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Recently PS Vita / PSTV user's who were utilizing the Rejuvenate exploit and using RetroArch may of seen that the Vita/PSTV port was broken recently . Which kind of came at a bad when as the HENkaku exploit is in the fold now, but RetroArch developers are working with Vita Emulator developer. frangar to bring us back a functional port (that has just recently broke with latest version). The first core that has been fixed has been the Genesis Plus GX core that will emulate various Sega Retro Consoles and handhelds such as the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive),Master System, Game Gear and the SG-1000 on the newly released HENkaku exploit that is currently running on firmware v3.60 for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV devices. So take this on the go or on the big screen, replaying your Sega Collections.
Developer SMOKE released a simple mod for Molecular Shell. As you probably already know Molecular Shell based on previously released VitaShell and is installed with HENkaku. MolecularShell is main app to manage files on your freshly hacked Vita/PSTV. With this mod you will get access to all partitions, developer took care of safety for end users so dangerous partitions are read-only. This should prevent from bricks when messing with that files.​
The count is on for the VITA / PSTV Community as developer's molecule ("comprised of Yifan Lu, Davee, Proxima & xyz"), have breaking news as in about 10 hours from writing this news (NOW RELEASED, (2nd source link) ) there will be HOMEBREW CAPABILITIES for everyone!!! (3.60 FW). That is right this group of developer's have been working on a HEN for the Vita and the end result seems like the needed jolt for the Vita homebrew community As this instantly brings more people to the Vita Homebrew Community and more development should be the on the horizon. So what does this mean for Rejuvenate User's, As you are required to update to v3.60 for this HEN to work. According the FAQ
The Libretro Team has updated RetroArch to v1.3.6 for various platforms such as the PS Vita, PSTV (Rejuvenate Port) & PSP..Also, most other platforms seen an update as seen in the official release quote.. Still no news on an updated PS3 port at this time, we will keep you informed of any happenings on that front. Until then there is alot of great updates for several ports and a new N64 Emulator that appears like a huge advancement for the Android community.​
From the Vita developer (Drakon) who brought you VitaJelly recently for rejuvenate is back with a new release "VitaSound" to share with the community. As the dev shares code for playing audio .wav & .ogg files, which may sound a little boring to some user's, but this release could be something very useful for other projects and developer's, such as a "bigger project" that Drakon seems to be working as the dev mentions in the release quote
After the two previous builds of Universal Media Server there have been connectivity issues for certain devices. As usual over here at PSX-Place we cover what our members are using most device wise. Those been, to name a few, the PS4 and PS3 utilising this video streaming app via PC. With that said here is version 6.3.2 of UMS
Following the previous build of Universal Media Server comes yet another update to the video streaming app. What was reported last was improved connectivity to your devices but it seems that it was not the case for many a PS3 or PS4 user. This update, been version, attempts to address the connectivity issues but reading the comments over at the UMS site both PS3 and PS4 users are still having trouble.
In this update to Universal Media Server the developers have fixed a issue with PAL DVD's. Connectivity has also been addressed so you can expect UMS to play better with your devices. Remember that UMS can be used for many devices but the ones we generally find of interest are the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and the PSTV.
New improvements have been made to Lua Player Plus Vita with a new fork from Applelo, this fork contains some new functions to Rinnegatamante original port to the VITA / PSTV., View the new features and detials about this release in the information provided by the developer
SubJunk and team have just released their latest release of Universal Media Server. The update brings further device improvements and a few bug fixes together with updated components such as FFmpeg, MediaInfo and MPlayer.