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Developer wonre updated his homebrew game to add henkaku compatibility.
Tactic Miner is a 2D action game, basing on your reflex and skills you need to find way to move thru the screens and evade bugs that are everywhere. You are equipped into a flashlight that help you scary off bugs and clean your way thru next screen.

Game is suitable also for youngest players, as the developer mentioned game not involving any killing (even the final boss).​
Vita / PlayStation TV developer Rinnegatamante brings us some additional homebrew for HENkaku. Now vitaWolfen joins other classic's already on HENkaku such as Doom & Quake, as now the 3 series that defined and started first person shooter is now on the Vita / PSTv.​
Here is a new and clean looking Tetris clone by GBOT to hit PS Vita / PSTV system's running the latest exploit to explode on the homebrew community with Team Molecule's HENkaku, that recently (today as of writing this) has a new domain of, as issues arose with the original domain (see news).. milie Tetris appears to be an excellent clone of the classic tetris.
While we have seen the domain of the HENkaku exploit change from to now, there was also some other news from Team molecule about the HENkaku as Team member Yifanlu, says in celebration of 30,000 unique installs the developers have pushed an update to implement dynarec support, which as you seen the POC DeSumeME (Nintendo DS) emulator released running in Interpreter mode, will now be able to potentialy support the new implemented dynarec, so that puzzle piece is place for HENkaku. However, there is still much work to be done for developer to support the dynarec for each given emulator, as does not magically work.. If you recall the PS3 (CFW) has a dynarec support implemented as well ,but never really was utilized because of the architectural of the PS3 Hardware, but the good news for the Vita / PSTV user's the hardware it much more friendlier for porting emulators, rather then having to do completely new re-writes to support the dynarec. While I am no developer, it should make things easier but
If you are a current HENkaku user's please take note that the molecule Team has announced a new domain, No longer will the domain be the place you want to access the HENkaku exploit. As the domain has been blacklisted. So the team in response has now opened the new domain of to solve this issue of the domain getting wrongly blacklisted. Rather then wait for a lengthy appeal process that they would surely prevail (as the site is clean), the team decided this would be a much faster route. So thanks goes out to molecule team once again !!!
RetroArch developers announced that beta release for PS3 and PS Vita/PSTV is here:
Today we are releasing a beta version of RetroArch 1.3.6+ (latest snapshot, release candidate for 1.3.7) for the Playstation3 and PS Vita. Be sure to thank frangarcj for the latter since he went through the trouble of making sure we could make the jump from Rejuvenate to HENKaku in swift order.​
Numpty Physics for Playstation Vita is based on PSP port by rock88. Ported this time by developer meetpatty to newest Playstation handheld. This gravity driven puzzle game is now available to every henkaku user of PS Vita. Developer meetpatty, released new version adding latest Vita henkaku exploit compatibility. Old features of this port added by meetpatty like touchscreen support are still there.​
A new VITA / PSTV (HENkaku) Homebrew is released as developer dots_tb ports psp2048, this puzzle game will have your brain spinning as your try and decide your best moves to achieve that 2048 tile. If you are a 2048 fan then this is must have, if your not a fan give it try and you might find yourself suddenly addicted to this game.
Vita Scene developer Major_Tom. provides new information for the decryption of PS Vita Digital Games / DLC & Savedata has arosen in a pastie from the developer, The decryption is achieved through exploiting the Game Update process. Which is also the method used for Game Modding as the also provides a great tutorial for that. Seems like the Vita / PSP Scene is now getting the Rejuvenation that Rejuvenate failed to capture.
Here is a new project for the HENkaku exploit on the PS Vita / PSTV that emulation user's may be pleased to hear, DeSmuME (Nintendo DS) emulator gets a HENkaku port by developer masterfeizz, This release is not a polished release by any means and the performance is not what many would consider enjoyable, as its running in full interpreted mode. So its more of a project to keep an eye on to see how it evolves and hopefully we see a working DeSmuME emulator on the PS Vita / PSTV for the HENkaku exploit. For those interested there is released vpk to test. Tell us your thoughts on this project in the comments​