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As we wait and see if any kernel exploit arises for use with the HENkaku (3.55 PS4 Port), Things are still moving forward on PS4 firmware 1.76. Which in turn Scene contributor @zecoxao has released a new Tutorial for PlayStation 4 , that will show how you can on PS4 firmware 1.76 "bypass" pfs protections completely.
The PlayStation 4 (PS4) firmware of choice for the hacking community has been firmware v1.76, as developer's have taken advantage of that webkit exploit in the firmware and have been able to achieve various things, most notable being able to install Linux on your PS4 with the ability to run apps like the Steam App with graphic acceleration for example However things could change for the PS4 as the recent HENkaku exploit for the PS Vita / PSTV has been ported to the PS4 's 3.55 Firmware by developer Fire30.​
Over at the PlayStationHAX forums m0rph3us1987 has released a new utility for the PS4 (FW 1.70 & 1.76) called PS4FileNinja (v1.0.0) that can be executed in the PS4 Playground and provides a new alertantive to a file browser. The tool is simple to use, view the public release quote and pics provided by the developer:​
If you have a PlayStation 4 (PS4) Console rocking the 1.76 Firmware (webkit exploitable) , then here is a release from D-ecks that want you finding one, in the form of a Pre-Configured Linux Distro for PS4 Linux. Using patches and contributions from the Fail 0verflow Team & OsirisX 's.a ready to go "out of the box" solution . The release arrives with Office Software, Emulators & of course the Steam App with 3d Acceleration. Also take note this distro is based on Fedora 23. See full details and instructions in the release notes provided ..
[ARTICLE UPDATED] Here is an interesting release for the PlayStation 4 community from developer Red-EyeX32, As a new update to the PSProxy utility is released , This update will Bypass a new PS4 firmware updates. We have not tested this here at yet, but the developer states that this has been tested on a US console with 3.50 firmware and with the utility one is able to bypass 3.55 FW and thus sign into PSN with 3.50 System. This has had limited testing from the developer's own quote and it appears limited testing has been done on lower firmwares, so be sure to use this at your own risk..
Here is collection of Tools / Utilities and various other Files useful for the PlayStation 4 from Scene Contributor @eXtreme. This simple organized collection is very useful for the PS4 owner rockin' firmware v1.76 which is currently the "king" of PS4 firmwares, as far as the PS4 Hacking Community is concerned. As scene hackers and developers have utilized the holes in the webkit exploit that has since been patched in post 1.76 firmware. Currently one of the biggest accomplishments for the end user enjoyment has been the ability to boot Linux which has allowed things such as Running the Steam App and playing games through that on your PS4 hardware and your Steam Account. If you have or will soon obtain a 1.76 PS4 then this is a great page to have bookmarked as eXtreme put a bit of effort in this organized collection of community resources titled PS4_DEV.​
Recently we seen the POC video that developer @OsirisX[ released showcasing the Steam App running on the PS4 via PS4 Linux. Now the developer details with a nicely written tutorial that we have broke down in our new tabbed format for easier consumption of information in how to get Steam running on your PlayStation 4 console that is running version 1.76 firmware and utilizing the webkit exploit and PS4 Playground. Tell us your thoughts and opinions of this recent advancement for the PS4 Hacking Community
After the two previous builds of Universal Media Server there have been connectivity issues for certain devices. As usual over here at PSX-Place we cover what our members are using most device wise. Those been, to name a few, the PS4 and PS3 utilising this video streaming app via PC. With that said here is version 6.3.2 of UMS
@eXtreme has recently updated his custom PS4 webkit playground that continues to evolve from the also the original works of Cturt & also Fx0day modifications. eXtreme's Custom PS4 webkit Playground comes with various function and modules useful for a PlayStation 4 taking advantage of the webkit exploits present in firmware version 1.76. Very easy options and features such as FTP, Linux Kernel Loader, message your console and and various other options
Following the previous build of Universal Media Server comes yet another update to the video streaming app. What was reported last was improved connectivity to your devices but it seems that it was not the case for many a PS3 or PS4 user. This update, been version, attempts to address the connectivity issues but reading the comments over at the UMS site both PS3 and PS4 users are still having trouble.