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As the recent PS Vita exploits have allowed for native homebrew, we have seen various emulators and some other brew created, Today we would like to show you a TEST Release (by developer frangarcj) of a Neo Geo Pocket (Color) Emulator called RaceVita. This release does comes with some issues such as Sound and other features not working, but the [break]ss[/break] purpose of this release is to show more homebrew for the vita and for the developer to get some results from tested roms from the community. Checkout all the details of this release in the quote below:


Following all the native PS Vita homebrew news here is another blast from the not so distant past. A ePSP exploit for the PS Vita. Xmax Katsu released, via his Twitter feed, the exploit for the game Puzzle Scape. The exploit is said to be compatible with Sony's latest firmware 3.52 update and below but due to it been a MINIS game exploit it is restricted to 24MB of memory. We will have to wait and see what gets ported to it. [break].[/break]VHBL is most likely in the cards, so if you want to purchase the game and give it a try then just keep the memory limitations of this one in mind.


Source: xmax katsu
You can view other PS Vita ePSP exploits here and also be sure to check out the PSM related homebrew here.
We have been reporting allot of emulators for the PS Vita Lately. A quick recap for those can be found on our front pages. These include RealBoy Vita, Chip-8 and HandyVITA. Next up, which I admit was released a few days ago, is the NES emulator called NES4Vita. Ported by Smoke this work in progress emulator is not without its bugs so be sure to keep an eye out for updates.


Developers Major_Tom and Mr.Gas released something very neat late last month which I think is definitely worth mentioning. It's a tool used on your PC that will allow you to write files directly to the PS Vita's memory card. The steps required is to use the tool to select a file that you want to write, insert the desired path and then generate the EML file. After that use a email trick to do the rest. [break].[/break]You can find a tutorial here. Recent updates bring the tool to version 0.3 with some improvements.

eml file gen.png

Download: EML File Generator 0.3

Source Code: github

Source: customprotocol
We reported the porting of HandyVITA a few days ago and as you will see developer frangarcj has been busy updating it. The emulator has seen four revisions since then and the improvements are coming along nicely. The update bring GPU scaling, a menu and some tweaks to the sound. We will be keeping an eye on this one for sure.


Following the VitaHelloWorld Homebrew Example released by Vita Homebrew developer xerpi, the developer has created the first native homebrew emulator to run on the PS Vita. The Chip-8 emulator as shown in the pic below playing the classic Pong,T[strike]There does not seem to be a release for this at this current time[/strike], but it seems developer's are making progress and things can only get better. This looks to be the start [break]ss[/break] alot of great homebrew development on the PS Vita. A welcome sight to many PS Vita fans.


Download via:

Appears we have some big news coming out the PS Vita seen as developer Yifan Lu has shown "a native homebrew platform" for the PS Vita, Dubbed "Rejuvenate" by the developer this native PS Vita hack will allow for native homebrew according to the developer, This hack will require you to have PlayStation Mobile Development Assistant which if you do not have this, the developer says get on it quick as Sony will remove this. Checkout all the details from the developer quote [break]ss[/break] below:

Update :The app has been removed by Sony. Yifan Lu finds a bypass ---> Yifan Lu | How To Register and Download for PSM (Shutdown Bypass)


(Update: System Update v3.51 is now LIVE ) -- Sony has announced that PS Vita (& PlayStation TV) will be getting a new firmware update with the release of v3.51 for both devices. According to Sony's official statements via the EU PlayStation Twitter account this is a Minor update to improve system stability, no official date has been announced but it should come anytime as sony says "Coming Soon". [break]ss[/break]


Here is something interesting for PS Vita users. Developer mr.gas, who just recently showcased a proof of concept that allowed unplayable games to run on the PlayStation TV, has shown that he is able to decrypt the save data of Final Fantasy X HD from his PS Vita. He goes on to mention that he is as of now unable to re-encrypt the save data, [break].[/break]so that will be the next hurdle for the developer and we might see our first native PS Vita hacks that everyone is waiting in anticipation for.


Download & Source: mr.gas via wololo/talk
Here is an interesting Proof of Concept (POC) from mr.gas that could make the PlayStation TV (Vita TV) a bit more attractive as shown in the video provided. Vita Games that are normally blocked by Sony from working on the PlayStation TV can in-deed work on the device with a trick discovered by mr.gas that involves manipulation of Sony's white-list that is uses to restrict some games playing on the Vita purposely. In this demonstration mr.gas shows Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Street Fighter X Tekken and others playable on the PS TV running firmware 3.36.. [break]sss[/break] This is exciting news for the device and it's really unclear why Sony is limited what the device can do purposely when it's in the best interest of the device to play these titles. View all the details and below and via the source provided below for full details: