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Well if you are like me and have been eagerly awaiting a way to use external storage space seems it may be closer than we all think. Vita Developer "TheFlow" has not said if this is specifically for the PlayStation TV or the PS Vita. It could be for both systems for all I know as he is known for being cryptic and sarcastic but the picture does display a television and the new feature he has added into VitaShell. So for now keep your fingers crossed and hope this is for both. If anything else should arrive at as always I will keep you informed.​
Well I reported earlier this week famed Vita hacker Yifan Lu released Netcheck Bypass that allowed certain apps or games to be used again like Vita Media Server. It did not however allow one to use PS4 Link on your system. While the theory was it was a "token" used to activate this it seems that simply was not the case.

Well now the hacker has written up a nice little guide on how to use this feature again with a little work on the end users side. It should be noted the Netcheck Bypass can still be used to bypass the annoying nag screen prompting for PSN sign in with this guide
The RetroArch/Libretro Team has released an OPEN BETA for v1.4.1 of the popular multi-system emulator, that spans many platforms. This Open Beta contains a port for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and also the PS Vita / PlayStation TV Port, which does not contain an N64 emulator yet, but it's being worked on. When the announcement of the came of a N64 emu, it was days prior to the work that unlocked GPU which will allow apps like emulators to use the hardware to aid in emulation versus relying on software rendering which even with software rendering the n64 emu did show alot of promises, but no need to perfect the software but instead go after the GPU. So not only should we seen a N64 emu but others systems as well. But that is not what this update is about but i am sure would be one of the first thing looked and asked about in this update so i wanted to give a bit more on the status of that project. Now there is not a PS3
PS VITA / PS TV Happy Land by MyLegGuy
If you have not heard already the GekiHEN Homebrew Competition for the PS Vita & PlayStation TV has been extended to March 19. Over the past 6 months we have seen the Vita Community roll off some great homebrew applications and even before that with the Rejuvenate exploit that precluded the now famous henkaku (& taihen) exploits. Now the trend continues at a steady pace as MyLegGuy is the one of the latest to develop a new homebrew game and this one is titled Happy Land. Checkout all the details of this latest brew for the VITA./ PS TV​
A while back I reported using your PS Vita as a controller for your Android devices. The developer behind VitaMote has now released another app. This app, also for Android, will allow you to use your android device as a screen for your PS Vita. The app, used with RinCheat, is called VitaView and is in what the developer calls "pre-stage".​
A new update to Resident Evil Code Vita was made by its creator @Markus95 who is well known for various game mods for different games, you may recall some of the PS3 work with the paintown total conversion mods.. Now the developer has informed us that his latest creation has been updated to version 0.4 with some significant progress. RECV is using the engine from another PS Vita / PS TV homebrew in Super Hero Chronicles and is a Lua based project built with Lua Player Plus (vita) .
Here is a new GekiHEN Contest submission, if you have not heard the homebrew competition for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (gekihen) has been extended to March 19th. This new homebrew game by developer Akabane87 titled Project Void,, the project is currently labeled as a Work In Progress, but even in the early stages it iooks to be a very promising homebrew, that i hope to see many updates as this early build is impressive, The game is a 3D Space Shooter that puts you right into the dogfight, with the ability to build your spacecraft using various modules with unique abilities that will affect your craft in various ways
Here is a new homebrew game for various PlayStation devices, Blindness II by Applelo is available on the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Vita TV) & also the PSP. This game is simple in design but its one of those very additives games that will test skills. Checkout all the details of this release in the details provided.
So Yifan lu has released a Netcheck Bypass despite stating he would only be working on hacking F00D, the equivalent to lv0 on the PS3 which might spell checkmate for our beloved systems for those of us that stayed on 3.60, as for those that went to 3.61+ it might not be the same story due to Sony changing the keys an authentification of the PlayStation Network after the initial release of the hack. Again much like the PS3 but this time we have no way of downgrading at this point and time.
Developed by ShadowPrince, aka ShdwPrince, this plugin is not only useful if you have some dodgy buttons but will also aid in creating button combo's for your PS Vita games with the touch or press of a single button. The plugin in question is called ADVRemap and in its current state an alpha release. Some have asked the developer if remote play compatibility via PS4 Link will be added,​