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It appears the ScummVM Team has officially named developer Cpasjuste as the official "maintainer" of the ScummVM Port, This emulator will take back in time to those classic point and click games, this emulator playing a variety of classic games the full list can be view on the official site ( via the Comparability Chart . The official team (and various unofficial ports) can be seen across many platforms such as the Dreamcast, Windows, PSP, PS3, to just name a few of the supported ports, so its great to see the team officially adopt the PS Vita / PlayStation TV port. View the vita port details and specifics in the release details provided ..​
The latest entry into the GekiHEN Hombrew Contest comes to us from developer Rinnegatamante with another release. OpenSyobon Vita the port of a SMB inspired remake that will leave with a brand new experiance that includes twist with some old flair of the iconic side scroller gameplay. Just when you think you might have these controls mastered, then you realize opps "its not that game". If you want to check this game out in your browser you can give this online version of Syobon Action (aka NekoMario / CatMario), for the Vita / PlayStation TV version for henkaku on 3.60 view the download and details inckuded​
As the GekiHEN Contest is closing developer's are pushing some nice utilities and homebrew before the contest officially comes to a close on March 19th, so be sure to get your submissions in on-time. Following up on the previous release from the ONElua team of gdljjrod & DevdadisNunez with the ARK fast utility the team has now released ONEtranslate and uses Google Translate for the translating. See support languages and other details along with a screenshot demonstrating the translations.
Following the update to Labyrinth-3D v1.3 by developer Rinnegatamante, the dev is back with another update for this community. This time around the vitaHexenII port has received some attention and improvements with the release of v1.1 frame-rate has improved and the inclusion of music with Soundtrack Support should give this port a brand new experience, but in addition to those changes controls has improved to more like another port to the Vita / PS TV vitaQuake also ported by Rinngatamante . Checkout all the details of this release and also be sure to checkout VitaDB, as the title implies its a database (mirrors) of many of vita scene homebrew.
The ONELua Team (gdljjrod & DevdadisNunez) has released ARK Fast which will install ARK-2 for HENkaku user's on firmware 3.60 in a snap. Which some great options that will allow you to clone your bubble for Adrenaline eCFW (if using International Snooker as your base game) which will allow you to use the same base game for both ARK and Adrenaline eCFW for the PSP Emulator that resides in the Vita firmware. View Screenshots and details of this release from Team ONElua
Following the initial release of Project Void which looks like it has tons of potential to being a really great homebrew game for the Vita/Ps TV has seen a recent update as v0.0.2 has been dropped as creator Akabane87 has made some visual improvements to the game fixing and improving various elements that have been outlined in the latest changelog provided.​
As crazy at it sounds its has been a bit since we have seen developer Rinnegatamante with something new for the PsV / PsTV . As his past activities have spoiled us since Homebrew Capabilities on the VITA (PS TV) as there has been alot of amazing projects spanning from a large variety, some of these projects include: Lua Player Plus. vitaQuake, 4Rows,EasyRPG Vita, vitaWolfen. RayCast3D Engine. VitaSudoku, VitaPad, AntiBlacklist, vitaWanted, vitaHexen II, Minicraft, luaIRC & rinCheat SE. Now the developer has a "major update" for one of my personal favorite releases from this dev of Labyrinth 3D v1.3.
Developer @SilicaAndPina has released psvimgtools 0.2 today. For those wondering what this tool is, it is a GUI interface for Team Molecule/Yifanlu's psvimgtools. This is a tool that can be used to decrypt and extract PS Vita backup files (.psvimg) as long as you know the AID of the account that created the backup. This tool works up to firmware 3.63 (As of 3/4/17) and should until a new firmware update arises.
The GekiHEN Contest continues to see some new entries since the deadline expansion of the current running Homebrew Contest for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV / Vita TV, this time around we have another Game Port Zsokoban by gdljjrod using OneLua, this LUA port which is based on the classic Japanese Sokoban is a really fun puzzle game that will having you pushing blocks to solve. Checkout it out.
Developer BenMitnicK updated his VitaToolBox for use on PS Vita Firmware 3.60 (Henkaku) from v1.1 to now v1.2 . VitaToolBox is a Vitashell 1.51 fork with additional features you can call it a AiO or feature rich PS Vita Homebrew in other words. In the latest updates is a VitaIdent screen which i find is very useful because you will find all the information about your PS Vita you need ( for example even your cid and psid are here all in one place). plus in the recent update of v1.21 we see the inclusions of instruction manual added with other additional changes to view in the included v.1.21 changelog​