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Following the recent work from vita developer qwikrazor87 who has done some great work with ARK has now released "ARK 3.60 Auto Boot pboot", this release makes launching your PSP Games and brew much easier, from the convenience of the LiveArea. You will have edit your own packages so hopefully we see some other developer's create some tools to automate this process a bit, but its not very hard either. Checkout the release quote from the developer:​
If you have not heard of sMAN already. its a new plugin from legendary developer deank. sMAN combines webMAN (vanilla) and recently developed sLaunch feature (that was a separate plugin complementing webMAN). So what is the difference between webMAN & sMAN, sMAN provides a UI experiance for changing games on the XMB, as seen in the ScreenShot provided directly from the XMB you will be greeted with this new way to mount a game. Prefer the original way? Then deank still has you covered with his original webMAN plugin as well. This update provides a new "Setup" option in the side menu and also completely does away with the "My Games" entry on the XMB and to launch the sMAN (slaunch feature) simple hold the START button on your dualshock controller to launch this new UI from the XMB. See full details in deank's release quote
We told you earlier in the week of the Competition VitaShell developer TheFlow was holding and the winner will be used as the official theme for VitaShell in the future. As TheFlow is seeking a new fresh look to the popular Vita /PsTV Homebrew that has evolved quite a bit since its introduction back with the Rejuvenate exploit was the excitement in the Vita Scene. So, A fresh new eye-candy is well over due for this homebrew, many have already answered the call and you can see some of those designs in this post, plus get moving on your theme submissions as the window is closing fast (very fast on the 19th). . ​
I noticed that last month PS2 developer danielb updated OPL Manager to v18, This PC Utility is a great tool for maximizing your Game Library for OPL (Open Ps2 Loader). Various features will allow you to manage things such as fixing / changing ISO file names, Downloading Game Covers, Disc Covers & ScreenShots (in batch or individual), Edit Cheat files and various other functions In v18 the dev has done alot since the previous update of v17, OPL Simulator is a new feature that is now accessible in the "Tools Menu" and its purpose is to emulate OPL on the PC, Splines of game covers now have support alot of other additions and improvements can be seen listed in the v18 Release Notes

Well just days ago I reported on an update to this useful application. Seems another has been pushed via the devs github bringing it up to v1.05 now with a few fixes and added features mentioned below. While the activation of a system hasn't been added (yet but that is because ePSP Bubble Installer 2.0 source isn't public yet) I am sure it is right around the corner. Till then the app seems to offer some really great additions as well as bug fixes seen below.
PS Now is a streaming service by Sony which allows subscribers to stream PS3 games to their Sony consoles and the PC. However sad news awaits as on August 15th the PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation TV, All Samsung TV models, All Sony Blue-ray models, and all Sony Bravia TV models before 2015. Sony Bravia TVs 2016 models will be discontinued on April 1st 2017.This indeed is bad news for owners of those devices, and likely will decrease PlayStation Now memberships, as this decision will affect many user's. Which makes little sense for this "thoughtful consideration" to even occur, as the point of a digital service is to support as many device possible, not axe most of thme,
Want to buy a PS4? Think it's too expensive? Well now is your chance to buy a cheaper PS4! That's right February 12th through February 25th Sony is dropping the prices of bundles to $250. It is just the Slim PS4 bundle prices being dropped unfortunately. I have no clue as to what firmware these bundles are on that you can research into yourself. Additionally the Switch is coming out March 3rd in the U.S for $300 so this move by Sony seems reasonable to possibly steal some purchases from Nintendo.

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 Bundle and the Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle are the two bundles at the cheaper price of $250. Additionally if you order the exclusive Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 Bundle in Glacier White through Walmart ( you also get the $250 price promotion
Ukko's Journey was developed originally for cellphones back in 2008/2009 by LuBlu Entertainment. In 2017 the team decided to port the game to Blu-Play. Developer misthalu says this is a proof-of-concept demonstration to show what is possible with Blu-Play. Blu-Play games are "small-scale homebrew games coded with Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), and which therefore runs on any game-console that comes with a built-in Blu-ray player", which at present time includes PS3, PS4 and XB1. In other words, you don't need a special version of a Blu-Play title in order to run it on your console. One disc runs on all.​
As seen in this thread here a save editor was destined to be released for PS4 without the need for kexploit. Now while that thread's tweet and this tool aren't related I can't be sure of, I am guessing not. Just stating so that the creator of that thread doesn't yell at me. A Japanese company known as "Cyber Gadget" has shown off on their website a release for a tool called the CYBER save edit. This is a PC program that allows you to edit save files for the PS4. They claim this tool works on the PS4 Phat/Slim and the PS4 Pro. They did not however state if there was a firmware limit. As for buying this tool a single user license is 7,800 yen (68 USD), I am not sure why, but if you want to buy a three user license it will cost a whopping 14,800 yen (130 USD).
So have you ever wanted to compile your own Vita homebrew? As we all know of the "brickers" out there, well zecoxao has updated the all to useful SDK again based off Estwald's PSDK3v2. This way you know your system is safe as you made the homebrew yourself. Best of all PSX-Place's own Super Mod @kozarovv has provided a nifty guide to getting setup and using this all to simple SDK. Various tools are included: curl, vtasdk, vita_portlibs,ftpvita,vita2d, psp2link, & debugnet to round out the included tools. See full details on this information and links included. And a big thanks to our Admin @STLcardsWS as well as I am sure he knows why after seeing this as I borrowed some from him on this new post.​