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Here is a cool mod for 4.81 PS3 Custom Firmware user's as psx-place memeber LuanTeles has put together and released a suite of XMB modifications that he has dubbed the PS3 PRO MOD. This collections contains he PS3 PRO coldboot & gameboot, new boot & xmb sounds, New Custom Icons & new xmb wave , Checkout the video preview and see the included release post for additional details​
Not so long time ago developer @zecoxao released @3141card modified version of ps2_netemu.self (PS2 emulator used for classics and for PS2 ISO on most PS3 consoles). What's new? Actually something very useful. With this emulator you can check your CELL/RSX temperatures while playing PS2 titles. I reencrypted elf to use with 4.81 CFW, but this was only tested by one person. So use with caution. Don't forget to check other improvements to ps2_netemu by 3141card here.
Good news comes from the libretro team, as the flagship project RetroArch matures to version 1.6.0 and the beloved PS3 version has been apart of the mix along with a new version for PS Vita / PlayStation TV (& other non playstation ports) as well. The PS3 version does not contain any new cores since some of the previous builds in v1.3 era (maybe one or two less like "81"), but the build overall does seem more polished and most features are working well from initial test, but you may encounter a few bugs which if you do its also good to report them. The Vita port continues to see developer Frangarcj lead the charge with speed in mind for this update, see the details about these ports and others as the libretro team continues evolving this multi-system emulator that seems to run on just about every popular platform out there.
This is a new collection of mods all combined into one "new" category on REBUG 4.81 CFW, with all xmls and icons in one place on HDD. It allows for the user to choose exactly which components to install, and they can choose where to install them, and it also allows easy updating / modifying of each component got the XMB individually. All mods are translated into Spanish, French and Italian in this release so far (based on system's XMB settings), other languages will show English for now, more translations on the way.

The basic idea is that I moved the original network items over to PSN and renamed that to Network, I also cleaned some useless items out of the PSN category. The easiest way to understand how it works and what it changes is to watch the included video.​
I knew it that @3141card latest work on ps2net_emu (ps2 emulator) on the PS3 will give use some form of profit. But this is just amazing progress already with full hvcall support + lv1 dumper, now one step closer to USB support and for sure one step closer to finally completely understanding ps2_netemu withing the PS3 firmware.​
@3141card stops by the forums today to show off one of his recent discoveries for the PS3. Following some of the progressions that PS2 Config Tool and the PS2 advancements in ManaGunz by Zar have brought of recent. Developer 3141card (Same dev who gave us the first VSH menu POC on the PS3) unlocks some new menus, when using the ps2netemu (PS2 Emulator) . Now access configuration settings & debug information that can be obtained by pressing a simple button combo , that was until now unknown. When you are in the ps2netemu menu. you are able to perform the button combo outlined by the dev's discovery, which then unlocks and gives access two new menus & options as seen in the video / screenshot provided,.
Ive been using this emulator for Minecraft :Elite Edition Tools development and i have not seen anything about it here. This is the only legitimate PS3 emulator and i feel the dev's behind the project need more recognition for their work. Alot of AAA title do not run, But just as any other emulator they are making breakthrough's all the time. You can checkout the latest progress and previous reports within the official blog (link at bottom of article) if you have not already been keeping a steady eye on this project. Also, donate if you can, it helps the developers to make progress:.
Recently developer @BenMitnicK left a message informing us about the latest update to AT9 & AT3 Converter (v2.2) A useful utility for converting audio files, Such as popular formats of wav & mp3 files to codecs such AT9 & AT3 fthat is used by the PSP / PS Vita & PS3 system, so this little tool makes process much easier as there is not many tools out there that will convert easily to those formats.
Developer DeViL303 who is already known for so many PS3 XMB Mods has now yet another mod for REBUG 4.81 user's. This time around the "What's New on PSX-Place (PS3 XMB MOD)" is an XMB mod that transform the What's New section to provide a current news feed of the psx-place mainpage (that checks for new news every 15 minutes) , Also another great aspect to this mod, it will now scroll PSX-Place headlines under the XMB Clock. Give it a look with the video DeViL303 has uploaded and then a give it try on your 4.81 REBUG CFW.
@DeViL303 has a new update with some new additions to the Homebrew Store that conveniently invades your XMB. XMBPD or (XMB Package Downloader) now has been updated to version 0.70 and this update adds some new things such as over 60 No-PSN pkgs from esc0rtd3w,who has been on a tear lately with his noPSN findings and research, plus this update adds some updated managers and utilities & also a new XMBPD Rebugification skin from Berion can be seen in v0.70. See full notes in the logs provided plus a video that gives a great video guide of installing XMBPD and adding some extra's. The video is nearly 20 minutes so DeViL303 has covered alot of aspects of the XMB MOD.