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I am a few days late on reporting this, got a bit busy this week and forgot i did not report it, but its huge news for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV Scene. Of course those devices on 3.60 firmware and with the HENkaku exploit running Xerpi has achieved 3D Graphic via the GPU (libgxm), where as previous emulation and games used software rendering of the graphics. So we should see much improved emulation that utilizes the system's hardware (GPU), we know there is an N64 emulator in the works, which this release has surely delayed it (for good cause) as this new advancement came just a few days after learning of the N64 emu in development (that already had Super Mario 64 running at near full speeds). Stay tuned as emulation news is sure to heat up on the Vita & PlayStation TV Scene(s), until then Xerpi leaves us with some sample VPKs.
Following the release of BlockOut II developer bomblik has another GekiHEN pending entry in GNU Robbo for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (PSP port available as well), this re-implementation of "The Adventures of Robbo" is a puzzle game as you navigate a robot character through a series of planets, essentially navigating "vertically-scrolling mazes" with a path of objects to dodge and avoid. Get creative as this game also has a built-in level editor.
This release pending GekiHEN Contest approval is a re-implementation of the original game "Blockout"now ported to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV running the popular Homebrew Enabler known s HENkaku (on firmware 3.60) as developer bomblik ports BlockOut II , this 3D Tetris style clone, gives a 3D aspect to that classic 2d style many may know much better. Just like Tertis avoid any gaps as you turn, spin, and navigate the shapes as speed intensifies the more you progress. Checkout this new Homebrew Port for the PS Vita / PlayStationTV.
It has been awhile since we checked in on the progress of UAE4ALL (Vita Port), an emulator for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV powered by the HENkaku exploit that resides on firmware 3.60.. Since Cpasjuste who is the develper behind this port released his entry into the GekiHEN Contest the dev has been busy improving the project with many updates in the recent weeks since this project debut to the Vita/PsTV Community. Some of the latest changes include extra controller support for PlayStation TV / Vita TV user's , new changes to some of the backgrounds in the UI, plus a ton of improvements that can be seen in the extensive history of updates we have provided with other details about this emulator.​
Here comes a new emulator (PFBA) for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Henkaku), while we already have an FBA (final burn alpha) emulator in RetroArch, this emu port gives a different approach and User Interface, the emulator does not just just run a Vita/PS TV build but also has ports for Linux & RPI 3 from developer cpasjuste. This release is an entry in the GekiHEN Contest, which is set to end on January 27. So be sure to get your entries submitted during this last week of the competition
Seems RetroArch Vita will have a Nintendo 64 (n64) emulator soon and reports suggest it's running Super Mario 64 at full speed with sound already surpassing the PSP emulator in its first incarnation. There are even talks of the Dolphin EMU core right around the corner. Move over PS3 seems the PSTV is kicking your butt.

N64 emulation has long been a dream for the PS3 but with the Cell architecture porting is not an easy task without significant re-writes to an emulation geared specially for the system (ps3). However the Vita & PlayStation TV things are stacking up differently, while still a challenge it's appearing its a much more reasonable task to achieve as we witness this unfolding.

Well seems developer TheFl0w is back with a new update to his popular application VitaShell with v1.50 and now v1.51 was pushed the next day to fix issues that came around to deliver something Sony blocked from us USB access to our memory cards. No longer are we stuck using the DRM ridden Content Manager Assistant or as we know it (Q)CMA. This allows much faster file transfer over the prior option of FTP access, which BTW is still possible as we can toggle between USB and FTP. This is needed as it seems Vita TV/PSTV users out in the cold as this is only for the Vita HENkaku user base. If you try you will be greeted with this lovely screen.
The GekiHEN Contest deadline is approaching and time is running out to get your entries into the homebrew contest. There has been various projects submitted but some categories are a bit bare with just a few entries. While even the sections that have a good number of entries, its still is anyone's competition and we hope to see even more homebrew added to those catagories as well. The contest is winding down, lets take a look at what we have entered into the contest to this point. There is a lot of homebrew to checkout, but help developer improve their projects with some valuable feedback as developer can still provide updates for their projects.
Developer Subjunk and crew have updated UMS (Universal Media Server) to version 6.5.3. This update has added new support for new renderers such as the Sony Bravia X series TV. v6.5.3 also contain a variety various fixes that the development team has outlined in the latest changelog. This popular DLNA Media Server keep supporting additional devices and continues to be a very polished release. Checkout of the detail of this latest release​
PS VITA / PS TV VITAident Version 0.6
@Joel16 graced the forums a few hours ago with yet another release to VITAident. This release I find the following rather handy, the app will display your current firmware version as well as the spoofed firmware version. I find this sort of info rather handy. Version 0.6 also brings some other improvements and the GUI also gets an update.​