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Following the previous update to Project Void from developer Akabane87, we have seen an extensive changes that includes a vast amount of changes, making this one step (of the many) closer to a complete game and this homebrew project is really impressive as Project Void put you in a dogfight in space with your ship against the elements. This update brings alot of new elements so give this new vpk a go and also read the "Latest Update" tab for all the details of this update. Also view what is currently playable and operational within Project Void.​
We have seen some cool Homebrew Stores for Console's like the PS3 such as DeViL303's XMBPD, we seen for the Vita, and an app that supported the website but sadly we have not seen that resource updated very well with homebrew, but Vita Homebrew Browser from developer Devnoname120 has most homebrew and is a really great looking homebrew store. Simply browse, choose & download and then it installs to the LiveArea of either your PS Vita or PlayStation TV. That simple for user's already running the Henkaku exploit. A good thing the store does provide some information about the release, which the devs plans to add additional details for the releases as well, among other future plans details in the release notes.​
As the GekiHEN Contest is winding down developer's such as The Suicidal Robot is submitting exciting projects. This developer contribution to that claim comes in the form of a new Homebrew Game for Henkaku called Galactic Federation, this game is not complete quite yet ,as the dev labels this build an early sample. The game's setting is an Action Sci-Fi RPG, so it has a great storyline with four classes to choose from, so checkout it out and leave the developer some feedback on this creative RPG.
Following up on the Vita Net Profile Check utility recently released by developer @Joel16, the dev has another project that he was working on is the latest entries to the GekiHEN Contest that is entry date expires at the end of today (EST Time) which a live counter can be seen in our forums for a precise time. VITAForecast as developer Joel16 gave psx-place members a sneak peak a couple days ago, this weather app is now released, digging its weather info from and brings the data in this HENkaku homebrew for both the PS Vita and PlayStation TV devices.​
Here is another way to view TXT document on your PS Vita / PlayStation TV (devices running Henkaku) as developer pathway27 releases to the GekiHEN Contest, with the entries submission period ending at midnight tonight (EST), . Bookr Mod Vita was based originally on Bookr & bookr-Mod for the PSP, but pathway brings this release to Henkaku and it is a very useful utility.​
Developer @Joel16 who has created various projects such as CyanogenPSP & VitaIndent, is back with new utility that is a very simple release and is essentially an extension to VitaIdent, this utility is called Vita Net Profile Check. Its simply will display the passwords of WiFi Networks you have been connected to, so could be handy in some situations for user's. Note that the developer also has a new project that he has previewed and release should be soon as VitaForecast should see a release soon, additional details can be soon here as the dev details some screenshots and feature list.​
BasiliskII is a WIP emulator port to the PS VIta / PlayStation TV by developer meetpatty, this release is a 68k Macintosh emulator (Mac Classic or a Mac II emu). The port is based on the work that Chilly Willy did on the PSP port but this releases come in the way of a vpk installable for HENkaku user's (on fw 3.60). Included is information about the port it-self and also Vita Specif Information that the dev has provided in this Work In Progress initial release of this new emulator keeping more Retro System & Platforms alive with the power of emulation :)
Here is new utility that is a welcome sight to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV community as developer Arkanite releases VitaPad++ (which do not get confused with VitaPad which is a completely different app with different functions). This text-editor with tons of functionality is a handy tool but developer has packed alot of additional functionality and features that makes this such a great utility even for developers who might want to edit / review and source code on the go, There is already great features but also see the roadmap and it should serve as a great addition to he Henkaku Library of homebrew . Additional details of this latest GekiHEN Contest Entry, note as of writing this news we have 1 day and about 12 hours (counter in our forum) until the deadline for submitted entries.
UPDATE v1.61 (03/18/2017): Small update to provide several fixes
(03/17/2017): The much anticipated release of VitaShell v1.60 that contains USB Mass Storage Support for the PlayStationTV (PSTV) aka VitaTV has been released. Also announced is the winner of the VitaShell Theme Competition, with the new theme available in this update. This update provides some additional tweaks and cleanup as PSTV user's will no longer have to see the battery indicator going forward from v1.60. This AIO File Manager for the Vita & PSTV continues to pack in creditable functionality for HENkaku users on Vita firmware 3.60. The full details of this update and also a history of logs has been provided along with some additional details from creator and developer of VitaShell, TheFlow.​
Here is a new release for the PlayStation 3 CFW Community by developer Berion, The popular mod (XMBM+) that gave the XMB tons of new functionality to the XMB Has now been updated with features and changes that are optimized for 2017, so the dev has dubbed this unofficial release XMB Manager Plus 2017 or simply XMBM+ 2k17. Release details and a tons of screenshots can be seen in the included details provide.​