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Following the VitaQuake update, Vita developer Rinnegatamante has yet another homebrew release in the form of yet another plugin TrackPlug , you may also want to checkout his other recent update to another plugin of his rimCheat. This new plugin allows to keeps track the time spent playing games. So kids no lying to your parents you were not playing games all day, and parents here is way to check in on your kids to see how much time they are playing . Checkout additional details about this plugin/app release​
Developer Rinnegatamante who is responsible for 13 Homebrew Releases since the debut of the HENkaku Exploit. Not only is the developer producing alot of brew for the Vita/PsTV community but also supporting many of these releases with updates to improve various aspect. This time around the developer releases a new update to VitaQuake with an update marked as version 2.10. There is alot of additions and tweaks made in this version of Quake for the Vita. Also note you can play Quake on RetroArch as well, so tell us how do you think the two version compare?​
PSX-Place's own @atreyu187 has recently shared two guides with us & the Vita Community. One is written by himself and another written by reddit user DarkBlack711 , These two separate guides will remove some of those unwanted Sony ads on the LiveArena of the PS Vita & PlayStation TV, DarkBlack711 shows us how to remove the multi-tasking ads and also made some clever suggestions with modifying it to add things such as HENkaku links, which could be useful to some user's/ Then recently atreyu187 also showed us how to remove the Feature Screen on LiveArena. Both useful guides for HENkaku user's if these in system ads bother you. Checkout these latest HENkaku Guides ..

Well well seems TheFlow has been really busy lately. Showcasing his latest contribution to the Vita scene. This time is a full fledged eCFW for the PSP emu. ARK which was in talks about being ported was for 6.60 PSP firmware and would have needed to have been adapted for 6.61 but Mr. Coldbird simply didn't have the time to port this over. So today TheFlow announced his new 6.61 based eCFW which looks to be much like the fan favorite TNV eCFW using the infamous XMB interface.
Here is a release that some of you will enjoy as developer usineur has released HOTA (Heart of the Alien) , which is the sequel to Another World which was also recently ported to the PS Vita & PlayStation TV.. This release is a GekiHEN Contest entry and is a port of the Reversed Engine (originally by Gil Megidish). The HOTA storylines continues where Another World ends but taking the role of Bubby the alien you know from Another World
In my previous post about HENkaku KOTH challenge I mentioned that something good gonna happen when HENkaku KOTH will finish. Now member of Molecule team Yifan Lu officially announced when source code will be released. Announcing by the way a "major update" to HENkaku exploit. Is worth to mention that in the mean time st4rk also solved final stage of HENkaku kernel ROP chain, which mean he also finished KOTH challenge. But this is not over yet, Yifan mentioned there is a third challenger (group) that probably did it, but they want to stay quiet for now. I guess that group is known from PS3 scene, but this is only my unconfirmed assumption.​
Yep you heard me right World of Final Fantasy is a 3.61 game and can run on HENkaku. Seems a user got WoFF a day early. While the game has the 3.61 update you can still install and run the game with a 3.60 enabled HENkaku Vita. It will ask if you want to install 3.61 update. Just decline with O button to proceed and run the game. But no updates or DLC that comes with the game. Just like Corpse Party that needed 3.55 that I could run from cart on 3.36 this same flaw exist for this new game. PSN still will require 3.61 to install so if this game is a must play buy the cart or if you must have the DLC buy the PS4 version. Or of course buy a 3.61 Vita. Game does not work with v1 v2 or combined v1 & v2 whitelist on PSTV but hopefully the new bypass that was recently found will allow this to work on PSTV.
]24 hours ago Mike.H wrote on his twitter "HENkaku is pure "Magic"... ;)" 24 hours later he published write up about last third stage of HENkaku exploit on his newly created blog. What does that mean? If you read carefully before then you already know that, if not then here is most important link: Thanks Molecule Team for HENkaku, Thanks everyone involved into R.E. of the exploit, and finally thanks to Mike.H his this awesome job and write-ups.
VITAident is a handy utility for HENkaku enabled devices by developer Joel16, with the roll out of version 0.3 we see a new alternative GUI version (see included pics) or the original text version if you prefer something simpler is also available. In v0.3 VITAident is a bit more friendlier to the PlayStation TV [aka VitaTV] as some information that does not pertain to the device is not displayed , plus a few other changes as outlined in the included release quote from joel16.
One of the most active developer's (Rinnegatamante) in the Vita Scene in terms of Homebrew Releases is back with the first STABLE version of the rinCheat plugin , This release comes with tons of new features that look quite impressive. One of these new features is "Screen Stream feature over WiFi" which will allow you to stream your Vita / PlayStation TV Screen to a PC. Also new cheats have been added to the database, ScreenShot has been improved and is now much faster, Overall the plugin has seen vast improvements. So be sure to checkout this latest release and all it has to offer in the information provided. Also, note this has been the first entry to the plugin category for the GekiHEN Contest.