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While we keep an eye on the great progress on PS3Xploit for our PS3 hardware, there continues to be alot of amazing progress going on with the software side of things, RPCS3 which emulates the PlayStation 3. Recently, the team had posted the RPCS2 January 2018 Progress Report and alot has been improved as detailed in the report. With the latest developments additional; games have been made playable and more and more games are becoming bootable (which shows some great progress). The emu continues to improve dramatically each and every month. There is a long road ahead to perfectly emulate the PS3 but a long journey and successes have made long strides already in this emu. that continues to put the shine on.
The PS3Xploit Team (@bguerville / @esc0rtd3w / @habib / "W") have been putting in alot of time further developing the exploit since the discoveries found initially on 4.81 OFW by bguerville, Which first spawn tools like IDPS & Flash Dumper's followed then by Flash Writer Tool which allowed all pre-25XXv (fat/Slim) Consoles to install CFW from 4.82 OFW with no Hardware Modifications. Since those releases we have seen PS3Xploit updated to v2.0 also seen alot of documentation and action with various POC Examples provided by esc0rtd3w (& team) in the "WebKit ROP Chain Tutorials [Creation/Editiing/Debugging]" thread, The one thing that has been missing has been a useable exploit for those "unhackable models" and the team has had a desire with their exploit as an ideal window, the task takes alot of time and developing but progress is being made. There is still much work to be done but an interesting announcement comes to us from one of the PS3xploit developer's habib as he states "STAY ON 4.81 IF YOU CAN!(2k5/3k/4k)" , now its unclear what has been achieved and its not certain that it can not be ported to 4.82, but currently in the early stages habib gives us great news but also maybe some bad news (maybe), but again these details and the development is extremely early. More details coming soon stay tuned as things are looking to progress but please exercise patients!!!​

Not so long ago I (kozarovv) asked developer mysis about possibility of use decrypted minis2 config to increase game compatibility of the PSP emulator that resides within the PS3. A few days later he responded and gave us patches to make it now a real possibility ti use these configs. Big thanks to @mysis for that! Here is noob-friendly app I created PSP EMU Selector to change PSP emulator version. One is standard cobra patched emu, Second is cobra emu patched to read unencrypted minis2.edat config. Enjoy!

Also, for PS2 emulation on the PS3 (non-bc) be sure to checkout the PS2 NetEmu Selector released earlier in the week
I will start this off with NO you can not jailbreak your PS3 SuperSlim Console's (seems to be a popular question), however that does not mean the Ps3Xploit Team (bguerville, esc0rtd3w, habib & W) still has not been hard at work, with this new release of Ps3Xploit v2.0.. In this release all the tools (IDPS Dumper, Flash Dumper & Flash Writer) have seen significant improvements and now performing the task such as installing a Custom Firmware on your 4.82 OFW PS3 (with flash writer) has been made even easier and very stable thanks to the team's new checks implemented and progression of the exploit. The Flash and IDPS dumper are also much improved. All the details are provided below please read all the spoiler and tabs before asking any questions.
Hello, I created small app (PS2 Netemu Selector) based on XMBM+ installer. Nothing big, just a GUI to change ps2_netemu (ps2 emulator) file. As a bonus I fixed few things in installer, and emulators itself. Like fixed in-game XMB flickering in installer, and correct display in every modes for temperatures in emu patched using @3141card payload. Also changed refresh time little bit. App is work only with 4.81, 4.82 firmwares due to files structure, while embed emulator files are compatible with 4.75-4.82 firmwares.
PS3 Developer Enstone has released a new version of CCAPI (Control Console API), this update (v2.80-rev.2) not only adds the expected 4.82 CFW CEX Support, but also some new features are tucked away in this update. One of those new features as seen in the screenshot below is a new VSH Menu (XMB popup Menu) that provides various shortcuts for some of CCAPI Options/Features. Checkout the full list of changes in this release along with other useful information in the release notes provided below:​
The RetroArch emulation project continues to evolve, now progressing to version 1.7 across most supported platforms. This includes updates for the PS3, PSP & VITA/PSTV with various changes across each port. Looking at the PS3 port there has been some new changes and fixes that included a much improved font rendering, Now HTTP request are working which allows for some features such as Downloads & Core Updater to now be utilized on the PS3 Port & a ton of new changes and fixes. The PSP port seen a number of fixes and improvements, the first task was to get this port working again and a fix to content loading has made the port usable, then also the audio syncing issues have now been resolved. Also 64MB can now be used when avaiable and to round out the PSP changes and to segue in the VITA/PSTV changes the PSP port can now be used on Vita's Adrenaline and also for PS Vita / PlayStation TV you can now enjoy improved installation times and improved packaging of the homebrew: Checkout all the misc. changes and changes to other ports in the full RetroArch v1.7 Changelog
Developer @Zar is back with a new update to the very popular and functional homebrew, ManaGunZ is a excellent feature rich Backup Manager, the best for PS2 Backups w/ PS2 Config Editor built-in that has improved in this release. Also this update now supports 4.82 CFW (CEX), also the addition of a Plugin Monitor has been implemented this will allow you to load and unload plugins from the ps3 homebrew. New translation have been added (Italian, Hungarian and Spanish), plus additional fixes have been applied, all and more can be seen in the release notes provided below along with some important details about the new & Improved PS2 CONFIG Editor.

New CFW build released from developer @Alexander, in this build we can find the introduction of the new 7.55 COBRA This updated version of COBRA includes a bug fix for deleting PKGs and Game Updates that was present in v7.54. Alexander & Beta Tester's (@ CyberModding,it) discovered this problem during a late test session before release of FERROX v1.01. There are also other fixes contained in this new build as outlined in the release note provided below for 4.82 FERROX COBRA (v7.55) CFW v1.01
Here is a type of CFW for PlayStation 3 consoles with a broken BD Logic Board/Drive and contains an issue of not being able to boot anything from the PS3 XMB. It does not matter if the content is stored on the DISC or HDD, you can not launch anything from the XMB with PS3 Console's contain this defect. If that sounds like a PS3 console you have laying around or know someone who might have that issue, there is good news as there is an easy fix (Yes, Sony its easy and Sony should issue this patch themselves). Simply by disabling & patching the Disc drive, developer's in the PS3 community have found out this allows those otherwise useless consoles to launch items once again from the PS3 XMB, So play your purchased Content from PSN / Disc Backups ect/ Purchase things from PSN store/ play video & use services once again on your PS3. noBD CFW for a majority will never be used, but is a great option for PS3 owners that are otherwise stuck with a broken console that would only use would be a power hungry screensaver. So lets take a look at some of the NoBD CFW options and favors we have seen released to this point