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In this update to Universal Media Server the developers have fixed a issue with PAL DVD's. Connectivity has also been addressed so you can expect UMS to play better with your devices. Remember that UMS can be used for many devices but the ones we generally find of interest are the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and the PSTV.
SubJunk and team have just released their latest release of Universal Media Server. The update brings further device improvements and a few bug fixes together with updated components such as FFmpeg, MediaInfo and MPlayer.
Senaxx you may know from PlayStationSceneFiles has published a tutorial for user's interested in running Linux on PS4 with firmware v1.76. Now this will not show you to launch FailoverFl0w Ps4 Linux Port utilizing the recent exploits released but rather it will teach you how to run a basic linux rescue boot. Nonetheless its a very good tutorial for the PlayStation 4 Hacking Community as this is a very detailed tutorial from Senaxx
The PlayStation 4 Hacking Scene is evolving each and every day and the latest advancement will excite many as developer kR105 is filling in the missing pieces for everyoner to boot Linux on the PS4. As the developer unleashes a dlclose exploit that is fully functional, while we have seen in recent days news about a dlclose exploit it was not fully operational and was not complete, but now with this release the holes have been filled and the missing pieces provided along with a Linux Loader that comes compiled to make things much easier.
With all the positives coming from the PS4 hacking scene there is the unfortunate side of some negative stories or i should say what most likely appears to be a scam and i would personally proceed with alot of caution. There is a rumor that is circulating through various scene sites of a team that has a CFW for PS4 and also the same team is said to have a downgrade device in the works as well, this is highly unlikely and this team of unknowns does not give ANY information or any Proof of Concept to prove they have accomplished this. [break]hjh[/break]Since the original announcement that surfaced, the team has since said they will not release a CFW but are working on the Downgrade Device and are taking pre-orders. This very unethical to try and take pro-orders on something if you have not shown or even detailed anything yet pertaining to the device, which raises a few red flags in my view and provides a bit of motive for the claims if foul play is in play. I personally do not even want to list this site as i do not want to take part in promoting this website, as i feel with the details presented at this time and how things are presented that this is a scam in order to rip people off of pre-orders sales on a device that does most likely does not exist.


I do not promote or link to what i believe are scam sites:
but DO NOT ORDER THIS: Always wait for information in this case i doubt we see it .


The PlayStation 4 Hacking community continues it progression. While we see countless fakes and websites promoting those fakes. We do however have some legit news from legitimate developer. bigboss (aka psxdev) who is a very talented developer who has created various PS4 Tools and published various finding on the console and accessiories such as the PS4 eye.The console hacker has a new Proof Of Concept (POC) that has been released on his personal github account as he announces via his Twitter account " Privilege scalation done " [break]ss[/break]w hich has gave the developer Root Privileges and the developer states "Next will be Jailbreak and sandbox". So what do you think about the progress on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) sound off below:


Recent PS4 Hacking News:

The PlayStation 4 news seems to be streaming in pretty well the last two days. Sony's beta firmware 3.50 is now available, then there was this leak. Now to top things off for the week we get a release from the fail0verflow team. Below you will find all that is needed to get your PS4 running Linux. However you will need your own exploit in order to utilise the kexec implementation released by the team.


Source: fail0verflow
In the PlayStation 4 Hacking Scene there has been some developments as it appears to be some leaked source code; "BadIRET kernel exploit" this exploit is based on some of the information that was provided by console hacker CTurt if you recall several months ago we reported here on information the hacker provided, since that time Cturt was working with someone in some capacity and the source code of that person was leaked along with some code of CTurt's (according to tweets from CTurt). Now there is conflicting reports as some are signaling this is a working exploit but Team REBUG developer @Abkarino has stated there is some missing parts to this leak and also provided some tips on compiling[break]ss[/break] of the source code also as seen in a tweet below. CTurt in what is now a deleted tweet has mentioned that Linux Port for the PS4 that has been released and maintained by team fail0verflow will not work in the current form with some assets missing.

For now this is not useful for the end-user, as more details are needed to truly figure out the significance of this leak, stay tuned as we will be keeping a watch as details arise.


John Koller, from the PlayStation US blog, has announced some info regarding the next beta release of the upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update mentioned here. The update dubbed as "MUSASHI" brings a few social updates to the console. Those been 'friend notification', 'appear offline' and 'user scheduled event' to name a few. The firmware update, bringing it to version 3.50, also teases the remote play feature [break].[/break]for Windows & Mac users but do note that it will not be part of this beta so "you can look forward to it soon." The beta starts tomorrow.


Features released thus far:

John Koller posted on the US PlayStation blog the other day calling out for anyone interested in testing out Sony's next firmware update for the PlayStation 4. While been a beta tester for them you will get early access to the upcoming update and test out its new features before it reaches the masses. As mentioned in the post you will be able to roll back the update should you want to. You will need to have a master account for the console and need to sign up here for March's upcoming beta release.

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