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Team molecule is here with another update to their henkaku homebrew enabler. Yifan Lu one of henkaku developers twitted about that minor update. But it is really only minor update? No, is huge update that give you ability to test out henkaku without memory card on Vita an PSTV with build-in 1GB storage. 1GB is enough to keep most homebrew and emulators, so now you can start your henkaku journey without expensive memory cards. And later decide that you need to pay Sony for overpriced memory card or 1GB is enough for you.
Dr. Rinnegatamante is back with the true vitamin for the Vita Scene, as the "doc" prescribed to the Vita Community a 3D Homebrew game created with the RayCast3DEngine, which was also ported to HENkaku by Rinnergatmante a couple weeks ago. Labyrinth 3D is the developer's first attempt at a 3D game and the main objective is to find the exit in these 3D mazes, Check it out !!!
When a console gets hacked many theorist come to a quick conclusion that the device is headed for a future demise and we simply have not seen that become the case over various devices that have been exploited, even though that seems to be the public perception. Many times exploits and hacks can increase sales in software and also in hardware. In the case of the Vita / PSTV's history we have seen it spark software purchases in the masses (to enable an exploit) and we have also seen it spark hardware sales as well. As more advance exploits such as Rejuvenate & now even more the case with HENkaku ..
Rinnegatamante still impressing Vita scene with his contributions. This time developer updated VitaPad to add Linux support (port by nyorem). And configurable button input for both windows and linux server side apps. This is also one of first apps that is using eboot safety rating for end-user provided with new Henkaku update. So now the application uses a safe eboot (read more).
Console Developer/Hacker Yifan Lu of Team Molecule has announced the latest HENkaku with Release 3 that will allow for 3.61 PSN Spoofing abilities. While this method is likely to get patched in the next Sony "stability" firmware release, Until then, HENkaku user's can now once again enjoy PSN on either your PS Vita or PlayStation TV (Vita TV) that is running the HENkaku exploit. There is some important information you may want to look at and some information developer's may want to pay attention to as well. How long do think this PSN spoofing method will last sound off in the comments section
Well known Vitashell application created by TheFlow get new update. Most important change is lack of support for 7zip and rar files. All that is to add support for zip/vpk files bigger than 2GB. Next thing are new customization options, user can have own background image or change default background color.

Starting from version 0.7 Vitashell have support for most recent Vita/PSTV native exploit henkaku. Now also with possibility to be translated to many languages, because is another thing that is included in VitaShell 0.8. Custom translation files that can be done for every language that is currently supported by Vita/PSTV firmware.​
@Orion is back with a new update to Vita Toolbox as version 0.2 is released, following the initial release of the of Vita Toolbox, In this update a new background was created by psx-place member @Berion, Orion adds new functions and incorporates some scene releases into this AIO solution, new functions include adding dumping the Vita IDPS and also the ability to switch to IDU mode (but be warned IDU mode has some dangers). You can view all the details and other changes presented in v0.2 in the release quote provided by Orion.​
Developer crait has released the latest Homebrew Game for HENkaku; Chicken Launcher which is a spin off of "Kitten Cannon", The concept of this game is quite easy as in this simple but joyful title, your goal it to launch a the chicken the farthest distances as possible, Hi-Score is supported, so see how far you can launch (not lunch) that chicken, aim for the TNT and avoid the spikes in this latest homebrew release for HENkaku.
Developer some1 well known for his PSP scene contributions, released RegistryEditor v1.0 for PS Vita/PSTV consoles with henkaku exploit. Is tool that help us to edit PS(T)V registry right on screen. No need for pc, all "registry hacks" can be done now from your handheld or PSTV itself.

Tool is for advanced users as messing with system registry can make serious problems for your console, if done incorrectly. Make sure that you know what you are doing before using that. It's look like this tool is also able to edit devkit and testkit registry, but for now we can't use not-retail registry settings for retail consoles, so we can only edit retail registry settings. But maybe in future we can reach DEX settings on CEX like Rebug on PS3.​
Freakler one of administrators hackinformer site developed PSVident. Tool that bring all your Vita/PSTV info in to one place. App have very nostalgic design for first psp users, interface is looking very similar to well known PSPident application for PSP.

This small app have very extended functionality, you can check: vita version, idps, psn login/password information, battery info, and many more that until now was hard to obtain. Not need for vita registry check on pc, just run app on your Vita/PSTV and all info is there. Is early version so bugs are there, or my pstv have not so small battery (~2000mAh), but most of things is already working very good.​