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While the Research for "PS2 Emulaton on PS4" is still in progress showing that there are already a lot of old "PS2 Classics compatible through Emulation", it seems that the officials from Sony (Interactive Entertainment America LLC) have their own research on how to present Backwards Compatibility for the future, according to their latest patent application.

While the PS3 itself saw a lot of achievements in the past regarding 4.82 exploit(s) - "there will be more, don't worry :P" - the great Team behind RPCS3 were showcased as usual their latest monthly Progress Report for February. It's incredible to see that more and more Game Titles getting playable through Emulation for each month and in general - it's incredible to see that there are people still working on the PS3 and trying to emulate the such tough-programmed CELL B.E. processor together with the RSX Graphics Synthesizer (they really deserve your "Thumbs Up").

Following up after TheFloW mentioned that he has achieved "user and kernel access" on PSVita's newest System Firmware 3.67 and highlighted a port of Ensō for System Firmware 3.65, he announced via his own Twitter-Account that he was able to successfully port Ensō for System Firmware 3.65.
This is some exciting PS4 Homebrew News, arguably one of the top PS3 homebrew "multiMAN by developer deank" looks to be making an appearance on the PS4 soon. While the developer behind the project none other then deank himself does state it will be different experiance then the PS3's version. Deank, who brought us PS3 multiMAN (App), webMAN / S-MAN (Plugins) as just a few of the projects the developer developed on the previous generation (among many other scene contributions), looks to join in on the PS4 with his recent purchase of a 4.55 PS4, Recently developer deank seen the PS4 Exploit Coverage here on psx-place and then sought out looking for a console and well then before you know it, the developer had these screenshot​
Here is an XMB MOD for the upcoming PS3Xploit v3, as we wait patiently the developer's on the Ps3Xploit Team continue working hard to polish up various elements to v3 of the exploit that is tailored to PS3 3k Models + (NoN-CFW Compatible Ps3 Console's). As the official PS3Xploit Team continues their work ps3 developer's @DeViL303 & @pink1 have a new XMB feature for OFW 4.82 once the exploit (v3) is Released, The XMB as shown in the included video allows you to download demo version of the games, just simple demo downloads without having to enter and navigate through the PS Store, Very user-friendly​
Following the v3 Recent Preview we are aware there has been another leak of Ps3Xploit we must warn about this leak that surfaced a couple times already. IT'S POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TO INSTALL, while some may not have any issues installing, some may experience some rather serious issues, this is a very early Proof of Concept build and was NEVER intended to be released in the current form. It's not stable and missing alot of checks and features (its a simple PoC). Its possible you could even damage your console, especially if used wrong as the instructions are not official ones from the developer's who built the hack. The leaked files were recovered due to a breached account of one of the dev (similar (but different) to v1 leak), so the leakers do not even know what they quite have or seem to care if they may be putting others at risk. NO NEED TO INSTALL INCOMPLETE DAMAGING VERSION when the Real Version due out very SOON.

PSX-Place will be the first to know when this is READY (and i did get a new status update) and it for sure will be released in March and it might even be early March at that. So ABSOLUTELY no need to risk your PS3 by installing the leaked version that was stolen from the team. Thankfully some place have removed the leak, while other's have promoted it. Something dangerous should never be promoted.​
We seen a Homebrew Media Player finally appear on the VITA / PSTV but another really impressive project this time around by developer fgsfds called vitaXash3D has popped up this past week as well, In the recent months we have seen vitaQuake use Hardware-Accelerated rendering (VitaGL) which has greatly improved the graphical experience and soon to be vitaQuake 2 (details), but now a new engine has arrived as it appears on the Vita for the first time The Open Source Engine (Xash3d-FWGS Engine) that aims to improve the original GoldSrc Engine, which is the engine that powers those iconic Retro Shooters Half-Life & Counter-Stike, unfortunately at this time Counter-Strike is not supported with this port, but perhaps that changes in the future... However Half-Life (if you own the game) & many mods are performing very well on your PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Vita TV), so this is really cool project and a great shooter that was really ahead of its time when it originally was released. Any Half-Life Fans here at psx-place, if not and are a fan of first person shooters you have to check this out it pioneered many elements still used today games, then the many mods really expand the playablity.​
UPDATE: RELEASED See the News Coverage >>>>> HERE <<<<<
What a journey it has been in hacking the PlayStation 3 despite all the progress the community has made over the years, there has been those NoN-CFW Compatible PS3's (SuperSlim and some later Slim Models) unable to join the party on system hacks/homebrew to make most of their PS3 Hardware While CFW is not a likely option to ever happen on those models, the hole in 4.81/2 provided by PS3Xploit has brought some hope to hacks on those models as it provides a window for hackers/developers to explore. As the PS3Xploit team continues their exploration on the PS3 they have stumbled on some good news and also some bad news. The bad news is that the team still has not solved the Homebrew hurdle for those models :( and is proving to be a tall task that may not be achieved, but let me follow that up with some really
exciting news, as the team has made yet another great discovery and this time around it's for SuperSlims (& late Slims) while no native Homebrew Support has been achieved as mentioned, there is some other interesting hacks that make those models more desirable with some great new features!!!!
PS4 developer valentinbreiz has released PS4 Linux Loader for 4.55 FW, this release is a payload that will allow user's to install Linux on your 4.55 (Exploited) PS4, last week we seen several hacks that have been patched on current firmware released by various scene developer's, coming in pieces from a variety of devs, you can get a summary of events that took place in this article from several days ago, but Ps4 Linux was one of the first developed projects on the PS4, Team Fail0verflow has had many elements of their linux port polished and is worth installing if you have a exploited PS4. Using the Steam App on the PS4 is even possible which opens the door to some additional playable games. PS4 linux does open the door to many uses and functions. Have you used Linux on the PS4. tell us your experiences in the comments below​
Developer Arkanite has a NEW - Work in Progress homebrew called Vita Media Center, which is a very welcome addition to the Vita library of Henkaku Homebrew. This is an early build of the homebrew and hopefully will see many improvements as this initial release looks great and no doubt has alot of potential. This is early in the project's life so there is some bottlenecks and restrictions, but the developer already laid out some plans for improving various components . Currently the videos support surrounds Vita's native Mp4 formats, as this progresses we are hopeful to see additional formats supported for this amazing new project by Arkanite.​