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The RetroArch/Libretro Team has released an OPEN BETA for v1.4.1 of the popular multi-system emulator, that spans many platforms. This Open Beta contains a port for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and also the PS Vita / PlayStation TV Port, which does not contain an N64 emulator yet, but it's being worked on. When the announcement of the came of a N64 emu, it was days prior to the work that unlocked GPU which will allow apps like emulators to use the hardware to aid in emulation versus relying on software rendering which even with software rendering the n64 emu did show alot of promises, but no need to perfect the software but instead go after the GPU. So not only should we seen a N64 emu but others systems as well. But that is not what this update is about but i am sure would be one of the first thing looked and asked about in this update so i wanted to give a bit more on the status of that project. Now there is not a PS3
Here is a nice piece of homebrew for you PlayStation Portable users. Those familiar with the PSP scene will remember this plugin from around 2014. It was released by a developer called suloku and then abandoned due to the dev not having the time to revisit the project. Moving to the present we have an updated version
Here is a new homebrew game for various PlayStation devices, Blindness II by Applelo is available on the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Vita TV) & also the PSP. This game is simple in design but its one of those very additives games that will test skills. Checkout all the details of this release in the details provided.
Following the release of BlockOut II developer bomblik has another GekiHEN pending entry in GNU Robbo for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (PSP port available as well), this re-implementation of "The Adventures of Robbo" is a puzzle game as you navigate a robot character through a series of planets, essentially navigating "vertically-scrolling mazes" with a path of objects to dodge and avoid. Get creative as this game also has a built-in level editor.
It's the end of the year, and its also finally the end of a program I have been working on for 2 years now. Progress has been going on and off due to my participation in university, but I have finally come forward to make the final release. I should also mention, I hit a new milestone on GitHub today with 302 commits. If you haven't heard, Cyanogen Inc is shutting down, and so is CyanogenMod since Cyanogen Inc owns the right to the name "Cyanogen". I also must discontinue this project due to the use of the name. I apologize for such a late release, but it's finally here, although I wouldn't call it a finished product it's definitely been polished compared to last release 6.0 which was released a year ago (Dec 14, 2015).
PlayStation News PPSSPP v1.3 released
Well known free and open source Playstation Portable emulator PPSSPP is finally updated to version 1.3. Many bugs are squashed, but this is not only bugfix release. This version introducing initial Vulcan API support. Texture replacement support to allow use custom textures and upscaled ones. This should give PPSSPP users many modding possibilities. And should allow to make own "remasters" with better quality textures. Update 1.3 is for now available for Windows, Android, OSX, iOS, and Linux users.
The Libretro Team has updated RetroArch to v1.3.6 for various platforms such as the PS Vita, PSTV (Rejuvenate Port) & PSP..Also, most other platforms seen an update as seen in the official release quote.. Still no news on an updated PS3 port at this time, we will keep you informed of any happenings on that front. Until then there is alot of great updates for several ports and a new N64 Emulator that appears like a huge advancement for the Android community.​
Here is a new Homebrew Game Release for the PSP-PS Vita community (playable on the PS Vita through ONElua V4R1 ) by gdljjrod . This game is based on the original PSP game Lsokoban v0.5 and now has been re-designed and renamed ZSobokan. There is not many details included about this game by the developer but it looks like a great game and if your familiar with the original then this mod should be something very nice for puzzle game fanatics. ​
While Minecraft PSP LameCraft MOD v1.3.1 is currently the latest version available, developer woolio shares over at a video demonstrating many new features that will be coming to an v1.4 update that we could be seeing released in the near futurer. While no dates have been mentioned there has clearly been alot of progress and continued development since the current version of v1.3.1 (which you can download over at - link). Stay tuned as we will continue to follow the progress on this incredible Minecraft clone for the PSP community
Here is a NEW plugin recently released a few weeks ago on the PSP that i think many may of missed and i would like to thank PSX-Place member and Community developer @Joel16 for making more of us aware of this recent homebrew release. ScanLine v0.1 by PSP developer Omega2058 is a plugin created per request from braders1986 that adds that Retro Scanline effect to PSP Games or Homebrew. This is a BETA release and the developer does warn it could have some issues. Full release details can be seen in the details provided