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If you have not heard of sMAN already. its a new plugin from legendary developer deank. sMAN combines webMAN (vanilla) and recently developed sLaunch feature (that was a separate plugin complementing webMAN). So what is the difference between webMAN & sMAN, sMAN provides a UI experiance for changing games on the XMB, as seen in the ScreenShot provided directly from the XMB you will be greeted with this new way to mount a game. Prefer the original way? Then deank still has you covered with his original webMAN plugin as well. This update provides a new "Setup" option in the side menu and also completely does away with the "My Games" entry on the XMB and to launch the sMAN (slaunch feature) simple hold the START button on your dualshock controller to launch this new UI from the XMB. See full details in deank's release quote
PS Now is a streaming service by Sony which allows subscribers to stream PS3 games to their Sony consoles and the PC. However sad news awaits as on August 15th the PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation TV, All Samsung TV models, All Sony Blue-ray models, and all Sony Bravia TV models before 2015. Sony Bravia TVs 2016 models will be discontinued on April 1st 2017.This indeed is bad news for owners of those devices, and likely will decrease PlayStation Now memberships, as this decision will affect many user's. Which makes little sense for this "thoughtful consideration" to even occur, as the point of a digital service is to support as many device possible, not axe most of thme,
Ukko's Journey was developed originally for cellphones back in 2008/2009 by LuBlu Entertainment. In 2017 the team decided to port the game to Blu-Play. Developer misthalu says this is a proof-of-concept demonstration to show what is possible with Blu-Play. Blu-Play games are "small-scale homebrew games coded with Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J), and which therefore runs on any game-console that comes with a built-in Blu-ray player", which at present time includes PS3, PS4 and XB1. In other words, you don't need a special version of a Blu-Play title in order to run it on your console. One disc runs on all.​
We have seen developer @deank cooking up some nice brew lately, the latest creation of sLaunch has now evolved into a new plugin called sMAN, bringing the original vision of the developer to this single plugin containing webMAN & sLaunch, rather then having two separate plugins (like the preview releases) deank uses a single plugin slot while making sLaunch even faster . If you like to use this alternative UI for loading games, then you should use the sMAN plugin going forward, if you like the traditional way (w/ My Games) then simply just use the webMAN plugin as both version will still available for user's .
Following the previous update (v1.26) of ManaGunz (AIO backup manager for the PS3). Developer Zar has polished off another feature rich release with the release of v1.27. Yhis update adds support for 4.81 DEX CFW & Mamba v3, PS2emu Patcher is updated to support PS2 CONFIG, A new PS2 menu with various options outlined in the release quote alone with the full dose of changes presented in this update from developer Zar..​
If you are looking to spice things up on your custom firmware PlayStation 3 and have the below version of Mortal Kombat then look no further. Developed by futuretime23 here is the latest version of his Mortal Kombat 9 Trilogy Edition Mod​
So earlier this week my child managed to log into Netflix on my PS3 without logging into PSN. Thanks to @Joonie the method to do this is now known. Before you go and get to happy so far only users of the latest NA Netflix app in the US have had success doing this as well. Here is a terrible video just to show it is working fine.
Developer Joonie has released a new update for Cobra payload updating the payload to version 7.51 with some changes from around the community, we have seen Full Burned Optical Media support has been added that deank released recently, also allowances for temporary LV1 Peek from syscall 8 when disabling Cobra that was contributed by habib & aldostools, now TMAPI has the ability to attach any module, thanks to aerosoul contributions. Seems the community is coming together in many ways to progress ps3 hacking scene.
Update (2/2/17/) -- v1.46.01
Original Article (Jan 31, 2017)
Plugin development continues on the PS3 for Custom firmware users, this week alone we have seen some new features added lin PSNpatch by KW (w./ Homebrew Blocker) and we have seen deank back with new updates to webMAN that added NTFS Support / a new XMB game loading that no longer uses the web browser trick (webbrowser_plugin), in other words the flash you see when mounting a game on the XMB In,webMAN MOD v1.46.00 the plugin incorporates that function but in a different way, this is due to the differences under the hood of the plugin. As webMAN MOD contain
Following the recent updates from legendary developer deank that improved NTFS support a great deal in the webMAN plugin, and the recent Cobra Update (stage2.bin) that allows you to play Games & Media from burnt optical disc. The developer has been busy with yet another trick up his sleeves, as we showed yesterday deank has been working on a new test feature for webMAN , now the test feature has been introduced officially in webMAN v1.46n. this new feature utilizes the source code release for the custom xai_plugin (by mysis) and mounting games is much faster and cleaner from the XMB as the web-browser trick is no longer needed as deank adapts the custom xai_plugin in a great way. Checkout all the details and a video demo of the new game loading in the details/changelog provided by deank..