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PS2 developer @sp193 who is one of the driving forces behind PS2 development and responsible for many contributions in the PS2 community, now has an update to one of the devs popular utility for the PlayStation 2. PS2 HDD Checker v0.941 has been made available on the projects official page, Test the health of your PS2 HDD with this easy to use utility from SP193's collection.
Following the source code release of SCEDoormat_NoME Rel.3 developer @krHACKen also posted another utility for the PS2 Community ID_Dumper. this PS2 ELF will dump iLink IDs, CDVD keys (DNAS & SUD), and the PS2HDD ID and more, View how to use instructions and more information about this development utility from krHACKen.​
The PS2 Development continues as Maximus32 has released Ps2Linux v3.8 , this updates provides a number of changes and improvements such as ethernet speed improvements along with MAC spoofing ablities. Also new changes that have been made to the 3.8 kernel are also back-ported to the 2.6 kernel. Plus additional changes to this recent update to Ps2Linux .​
PS2 Developer krHACKen has dropped by the PSX-Place forums and decided to release the Source Code to one his very useful utility SCEDoormat NoME ( MECHACON emulation) is a DMCA compliant software that allows you to convert an ELF to a FELP file, which then possesses the ability to run from an HDD. Now others can see what this developer states is messy but functional code, checkout all the details about the source code release and also details about latest version of R3 included:
The 1-TeraByte HDD limitation, which had plagued the PS2, has finally been resolved
(The best PS2 news youve heard in years has just arrived)

This will be invaluable when 1TB internal drives disappear from store shelves
Which is closer to becoming a reality than you might think.
Download available at the bottom of this page... Enjoy
I know we will all eventually need this ;) -Thank You SP193
We have been waiting for 8 years, 8 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day for this epic news.
(For those keeping count thats 3,195 days, since SnesStation was last updated.)

This developer deserves all the thanks that our community can muster, folks.
I for one, wont be letting another day go by without testing it out myself.
Download available at the original release thread, or right here.
Now kick back and enjoy some of your old favorites...
New Emulator Updates hit the PS2 Homebrew Community as PS2 developer Jum drops version 2.0 of ColemPS2. The ColecoVision emulator comes with massive improvements as now its been coded to run off CD (making it compatible with OPL ) with an impressive 95% compatibility rate for the ColecoVision library. A huge thanks should go to "UniqueUserName" for drawingup new intrest in this emulator that has improved dramatically. View all the details
PlayStation 2 developer SP193 did not just stop with updating PS2Ident, the developer has also released an update to Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) v1.951, this update like the recent ps2indent updates code for support to the latest PS2SDK revisions. Also fixed USB device support and several other changes are made in this update to FMCB. Also the Installer has matured to v0.971 with a new button legend,
PlayStation 2 developer @sp193 is back with a new update to the PS2 Identification Tool or better wise known as simply PS2Ident, This update pushes the utility to version 0.823 and in this update the developer is supporting the latest PS2SDK revisions, button hints, and improved model detection has been added. View complete changelog and details about his tool
The PlayStation 2 Mechacon Adjustment Program (PMAP) is a tool for maintaining the PlayStation 2 CD/DVD subsystem.
SONY has its own official tools that aid in the maintanence process of their consoles. This program is a clone of their tools.

It offers the following functionality:
  1. EEPROM maintenance and updating
  2. Electrical circuit adjustment
  3. Mechanism (skew) adjustment

The electrical circuit and mechanism adjustment functions offer jitter measurement, the jitter measurement is only a rough value.
Only real jitter measuring equipment can give an accurate measurement of jitter.

The EEPROM maintenance and updating function allows the EEPROM to be backed up, restored and updated, as well as having various parts of it erased. It also allows the RTC's status to be updated (clear error status). It also allows the lens type (T487/T609K for SONY optical blocks) and the optical block* (SANYO/SONY) to be selected.
The Electical ciruit adjustment function allows the gain to be automatically adjusted.
The Mechanism adjustment function allows the tangential and radial skews to be adjusted. For the SCPH-30001/DTL-H300xx (B-chassis), it allows the AUTO-TILT motor to be adjusted, which adjusts the radial skew.

*Only for the F-chassis and later.

Consoles up to the I-chassis (SCPH-50000) are supported.

As of now, this is going to be an Assembler-only release because I feel that the folks there may understand what this tool is about. In the future as this project matures, it may get a webpage on my website.
But for the sake of the folks here who know what this is for, I have created a thread about it.

Warning! While I took great care to ensure that I understood what I copied and the accuracy of the copy process, it is still possible for mistakes to have inevitably introduced!
Do not use this on a console that you really value and make a backup of your console's EEPROM first!

As of now, there is no way to properly restore a...