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Thanks to developer Rinnegatamante the classic first person shooter makes it way to the PS Vita / PlayStationTV (via Rejuvenate Hacks), This version comes with the shareware version of the game, but if you have the full version the ".PAK" files can easy be swapped to enjoy your full version. See full details of this recent release[break]ss[/break] below:


Developer Joel16 is back with some impressive (EXPERIMENTAL) updates for the CyanogenPSP project, that the developer hopes to see a port for the Vita (Rejuvenate) in the future. The developer has recently been working on several Experimental builds continuing the project and adding some new features and functionality while also cleaning up some older issues from the project. This has became an impressive project for the PSP and is gathering alot of attention for the potential this could have on both the PS Vita nd PlayStation Vita. Additional details[break]sss[/break] of this release and project can be found in this thread located in the forums.


Once again this utility has had another name change. The previous update it was called VitaButtonTester while this build it's dubbed VitaTester. In version 1.1 the utility has had a GUI overhaul and adds some further analog measurements.[break].[/break]


Changelog v 1.1:

Downloads & Source: github
Here is always a useful utility to see on any homebrew enabled device as Sony seems to never include this simple utility that test your buttons to see if they are operating as they should, as we all have had to replace a controller or two before. Vita developer SMOKE has released for the Rejuvenate exploit, A PS Vita hombrew utility called VitaButtonTester and has made a few small updates since it's initial release a few days ago, [break]ss[/break] Full details about this utility can be seen below:

Vita Button Tester.PNG

: /​
As we recently reported of a VITA / PSTV port of RetroArch that was under development from the official team. Since the time of that annoucement there has been significant progress on the project in the last couple of weeks. The team has now announced they have started Nightly Releases for this new port for RetroArch (frontend) and it's libretro core (emulators). The Nightly Releases are consider TESTING builds [break]sss[/break] as they are auto compiled at the end of each day hints the term "Nightly Releases" and some auto-compiled releases could cause procblems at times while in devlopment. So if you are easily discourage when you run into bugs, then you should await for when this port makes an official release.


Several weeks ago Vita developer skogaby released a Work in Progress build of Snes9xVita, since that time the emulator port has matured to version v1.0.0 with plenty of improvements since that initial WIP build. The emulator has the ability to utilized the unlocked 444MHz that Rejuvenate v0.3.3 brought. Also the ability to Save and Load game states is working, along with a nice UI and other features [break]ddd[/break] seen in the logs provided in the release quote found below:


Well seems the Vita is the newest hotspot for homebrew these days on the PS Vita thanks to Rejuvenate. So here is the first native GBA emulator thanks to developer endright and seems to be seeing numerous updates at a daily pace. Please note the developer has also ported this to the 3DS and Wii as well. Please keep in mind this is only for GBA and GB/GBC games and is unsupported. If you are looking for that then please see xerpi's Realboy emulator.


Download: mGBA Alpha 4 / MirrorDeveloper: endrift
SRC Code:...
It seems the Vita scene is absolutely on fire as of late with tons of new apps and information being released. Seems Proxima has released yet another of the PS Vita's keys. (index.dat & HMAC keysets) cfwprophet is here with another tool to help implement its use for the Vita end users. I hope to see more of this from the scene [break].[/break]as they have proven it is a very capable system and some of the devs behind or beloved PS3's are now migrating to the Vita scene. Exciting times seem to be ahead especially with cooperation instead of segregation. Maybe an end to the petty feuds over ego that have plagued the scene since the PSP 6.20 HEN days, only time will tell. Till then lets enjoy the ride and see just how far these guys can take the "legacy" system Sony seems to have left behind.


Here is the index.dat keysets if you would like to add them to your Vita keys folder as this application only contains the HMAC keyset.

index.dat    1.00-1.691    37FA4ED2B6618B59B34F770FBB92947B    06CC2E8FD40805A736F17CF2C13D58A6C8CF107E9E4A66AE25D39CA21C2531CC
index.dat    1.80+    37FA4ED2B6618B59B34F770FBB92947B    272AE4378CB06BF3F658F51C77ACA2769BE87FB19BBF3D4D6B1B0ED226E39CC6

Developers Major_Tom and Mr.Gas released EML File Generator last month it's a tool used on your PC that will allow you to write files directly to the PS Vita & PSTV's memory cards. Well it seems cfwprophet has added another update to this nifty tool that allows for drop and drag support. The steps required is to use the tool to select a file that you want to write, insert the desired path and then generate the EML file. After that use a email trick to do the rest. [break].[/break]You can find a tutorial here. Recent updates bring the tool to version 0.4 with some improvements.


Download: EML File Generator 0.4
Developer: cfwprophet
SRC Code: github (via cfwprophet)
For additional information & details on PS Vita/PSTV see this link in the...
As the Rejuvenate exploit continues to evolve on the PS Vita and also the PlayStation TV (aka VitaTV), it has been attracting development in various areas and the latest project to be announced is a Vita/PSTV port of RetroArch. The other day I was searching on the libretro forums and came across this thread, where someone was asking about a Vita port, sadly the devs could not develop a port without a PS Vita that they did not posses . So the staff here at did the next best thing and donated a PlayStationTV[break]ss[/break] so development could begin on the PSTV and Vita as they have very similar hardware.

Recently as that development has began there has been some progress made public by libretro developer hunterk as he details some of the movements made by Squarepusher (aka TwinAphex) and xerpi on these ports. An interesting detail that was shared is that the port does have dynarec support, something it's PS3 counterpart has been lacking.. So great news for Retro Fans who want to play those classics on your current hardware in the future. Keep in mind this is still early and could take some polishing as you are talking about many cores (emulators) but nonetheless this is very exciting news for the Vita Homebrew Community.

RetroArch Vita.jpg