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An unofficial update has made its way for CCCheater (a project originally by Barthen) , with the release of CCCheaterX by darkxex which now supports 4.81 CFW with some additional function and abilities added to the real-time cheater that utilizes CCAPI. View the details of the latest unofficial update plus the original readme from the project.​
PS VITA / PS TV VITAident v0.7.2 by Joel16
Developer Joel16 is back with a recent update to VITAident, with new version of both the GUI edition and the classic Standard version. VITAident is a homebrew application that is capable of running on both the PS Vita & PlayStation TV devices (running HENkaku on 3.60 FW) and provides a vast amount of information of our devices such as VITA CID & PSID, Motherboard, CEX/DEX Unit, ARM, BUS and GPU clock frequency are just a few of the features that reside in this useful utility.
We know news has been light on the mainpage itself (last couple weeks), but we are still gathering and keeping everyone informed of the scene releases in "The Feed" a new section created that has replaced the Member News Submission and also our own internal news forums where we would prepare news articles .The biggest reason for this change is to simply bring news faster to all, no need to wait for the full article before being notified / discussing the release, When we see something interesting we will post it directly here and we hope ALL members help us with this as well. Post a simple link or a even full articles if you choose to help the community with a small or big contribution to The Feed .​
Rinnegatamante who is no doubt one of the most active developer's in the Vita Community and recent winner of the GekiHEN Contest with his RinCheat plugin, now has another release for PS Vita / PlayStation TV users (using Henkaku Exploit on 3.60). TurboPad which provides rapid-fire functionality to a new plugin that will allos you to give any button the ability to rapidfire, Additional details & usage of this plugin can be found in the dev's release quote.​
Checkout this TaiHEN plugin from developer Rinnegatamante as he also releases this plugin recently, this plugin is only for PS Vita devices as it disable the RearTouchpad of the handheld device. So obviously not much use on the TV counterpart the PlayStationTV as it lacks a RearTouchpad, however you can achieve front touchpad support on a PSTV with a DualShock 4 Controller. but for that annoyance of pressing it on some games Rinnegatamante has a solution to that problem​
The GekiHEN Contest has come to a close and with 39 total entries that were accepted, we believe it was a very successful contest with a great variety of homebrew thanks to the developer's who took part in the event. Now the time has finally came for us to announce the 4 Winner entries. As Best Homebrew Game / Emu & Port / Utility / Plugins have been determined, There was no doubt some tough decisions had to be made from everyone who carried a vote. As I honestly believe multiple projects had legitimate shots at being the winners in most categories, however this is a contest and there can only be one winner crowned from each catagory, so lets get to it and finally reveal the winners of the GekiHEN Homebrew Contest brought to you by ,, &
You know when there is an update for ManaGunZ, your more then likely in store for alot of great changes. While updates can have bigger gaps them some releases developer Zar always deliver's lots of new progress and features with each update, This PS3 Homebrew for CFW user;s continues to evolve into a great PS3 Backup manager (aka AIO Homebrew), ManaGunZ has many unique features and this updates add some great new additions. Such as adding a PS2 CONFIG editor, PS2 Widescreen Options, A Plugin Manager has also surfaced from this update, Then also Zip extration has been added to the file manager within ManaGunZ. Plus tons of additional changes that can be seen in full release notes for this update by developer @Zar
As psx-place's own @kozarovv informed us the other day in the NEW section here "The Pulse" we learned of the upcoming changes to 6.61 Adrenaline-3 , which will unlock the power of the on board PSP emulator for your Vita devices with this powerful eCFW that now has full PS1 Support with the ability to launch PS1 Games from the XMB and does have full sound support . This makes Adrenaline a much more complete eCFW for HENkaku enabled devices on 3.60.​
Following the release of VITAforecast developer @Joel16 has another release to share as the dev has unleashed a new Game Port for Vita Devices on 3.60 (Running the HENkaku Exploit). PickrVITA is a port of Pickr3DS which is obviously comes from the Nintendo 3DS, Great to see these small mini games on homebrew enabled devices, while simple they still are loads of fun, checkout this latest homebrew release from Joel16 who has brought us various homebrew applications such as VITAforcast, VITAindent, Vita Net Profile Check, CyanogenPSP as some of the recent release from this developer.
Developer's devnoname120 & arkanite have recently updated the Vita Homebrew Browser (VHBB) to version v0.8. The Homebrew Store for your HENkaku enabled PS Vita or PlayStation TV [Vita TV] makes picking out and downloading your Homebrew a breeze. View the large library of homebrew that the Vita Community has to offer and this app will download and install VPK and will be ready to play (in most cases, some apps may require additional installation). .​