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TheFlow pushed small update to VitaShell, but small update can bring big features. New version added long desired 'Properties' feature to quick menu, also there you can check that file is fake self or retail one, and if is fself then check is safe or not. Of course you can find there also simple info about checked file, like name, size, creation/modification date. Another new feature is file and folders sorting not only by name, but also by size, or date. Like You can see is small update with only two line changelog, but added features are very useful for some users.​
Joel16 is back with a new update to the original Vita identification tool called VITAindent, With an update progressing the Homebrew Utility to version 0.4 as developer Joel16 adds additional improvements since adding a GUI version in the v0.3 update. In v0.4 better model detection and additional displaying of information like displaying of internal storage has been some of the additions found in this update,​
Here is a utility for the Vita community called Application Storage Manager by Lupo511, this utility takes advantage of the extra free space on the internal storage on various PS Vita & PlayStation TV [vita tv], something we have seen psx-place's own @atreyu187 make mention of a few times and outlined in the recent thread "Need Extra data for your Vita / PsTv" that contains some interesting details in how Sony iblocks off access completely for some models despite the space being there. This utility from lupo511 makes moving apps easy from internal storage to the Vita memory card a breeze.
Since we our initial report and some sequential update to follow of Vita Moonlight we have seen several updates in the Alpha stages of the project that have added both functionality and improved quality over time. Now with the latest update from developer d3m3vilurr , the dev graduates the project to version v0.1 removing the "Alpha" status alongside. In recent alpha builds we seen a new GUI added along with many improvements to make setup easier for your PS Vita or PlayStation TV (vita TV) devices running the HENkaku exploit on 3.60 firmware.
Developer soywiz started few days ago his new VitaEmu project, but shortly before that He found time to update his VitaOrganizer to version 0.6.0. Changelog is impressive, You can find there many new features, improvements, and fixes. If You already not aware of that, VitaOrganizer is PC tool to manage your Vita/PSTV. Very handy for small capacity memory cards users, because it will allow You to install vpk files without need to transfer them first to memory card. Is also great tool to manage your installed and not installed games and apps. One of main improvements in this version is possibility to convert MaiDumps into vpk files, support for "update" vpk files, and hotspot feature (just for windows) that allow quickly create a unique wifi hosted network with a SSID and PASS directly from the app for direct sending without Internet connection.
Developer TheFlow took small break from developing Adrenaline PSP eCFW, and updated his VitaShell to version 1.4. Safety feature added in this update will help You to avoid brick by searching for dangerous functions in package during installing it. This release also brings adjustable compression level for zip files created in VitaShell, fix for files permissions moved from ux0:video and more. Update is available also directly from VitaShell, all you need to do is start application from LiveArea and wait for update.
Since our last report on VPKviewer leecherman the creator and developer behind the tool has released two new updates recently, with the releases of v0.3b and v0.4b adding various Toolbar Improvements & various Improvements along the way spawing over these two updates, As you can see the new progress and changes in the screenshots provided shows the developer has been putting in some time on improving this utility. Additional details on this useful utility for editing & viewing your VPK files can be seen in the detials provided,.​
Developer @Markus95 has stopped by our site today to drop off a little gift for the Vita community. We all know Markus for his various Paintown mods for the PS3 some of more recent ones included Dragon Ball Paintown & .Resident Evil Operations . Well here is a Vita Game created with Lua Player Plus (vita) called Resident Evil CODE Vita (Beta 0.2), this is a shooter that is alot of fun (if you like shooters). If have played Super Hero Chronicles (if not you should) for HENkaku, then you might be familiar with some of the gameplay as that engine was used in creation of this completely new game that has spawned.​
Vita developer Red who recently released The Binding Of Isaac Game Mod Installer has now released a very simple standalone FTP utility called FTPlaystation. This utility was created with Lua Player Plus (Vita) and is simply for transferring files between the PC and Vita. It does not currently have a file explorer on the Ps Vita side, just a quick simple FTP alternatives to VitaShell. If you have a feature idea's or requests. Let the developer know in the comment section below and possible your request will be accommodated in a future update
Redsquirrel86 is back following the initial release of Custom Themes Manager (CTM), with the release of version 2.0 the developer has created some new features that will allow you to use your own Custom Themes from a local folder, unlike in version 1.00 where your choice was from the download database that contained over 180+ Custom Themes. .There is a lot of changes and addition in this newly released VPK , checkout all the details of this application below.​