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Bigboss, known also for his PS4 camera reversing, has released two tools one of which has been added to the PS4 SDK. PS4Client been a host tool for both PC and OS X but for the time been the developer mentions that the Mac version is the one running fine. PS4Link is the next tool, added to the PS4 SDK, which contains libraries for the PS4 to communicate with PS4Client. [break].[/break]For more info about these tools and their usage take a look at the sources linked below.

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Following his code execution announcement developer CTurt is at it again and this time showing off a little more regarding PlayStation 4 exploiting and homebrew. In a video posted on YouTube the developer showcases the homebrew game Pong been played on the console. However due to restrictions the homebrew is controlled using a Nintendo DS. This is what the dev had to say.



Source: CTurt
A little over a month ago Sony released the latest firmware update for the PlayStation 4. The update until now was a optional update, so if you never got around to it and want to play some games on PSN you will need to update to version 2.57. [break].[/break]Here is a little info from the source.


Following the release of his PS4 file browser and the announcement of code execution, developer CTurt also made public the PS4 open source SDK. As the developer has mentioned it does not have much use yet but hopes that other developers will reach out and lend a hand. The Git is there for those wanting to take a look and I must say that I am pleased that these revelations about Sony's current gen system has been made public. Always great to follow news like this that I'm sure we all enjoy.

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I just wrote this article about his file browser and other tools and now THIS!! Developer CTurt has announced via his Twitter feed that he has code execution on the freaking PlayStation 4. What does this mean for you? Honestly I don't know. Does this mean the PS4 is hacked? I still don't know. Will this mean homebrew... even past firmware version 1.76? Hey enough of the questions! I still don't know but... reading his responses to his announcement he is wanting to [break].[/break]write a homebrew loader. Oh yeah baby.


Thanks to PSX-Place moderator atreyu187 for this tip and others. Also thanks to moderators tthousand and kozarovv for their continued tips they have been giving. Major help and respect to you guys for the tips.

Source: CTurt
Following the WebKit exploit for the PlayStation 4, here is something for those still able to use said exploit running firmware version 1.76. Developer CTurt has released a file browser that will allow you to view various files on your console that together with PS4-playground, "A collection of PS4 tools and experiments using the WebKit exploit." Via his blog he goes further into explaining the current state of PS4 hacking. [break].[/break]A good read for all of us interested in the subject. Lets take a look at a few snipbits.


You can view more about this here.

Sources: @CTurtE | Github | CTurt Blog
As mentioned in the title this is a work in progress but something definitely worth sharing. Developed by twisted0ne1989 the video below showcases a project he is working on called Remote Play PC. The project seems to be coming along very well and supports various controllers as well as mapping. There is a bit of lag to deal with as mentioned by the developer but I'm sure future updates will address that any other issues. I just must say that so far so good.




Source: twisted0ne1989
It has been a while since we had last seen a PlayStation 4 update. One would've hoped that with such a long wait we would at the very least see some additions to Sony's new gen console. But alas we are once again met with the system stability dribble. Only good news for those who don't auto update their console is that [break].[/break]this is not a mandatory update. So if you get home and feel the need to get your online gaming on, you wont need to update if you not feeling up to it.


Sources: @Envisager | @PlayStation
Console Hacker JaiCrab has recently release some research on the PlayStation 4 specifically models with the SAA-001+ motherboard, the developer documents and does some research on the "UART ports" of that board and also has released a tool for developer called Jaibrute v1. This is a tool for developer to further research the console. You can view all the details of this research and release [break]ss[/break] in the documentation provided below:


Big news for PS4 Owners as Sony has released the official PlayStation 4 Media Player as they announced during the E3 pre-show and on the PS blog. The media player does look more appealing and contains more features then it's PS3 counterpart., but perhaps not as strong as Movian (Showtime) Homebrew Media Player for the PS3.. [break]ss[/break] What are your thoughts on the Media Player, let us know in the comments below of your experiences with this new media player...

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