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PS4 hacker qwertyoruiop has been making light work of the PS4 on firmware 5.00, first he showed a webkit exploit running when he tweeted the screenshot via his twitter feed over the weekend, at the time the hacker was also suggesting he had found several bugs to gain a kernel exploit. Yesterday a simple tweet was made by Qwertyoruiop "ps4 kernel code exec on 5.00 achieved at last!" followed by the screenshot posted today as seen below of the kernel exploit being loaded in the PS4 web-browser. Now this is good news, but i must give a warning about getting too excited as the dev has not released previous exploits. Its remains a mystery to when a PS4 exploit may be released to the public, but we do know there is alot of development going on with the PS4 by some talented guys and at some point will be very beneficial to many. A current exploit is so close but also so far away but nonetheless this progress is exciting to see.
Hacker flatz is well known in the PlayStation Hacking community for many advancements and projects now is doing some things on his PS4 that contains 4.55 firmware. On his YouTube channel he released a new video titled "Custom PKG on retail PS4" which covers a demonstration on a PS4 (4.55) of an Installation of a Custom & also a Re-Packaged PKG file. While this is being demoed on a 4.55 flatz does state this should be easy to port to other firmwares (when a current firmware is exploited) and is a "bullet proof method in comparison" to 1.76. Flatz will soon share a write-up to achieve this task.
Here is some PS4 news/teases for 5.00 firmware, as a userland webkit exploit is shown via a screenshot from PS4 Hacker qwertyoruiop Twitter. You may recall this dev also showcased an exploit to v4.XX firmware in that past that was never released. Which the hacker was more then willing to share the news he had exploited the PS4 but did not have the same feeling of sharing the actual exploit as much as the news, sadly.. Will this 5.00 exploit be made public or will this exploit also be kept secret? Only time will tell as no details about a potential release has been stated at this point. About the exploit itself its only a userland webkit exploit that is being shown, so this means it will still require a kernel exploit to be like open in the same sense as 1.76. qwertyoruiop also states he has found a bug to exploit the kernel in v5.00, but has not did the exploiting of the bug quite yet. While this is exciting news and great work by the hacker. I would caution about getting too excited because this has the potential of never being released like the work in 4.XX previously detailed, but things are moving for the Ps4 so who knows....
Developer bigboss (psxdev) has been diving in deep on the PS4 of late, the dev recently blogged about the PSVR reversing to open the headset for additional platforms, but on the PS4 a small building block was introduced! In the form of a library for 2D Graphics for homebrew devs called liborbis, its early but a start to something that hopefully evolves overtime, As mentioned in my opinions of the PS4 1.76 exploit, bigboss also showed off a Simple PoC Homebrew running on the PS4, the video can be seen below. So progress is being made and shows why v1.76 is a good window for development and hopefully this progresses well by time we see a public exploit for a current firmware.​
If you go back to the very first article ever posted on psx-place you will seen developer bigboss (aka psxdev) released details & information on reverse engineering of the PS4 EyE Toy. Now, The developer has released today Part 1: of Reversing PlayStation VR Device We know bigboss from various research on PlayStation Hardware, The PS4 EyE Toy, PS Move Controllers among others, but not the developer has set his sights on the PlayStatiion VR (PSVR), so reverse engineering of the Processor Unit that communicates to the PS4 is the target of discussion in Part 1. bigboss motivation and end goal with this research is having the ability to use the PSVR on other platforms.
We have seen alot of progress with PS4 development lately in the form of backing up some games & even some simple POC that showcases a simple PoC of homebrew abilities., but honestly I am not very excited about it yet. While the exploits/development are progressing well, they are restricted to a low firmware of 1.76 which I am sure most of you are on a firmware that is much higher. We have no downgrade solutions for the PS4 and even if we did, its still a v1.76 firmware and many of the PS4 features are not contained in those early firmwares. You are restricted to a very limited number of PS4 Games that the console can even play, as many games ( a large majority ) are signed with a firmware higher then 1.76. Meaning that they can not be played on a console with a 1.76 based FW, So this takes alot of the appeal the PS4 gives a user in the first place, but can that trade-off be justified in the form of receiving new features an exploited firmware can give?
A new plugin has surfaced today as developer nowrep has released PS4LinkControls and with this new plugin you now have the ability to choose 8 different keymaps for a button configuration to your liking. A small but effective idea to improve controls for the Remote Play feature within the Vita Firmware. Full release note are included below
So you wanted to use the PS4 Remote Play feature on your local network but learned you must have an Internet Connection? Well MysteryDash has the solution to use Remote Play Offline with the release you can as the dev puts it "enjoy playing on your PS4 from your computer (WLAN/Ad-hoc) without the need of an Internet connection". Learn more about this project and how to use with the provided nformation​
Things are starting to get a bit interesting in the PlayStation 4 Hacking Scene, as well known hacker qwertyoruiop a couple of days ago released a webkit exploit for 4.0x firmware (non 4.50), however this exploit needs a kexploit (kernel exploit) on the same level as something like 1.76 firmware and did not work in 4.50. So the hacker has been working on a kernel exploit as well and in 5 days the developer has not only a kernel exploit but one that works for 4.50 but with 4.50 we do not have an entry point to execute the kernel exploit, which is where the webkit exploit comes in. So 4.50 user's appear has some strong hope , .​
For those who don't know, PlayStation Now will now support PS4 game streaming. PlayStation Now as we already know supports streaming hundreds of PS3 games to your PS4 or PC. For 2017 PlayStation Now is now expanding to one of the newest platforms, PS4. All of the games in this service even PS4 games will be included with a single PlayStation Now subscription. In a few weeks Sony will be doing private tests with PS4 games on PlayStation Now. If you are an active PlayStation Now subscriber keep a close eye on your email inbox (the email you use for PlayStation Now) as you might get an invite!