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As @Roxanne detailed the progress of the RPCS3 Project (PS3 Emulator) just the other day. The PPSSPP Team has also rolled out the latest update to the popular multi-platform PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulator. In this release speed was the focus as the Vulken backend has improved dramatically as well as devices (w/ dual-core) that use OpenGL also will see improvements with speed. Also RetroArch see official support with this v1.6 update. The website offers a great F.A.Q. to get your started and answering some important aspect of the PSP emulator. Then if you need to peak at the Hardware requirements be sure to visit this page from the official website.
Following the release of RetroArch v1.7.1 and then the recent RetroArch 1.7.1 PS3 Extended Version (from @Ezio / @Zar). The official team has now dropped version 1.7.2 for all platforms and that includes the ports for the PlayStation 3, PS Vita (PSTV) & PSP. While version 1.7.2 is packed with alot of new changes that applies to all builds there is one feature that is quite interesting with the "Runhead Latency Reduction" feature which the devs say gives better latency then the real hardware, the PS3 is a port that supports this feature and is used as an example within the release notes. You can checkout all these new features and additional details in the release notes provided
Here is a PSP game that was released months ago that might of been missed, I have not seen it reported much but felt like it needed a bit of exposure as we always like new games coming to our homebrew enabled devices. The crew over at RetroGuru who have released Homebrew Games across many devices has a interesting release called HERMES. This game is not just for the PSP but was also released on many platforms . the devs describe this homebrew game as "an extraordinary Jump'n' Run game with plenty of bad taste humour. If you feel offended by crude and dirty humour you may run away now" .
The RetroArch emulation project continues to evolve, now progressing to version 1.7 across most supported platforms. This includes updates for the PS3, PSP & VITA/PSTV with various changes across each port. Looking at the PS3 port there has been some new changes and fixes that included a much improved font rendering, Now HTTP request are working which allows for some features such as Downloads & Core Updater to now be utilized on the PS3 Port & a ton of new changes and fixes. The PSP port seen a number of fixes and improvements, the first task was to get this port working again and a fix to content loading has made the port usable, then also the audio syncing issues have now been resolved. Also 64MB can now be used when avaiable and to round out the PSP changes and to segue in the VITA/PSTV changes the PSP port can now be used on Vita's Adrenaline and also for PS Vita / PlayStation TV you can now enjoy improved installation times and improved packaging of the homebrew: Checkout all the misc. changes and changes to other ports in the full RetroArch v1.7 Changelog
After 1 and half year since exploit release, Davee developer of Infinity for PSP decided to explain how exploit work. To be honest is surprising for me that kind of bug exist in so early boot stage. This giving small hope that someday someone will find similar mistake in ps3 bootldr. But let's read about PSP first.​
We have seen the Vita Homebrew Browser from Arkanite & Devnoname, which is an amazing Homebrew Store for Native Vita Homebrew (Vita / PsTV), it now appearsalso a PSP Homebrew Browser in the works for HENkaku user's and even better nearing a release soon, as Arknanite details some bits of info about this project, as the team is seeking "Music Producers & Sound Designers" for PSPHBB, as detailed in the recent reddit post, so if your an interested party or can lend a hand, be sure to get in contact with these devs,. With this announcement we have some screenshots and details that are quite interesting to say the least about this upcoming vpk. Check it out and be sure to stay tuned for when this release drops (perhaps in the next week). Which will make Installing PSP homebrew on your Vita a breeze, once this drops​
The RetroArch/Libretro Team has released an OPEN BETA for v1.4.1 of the popular multi-system emulator, that spans many platforms. This Open Beta contains a port for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and also the PS Vita / PlayStation TV Port, which does not contain an N64 emulator yet, but it's being worked on. When the announcement of the came of a N64 emu, it was days prior to the work that unlocked GPU which will allow apps like emulators to use the hardware to aid in emulation versus relying on software rendering which even with software rendering the n64 emu did show alot of promises, but no need to perfect the software but instead go after the GPU. So not only should we seen a N64 emu but others systems as well. But that is not what this update is about but i am sure would be one of the first thing looked and asked about in this update so i wanted to give a bit more on the status of that project. Now there is not a PS3
Here is a nice piece of homebrew for you PlayStation Portable users. Those familiar with the PSP scene will remember this plugin from around 2014. It was released by a developer called suloku and then abandoned due to the dev not having the time to revisit the project. Moving to the present we have an updated version
Here is a new homebrew game for various PlayStation devices, Blindness II by Applelo is available on the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Vita TV) & also the PSP. This game is simple in design but its one of those very additives games that will test skills. Checkout all the details of this release in the details provided.
Following the release of BlockOut II developer bomblik has another GekiHEN pending entry in GNU Robbo for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (PSP port available as well), this re-implementation of "The Adventures of Robbo" is a puzzle game as you navigate a robot character through a series of planets, essentially navigating "vertically-scrolling mazes" with a path of objects to dodge and avoid. Get creative as this game also has a built-in level editor.