS Vita Slim models and also PlayStation TV (Vita TV) , also needs to run HENkaku without a card inserted.​
PS VIta / PlayStation TV developer Rinnegatamante comes through with a simple solution for a big problem to some PlayStation TV (Vita TV) user's who may be using an external audio components that may drop the signal when there is no audio signal making it a bit of annoying process for some user's ,so the solution to emit a low level audio to keep these devices connected. Its a simple release that may not be useful to everyone but its something that could be an extreme need for your setup, checkout the release quote for details from the developer.
Moonlight Vita Port has been updated recently by d3m3vilurr to version 0.2.0 in this vpk for HENkaku, the Game Streaming Utility now has support for the more recent vitasdk, plus a few other enchantments are seen in the update logs . For those of you who are unfamiliar what this project is all about, its a useful port of Moonlight (official page) for PS Vita & PlayStation TV (Vita Port) user's (using HENkaku on FW 3.60) and have access to a NVIDIA GameStream compatible PC on your local network, which then allows for Streaming of Games and App from your PC to other devices and your vita/pstv with this port. If you meet the requirements its a great Remote Play type of feature for your PC to your Henkaku enabled device​
Ive been using this emulator for Minecraft :Elite Edition Tools development and i have not seen anything about it here. This is the only legitimate PS3 emulator and i feel the dev's behind the project need more recognition for their work. Alot of AAA title do not run, But just as any other emulator they are making breakthrough's all the time. You can checkout the latest progress and previous reports within the official blog (link at bottom of article) if you have not already been keeping a steady eye on this project. Also, donate if you can, it helps the developers to make progress:.
Following the release of the utility AppManager Plus, that the ONELua team released themselves rjust a couple of days ago, has now also released an update to the interpreter itself ONElua progressing to version 3.1 (v3r1) with a variety of new functions that can be seen in the release notes included, that also details a few fixes to round out this new update, that is for sure worth checking out if you plan on creating some LUA homebrew projects in the future..
cnsldv has released MediaImporter for your PS Vita /PS TV, this homebrew utility will import MP4 format videos to the Vita's Video Application, this importer is great because you do not need to use CMA or QCMA to import Video's, the developer behind the project has said if there is interest from others, he could work on doing the same with Music and Photo's. So give this and go and leave the developer some comments about this project that makes things a bit easier.​