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We know news has been light on the mainpage itself (last couple weeks), but we are still gathering and keeping everyone informed of the scene releases in "The Feed" a new section created that has replaced the Member News Submission and also our own internal news forums where we would prepare news articles .The biggest reason for this change is to simply bring news faster to all, no need to wait for the full article before being notified / discussing the release, When we see something interesting we will post it directly here and we hope ALL members help us with this as well. Post a simple link or a even full articles if you choose to help the community with a small or big contribution to The Feed .​
PlayStation News PPSSPP v1.3 released
Well known free and open source Playstation Portable emulator PPSSPP is finally updated to version 1.3. Many bugs are squashed, but this is not only bugfix release. This version introducing initial Vulcan API support. Texture replacement support to allow use custom textures and upscaled ones. This should give PPSSPP users many modding possibilities. And should allow to make own "remasters" with better quality textures. Update 1.3 is for now available for Windows, Android, OSX, iOS, and Linux users.
Last week we showed you a bit of news about the rare Nintendo Sony PlayStation (SNES-CD ), as we seen developer's released a a very nice working homebrew game for the system and have a working emulator, but also we told you about a recent Teardown & Repair that Ben Heck was in the process of doing on the Ben Heck Show. At the time there was just the first of the two part edpisode but recently Ben Heck dives into the repair process of the prototype console that is EXTREMELY rare and is a true symbol of gaming history. As this was the launch that really brought Sony to the forefront of the gaming market as we all know the Nintendo and Sony relationship went Sour and the CD add-on for the SNES was a distant dream, but Sony's work as we know it as today did not go to waste
The developers of Universal Media Server (UMS) have released a new version of the DNLA Media Server that supports many devices such as the PS3, PS4, PS Vita and even more devices as seen on the official website. In this release of version 6.2.1 lead developer Subjunk details the changes in the changelog provided but essentially this updates fixes various bugs and also improves support even farther from v6.2.0 for Panasonic & Samsung TVs.
Lead developer Subjunk and his the UMS team have released a new update for Universal Media Server (UMS). This update labeled as v6.2.0 brings new improvements to the DNLA media server with an new and improved web interface feature, Then if you own Samsung (J55xx) or Panasonic (VT60) SmartTVs you will see improved support on those renderers. Also in v6.2.0 a new image overlay for thumbnails replaces the old text ones for some improved eye-candy on this excellent DLNA Media
Here is the next build of PS Multi Tools by SvenGDK. This update addresses a few bugs, one been a null exception error that I had noticed in the previous build. Another change includes tooltips on the icons bottom right of the main window.[break][/break]


PS Multi Tools Version 12.03 Changelog:

  • PS Multi Tools - Fixed: application was still running in the background with no form visible
  • PS3 Library - No more exception when copying no game
  • PS3 Library - Tooltips on icons
  • PS3 Library - Changelogs can now be loaded
  • PS2 Library - No more exception when copying no game
  • PS2 Library - No more exception when extracting no game
  • PS2 Library - No more exception when compressing no game
  • PS2 Library - Tooltips on icons
  • PS2 Library - Changelogs can now be loaded

psmultitoolsps3.gif psmultitoolsps2.gif

The popular steaming app for Windows, Linux and OS X gets another update. Developer SubJunk rolled out version 6.1.0 of Universal Media Server yesterday. The update addresses mostly bugs and further improvements while increasing support for some devices. [break].[/break]Lets take a look.

ums logo new.gif

Changelog: v6.1.0

SvenGDK mentioned a few days ago about a upcoming release of his PS Multi Tools app and after about eleven days here it is. This multi console app, for Windows, has a bunch of features for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. These include signing, modifying, converting, compressing and comparing many PSX file formats. After downloading the latest build from Sven's nicely redone website and installing version 12.0.2 of PS Multi Tools, I did like the surprise addition of the PlayStation 4 option.[break].[/break] This option in the 'select your console' screen is not functional yet but does show that future development is inbound and we can look forward to some PS4 goodies added in future updates.


Features for PS Multi Tools:
PS3 Tools:PS2 Tools:

  • Sign PKG Files
  • Format Large External HDDs in FAT32
  • Modify PARAM.SFO Files
  • Decrypt & Sign EBOOT.BIN Files
  • Compare MD5 Hashes
  • Convert PSX Game to PS3 PKG
  • Convert PS2 Game to PS3 compatible Game
  • Download PS3 Covers
  • Compress or Extract ISO Files

  • Easy SMB Setup to share your ISOs within your Network
  • PAL to NTSC ISO Converter
  • NTSC to PAL ISO Converter
  • Various ELF/ISO Loaders
  • Compress Games into ISO File
  • Extract PS2 ISO Games
  • Format HDD to use with your PS2
  • Download PS2 Covers

Changes and more:
New Features:Bugfixes:

  • ...
I do not know where to start when it comes to news this sad. When a hacker only two years older than I am has passed away. We can remember him when he and his team made the promise that the PlayStation 3 was as hacked as the Wii and they would restore Linux to the PlayStation 3 that Sony took away from us. (aka other OS) Bushing was part of the fail0verflow panel that literally brought us to our knees. Their findings is what has brought us to where we are today. That and what our current developers have brought to the scene is rather remarkable.
Lead Developer Subjunk of UMS (Universal Media Server) & team have released version 6.0.0 of the DLNA Media Sever that is supported by many devices, such as the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita/PSTV for a full list of Supported Devices checkout at the official website. Since the previous updates the UMS team adds the "fully played action" feature, A fix to automatic cover downloads, Accuracy of the Status Tab was greatly improved and various tweaks to improve the performance of the UMS while addressing several bugs[break]gg[/break]. This is an excellent choice for a DLNA Media Server and supports so many devices, if you have not tried this application out you yet what are you waiting for?

Supported Devices
Compare Media Servers
UMS Plugins

  • ...