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Here it is, latest update for VitaShell. v0.95 is first update available also thru automatic network update option implemented in v0.91. Latest version added text editor, "install all" feature for vpk files, extended quick menu, and many more. This version have also included some improvements for Vitamin users, and build in SHA1 checksum calculator. VitaShell is growing fast into best henkaku exploited consoles application, must have homebrew.
nuagedan100, member of logic-sunrise site made tool to simplify creating themes for your VitaShell aio app. Tool allow you to step by step theme creation. Including selecting background from file and resizing it to needed resolution, creating colors.txt with allowed selectable values. At last step we can check how theme is looking in included preview page and send it by ftp to our Vita or create theme files.​
Considering the usefulness of 3DSident, PSPident and PS2ident, I decided on making a similar project for PS Vita. VITAident is a tool inspired by PSPident - which was originally developed by Jas0nuk and later updated by Yoti. The tool was used to obtain more information about your PSP's motherboard, firmware etc. Similarly the VITA version - VITAident aims to display more information about your PS VITA. It is currently a work in progress.
Today developer Llop1s released at his github an application called FTP PSVita VPK Installer b1.0. This app combines a ftp client and vpk installer. Tool is sending small vpk file with needed files like eboot.bin, param.sfo, and images for live area, and after installing that file rest of vpk is copied thru ftp. So using this automated way we don't need to have doubled free space on memory card to install vpk.​
Henkaku was updated to release 5 today, to fix game saves issues that some users experienced. But sadly due to that improvement team molecule removed other important feature that caused mentioned game saves problems. Due to that henkaku lost its firmware update blocking feature, .
Last but not least changelog entry is integrated latest VitaShell.
Developer TheFlow, has just within the last hour of writing this news dropped a new update to VitaShell. In version 0.90. This update has various contributions for themes, features and translations. psx-place members will recognize our good friend @littlebalup . Checkout more details and other contributions from some great users around the community about this update by viewing the latest changelog hot off the presses
This PS Vita / PSTV release for the HENkaku exploit has been involved in it's fair share of drama this week. It all started with a new group with the alias as "Team FreeK" who showed a POC video of a Plugin being used and a Backup Manager in action using HENkaku.. Several days later, we seen a leaked version released arise, but this was not the version that was touted on the video. . As it turned out to be an earlier version given to the leaker (A Tester),. So, long story short the team disbanded and several well known developers left the scene due to the leak as then the team exposed themselves. While one of Team FreeK's members TheFlow decided to release the Official Version​
Team molecule is here with another update to their henkaku homebrew enabler. Yifan Lu one of henkaku developers twitted about that minor update. But it is really only minor update? No, is huge update that give you ability to test out henkaku without memory card on Vita an PSTV with build-in 1GB storage. 1GB is enough to keep most homebrew and emulators, so now you can start your henkaku journey without expensive memory cards. And later decide that you need to pay Sony for overpriced memory card or 1GB is enough for you.
Dr. Rinnegatamante is back with the true vitamin for the Vita Scene, as the "doc" prescribed to the Vita Community a 3D Homebrew game created with the RayCast3DEngine, which was also ported to HENkaku by Rinnergatmante a couple weeks ago. Labyrinth 3D is the developer's first attempt at a 3D game and the main objective is to find the exit in these 3D mazes, Check it out !!!
When a console gets hacked many theorist come to a quick conclusion that the device is headed for a future demise and we simply have not seen that become the case over various devices that have been exploited, even though that seems to be the public perception. Many times exploits and hacks can increase sales in software and also in hardware. In the case of the Vita / PSTV's history we have seen it spark software purchases in the masses (to enable an exploit) and we have also seen it spark hardware sales as well. As more advance exploits such as Rejuvenate & now even more the case with HENkaku ..