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We seen the RetroArch (Vita) updated recently which also has its own FBA (Final Burn Alpha) Arcade emulator (core), but a new fork has emerged recently from rsn8887 who has added some addional changes to PFBA (Vita) Emulator a release originally by Cpasjuste, This fork has a variety of changes for enjoying those classic Arcade hits, all additions and difference in this version of Portable Final Burn Alpha (pFBA) are outlined in the release notes:​
Heh, release time I guess. As I stated earlier game mode is rather limited so unless someone reverse's SceShell this plugin's functionality is going to be limited. Most of the features in this plugin/recovery are already available in other homebrews so this isn't necessarily something new, however that is possibly going to change in the future. The main reason was to bring back the nostalgia from the good old PSP days. For PSTV users it allows you to quickly reboot/shutdown/suspend the device so there's the benefit in that.​
Not only was RetroArch updated for exploited PS3 Consoles (CFW & ODE) but also the PS Vita / PlayStation TV port (with most other ports being updated as well). In this update of v1.6.3 the Vita platform has a couple new welcomed additions. The first being Cheevos Support (Achievements) & also then also External USB Support has been added to the mult-System emulator that comes bundled with plenty of Retro emulation that will take you back to the roots of gaming.. Truly has been great to see the success of a Homebrew on that runs on so many platforms that has a deep root in the PlayStation Homebrew Scene. The project continues to evolve even on this early port still for the Vita Platform.​
PS VITA / PS TV Custom Theme Manager v3.00
Custom Theme Manager (CTM) has been updated recently to version 3.00, you may recall seeing this Vita Homebrew App in the GekiHEN Contest and this would mark one of the first update by developer redsquirrel since the contest and the dev has alot in store in this update. Version 3.00 has a massive changelog with plenty of new changes
The day has arrived as we see Ensō released, this "evolution of HENkaku" is a permanently injected hack that does not need to re-authentication or re-executed in the way HENkaku or TaiHEN has required in the past. Essentially this act as a Custom Firmware would for the PSP or the PS3 as we have seen the power of HENkaku and TaiHEN (CFW Framework of HENkaku) for awhile now, but this permanent solution has finally seen the official release after an early test version was leaked months ago. This is a huge project and bugs more then likely are present, while the team has a long successful test period there is always potential for problems, so use anything like this at your own risk. Checkout all the details from Team Molecule creators of this new progression from the original team behind the HENkaku exploit.
Seems developer TheFl0w has been busy yet again but this time with his eCFW (Adrenaline) for the PS Vita pushing the latest 5.1 and remember if you already have it installed you can simply update from the xmb using the built in function by Sony. Here is the change-log with all the changes outlined in v5.1.​
gdljjrodhas released version 2.2 of the PS Vita / PlayStation TV utility called ArkFast. This HENkaku homebrew (vpk) created with OneLua will easily install ARK-2 for the firmware's internal PSP emulator on HENkaku exploit (for firmware 3.60). With this update the developers now give the ability to clone any PSP Game and new pboot.pbp checks that provides a couple of new features as defined in the included change log provided.
Well this new plugin is a nice surprise, from developer LMAN. It allows us to boot any PSP/PS1 game or app directly from the Live Area with full support of plugins and more. This is an amazing plugin to replace qwikrazor's ARK Autoboot PBOOT as it allows PS1 games with full sound, Adrenaline GFX filters, save states and as mentioned plugin support as well. No need to navigate the XMB and it can also bypass any warnings screens, Mini's logo, epilepsy warning and even Adrenaline logo installed by Freakler's Easy Installer. Basically allows one to have PSN style bubbles without the need of PSN as well as being able to make bubbles of your physical media backups of PSP & PS1 games.​
In anticipation for the new PSVSD adapter, Yifanlu has released a nice little plug-in that PlayStation TV (PSTV) users can use right away. USBMC allows one to mount a USB device at boot time and with Enso this means it will work all the time. Here is the Readme. I personally set this up to test earlier today with my 500gb hard drive and it has worked flawlessly.​
Well it seems the developers back at it again, as TheFlow releases a new plug-in that now allows you to download any file using the native browser. I have just tested this release, I was able to acquire the new Grand Theft Auto remastered plug-in as well as some PSP Homebrew. Files will be located in ux0:/downloads. Included is the Readme with installation instructions.