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Another World Vita is another project done by developer enriquesomolinos for PS Vita and Playstation TV. After releasing REminiscence Vita, developer decided to port another classic to Henkaku enabled consoles. Another World, also known as Out of This World in North America and Outer World in Japan. Is a platformer action-adventure game designed by Éric Chahi for Delphine Software. The game tells a story of Lester, a young scientist who, as a result of an experiment gone wrong, finds himself in a dangerous alien world where he is forced to fight for his survival.​
Last time when we reported release of beta build RetroArch Vita, a lot of thing wasn't working yet. But even then there was visible progress since Rejuvenate hack releases. Today after almost two months from our latest report, a lot of new things are done. Playstation 1 emulation is finally working, and users reporting that even games that not working on official Sony emulator from 3.18 FW are working now. 4 player support on PS TV with RetroArch Vita, and Tyrquake is now working. Many new emulators, and many optimizations done to old ones.​
PS VITA / PS TV Game Shrinker by Dakor
Developer Dakor has released a useful homebrew utility that runs on the PS Vita / PsTV, and happens to be one of the latest entries into the GekiHEN homebrew competition. Game Shrinker will shrink various aspect of your games by removing manuals, languages, videos and more to save space, as space is a premium on the PS Vita and PlayStation TV devices. Checkout all the details from the developer about this latest Vita Utility for HENkaku.​
Here it is, third entry in GekiHEN contest. ONElua Vita, well known lua language interpreter from PSP is now available also for Playstation Vita and Playstation TV. ONElua team - gdljjrod, davis, robert galarga not only ported interpreter itself, but also released some public available samples and file explorer. But what exactly is this? Having this tool (interpreter) developers can simply create homebrew writen in LUA language that will be able to run on PS Vita / PSTV Hardware with henkaku. Is awesome because LUA is easy but powerful programming language. This will give developers without advanced knowledge about Vita programming, chance to make homebrew for it.​
TheFlow has been an active VITA / PsTV developer finding many things and unlocking various things such as the PSPemu we just reported about previous to writing this news, but in recent days the developer has also released this POC, as TheFlow stated on his official twitter "Settings+ is a small proof of concept only. Interesting for developers and reverse engineers" but by the looks of it could lead to some interesting new functions possiable modding to the LiveArena from the video Demo presented by the TheFlow. The developer has the source up on Github, so hopefully we see other developer's contribute some new functions.
Vita / PsTV developer TheFlow is back with some new news regarding HENkaku as the dev has unlocked the PSPemu on HENkaku. This means that eCFW (with plugin support) and PSP backup support is now just around the corner as this is a needed task for things to progress, but TheFlow wont manage to achieve all of what is needed to progress things, so the developer is asking for other devs to lend a helping hand.​
Developer soywiz created "Desktop tool for listing and uploading games and homebrew applications to PSVITA without the size requirements of uploading the whole VPK and extracting it later." App is writen in kotlin/java so is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also version for Windows is now available in .exe format, so is more user friendly for everyone not familiar with Java (.jar) executables.
Developer TheFlow updated his all-in-one homebrew to version 1.2. VitaShell is absolute must have for every Playstation Vita and PSTV user that is running henkaku exploit. In this release of Vita Shell we can find new Toolbox (start button), ability to "export" media like photo and music to be visible also in official Vita apps. And many more. Also now VitaShell will remove unused updater bubble after successful updating to keep live area clean.
When vita was hacked on 3.60 by molecule team, VPK file was introduced. VPK is kind of package file based on zip deflate algorithm. Only disadvantage was that VPK file need to be downloaded outside of vita system, and then transferred to Vita by ftp. This limitation is now squashed. Developer SMOKE created tool to allow you direct download and install from haxxey VPK Mirror site. So is very similar functionality like on XMBPD for PS3 users.
Developer endrift has updated the mGBA emulator to version 0.5.0 for various platforms including the PS Vita / PlayStation TV port for HENkaku. The developer is calling this a :Major Feature Release" and for good reason as Gameboy & Gameboy Color Support has been added to go along with its Gameboy Advance emulation. Plus, the developer has added a number of great features such as PSTV Rumble Support, UI Control Mapping, and various bug fixes. This is a huge update and many more changes found for each platform. Tell us your thoughts on this latest update for the mGBA emulator.