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Developer Rinnegatamante bringing PSTV users another useful homebrew
AntiBlacklist - Advanced whitelister homebrew

This tool is supporting both V1 and V2 patches and also have ability to remove v2 patches. All this packed with well known vpk file format for henkaku users.​
Rinnegatamante is back at again with a new Homebrew Game introduced to HENkaku with the release of VitaSudoku. The developer wrote the game using the Lua Player Plus (Vita), The engine was just ported to HENkaku last week also by Rinnegatamante who continues to release almost daily applications for the Vita This one of those fun addicting games. Give it a go on your exploited PlayStation TV or PS Vita systems.
Seems Vita developer xyz of Team molecule has been busy again for all of us, making a native Vita app thst allows offline install and activation of the famous HENkaku exploit. It also now includes and uses TheFl0w's vitaShell v0.7. Here is what the team had to say about it.

First FTP PBOOT.PBP (it now looks for PSP/VHBL for apps not PSP/GAME) into PSP base game of your choice. As of FW 3.60 only LocoRoco Midnight Carnival and Petz Saddle Club are the only two working free PSP demo's one can still get from NA PSN. I used Talkman Tokyo as it is only 18mb and I owned the game. This is an unrestricted PBOOT so works for demo's, mini's and full games. Has been edited to install homebrew into PSP/VHBL which will allow you to create gamesaves for emu's like gPSP. While we can write freely using HENkaku via FTP the apps inside PSP/GAME where most guides are set to run from using HENkaku can but not apps/emu's thus kinda making them utterly pointless so this remedies all those issues.

Ok guys this is a replacement for the official molecularShell update. It simply swaps out the original app (or SMOKE's mod) for vitaShell v0.7. This has more privileges and access to more of the Vita/PSTV's file system even the save data. There is a small catch this can't be installed if you are running molecularShell. I didn't like having vitaShell and molecularShell installed as the same time. SMOKE's mod added some more access but still some things were restricted, these were removed when TheFl0w updated his app which the official one was built off of, things like being able to background the FTP process while being able to still use the file manager and even direct access to the save data.
So, It appears Sony has released the HENkaku disabler or otherwise known as VITA / PSTV firmware update 3.61. So if you wanting to enjoy HENkaku homebrew that grows larger by the day. You SHOULD NOT update to firmware v3.61 . As this firmware does patch and disables the HENkaku Exploit, now HENkaku user's for a limited time (fcouple weeks at most ) can still use VitaUpdateBlocker to access PSN, however note accessing PSN on a exploited system does pose a risk of a possible ban, so you been warned. Sony has changed the usual "Improved System Stability" from the usual patch updates, Over at Sony HQ they say the HENkaku disabler (3.61 Firmware) actually "improves the quality of the system performance.".
Everyone loves a little eye candy whether its walking down the street or other visuals we can all enjoy a good view and ACviper has just that for the LiveArea on the PS Vita / PSTV running the Exploit that is taking the scene by storm in HENkaku. ACViper has provided new icons and LiveArena backgrounds that look very clean and professional for various emulators and several other homebrew apps as well, Plus a Tutorial has been provided for adding your own custom text.
Team molecule the group of developer's behind the recent HENkaku exploit for the PS Vita and PSTV, has released the files needed to run HENkaku Offline on your own server. Well known developer / hacker Yifanlu (of Team molecule) has posted on his personal blog. Details about how a future source code will be released, as the developer has also issues a KOTH challenge to hacker to reverse this exploit and explain how it works inturn the team (molecule) will release source code and also something "very special" for the Vita Community.You can read more about this KOTH challenge issued by team molecule here
Here is an interesting release as theToolchain + Open Source SDK (PSDK3, originall for the PS3) has been updated with the update being based off Estwald's PSDK3v2 from Scene contributor @zecoxao to provide vitasdk support. Various tools are included: curl, vtasdk, vita_portlibs,ftpvita,vita2d, psp2link, & debugnet to round out the included tools. Also, PSX-Place staff member @kozarvv has released a user-friendly Tutorial showing how you can compile the latest homebrew. See full details on this information and links included.​
Rinnegatamante is back again with a new release to HENkaku for PS Vita and also of course the PlayStation TV (PSTV) or in other regions known as simply the Vita TV. This new release hopefully spawns many future releases, as RayCast3D is a 3D Game Engine for the PS Vita (pstv) that runs under the Lua Player Plus which was recently ported to HENkaku. The intriguing aspect about this Engine that is will generate a 3d world from a 2d map. So without any knowledge of 3d rendering you can use your 2d know-how to create a 3d environment. There is a sample app and outlined of features and other information provided by a very busy developer which various release such as EasyRPG Maker, VitaWOLFEN VitaQuake & Lua Plus Player are just some the releases from this developer since the HENkaku exploit was released