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Yifan Lu posted update to taiHENkaku on his Github few hours ago. taiHEN is still in beta stage, so most noticable changes are done under the hood. From things that every user should be aware for sure is a fixed dynarec. This should make PCSX and mGBA emulators working again. Also installer will now block the PS Button since people still are accidently hitting it. More changes are done mostly to get stability, and help future developers. But still every user is welcome to test this release to help in finding bugs or providing suggestions to developers.​
Beta 3 of taiHENkaku was released to the masses recently by Team molecule, developer yifanlu of the team outlines the changes and details that surrounds this latest update. Homebrew that requires additional access to the file system and has access to critical files ("Unsafe Homebrew") has now been blocked by default but can be toggled (vitashell) for apps that are legitimate. Additional details and the full announcement of this latest Beta release can be seen in the quote provided...
Hacker / Developer Yifanlu of now the famed team molecule has released Beta 2 of the recent taiHEN release that takes HENkaku a step forward in evolution providing some CFW type abilities. You should start see more and more fruits of this hack as it matures over the weeks and developer take advantage of the new unlocked abilities that will now reside in our PS Vita / PlayStation TY (vita tv) devices that to this evolution in Vita hacks. Beta 2 you will find lots of stability fixes since the initial release as Yifanlu admits it was a bit rushed, plus a working PSN Spoof is in the new update and is working for spoofing to 3.63 currently as of writing this, but may not for very long as explained in the details provided​
Team molecule, the group of developers ( Davee, Proxima, xyz, and YifanLu.) that delivered the HENkaku exploit and thus brought new life into the Vita / PS TV community as many developer 's had a great platform to program many new homebrew creations we have seen in the past months . Now the team has took the HEN (HENkaku) and were able to exploit the Vita firmware farther and thus have released " taiHEN - A CFW Framework for PS Vita for the Vita enabling kernel and user plugins for everyone" The team has released taiHEN, taiHENkaku ,Plugin supporting SDK,, & Vita Development Wiki.
The PS Vita / PlayStation TV [ aka Vita TV] areceived a new firmware update as Sony drops Firmware version 3.63. Nothing major seem to be of concern here and basically same situation for HENkaku user's with v3.61 firmware as 3.60 is latest for HENkaku and it appears PSN access is still possible.. This like the recent Sony released PS3 firmware v4.81 which you can read more about that here has improved stability garbage they put on all those bandwidth waster they claim are firmware updates..​
PSVibe is a homebrew application by DragonSnake for the PSTV inspired by old PS3 homebrew named also PSVibe. As the title might suggest, it is using vibration functions as a main feature. Fun fact is that is one of that uncommon homebrews that can run only on PSTV. Vita due to lack of vibration function is not supported. In this release You can find better Dualshock 3 support, and check vibration intensity as a percentage on screen. Also with this release developer made this application open-source, so You can find code on Github.​
TheFlow pushed small update to VitaShell, but small update can bring big features. New version added long desired 'Properties' feature to quick menu, also there you can check that file is fake self or retail one, and if is fself then check is safe or not. Of course you can find there also simple info about checked file, like name, size, creation/modification date. Another new feature is file and folders sorting not only by name, but also by size, or date. Like You can see is small update with only two line changelog, but added features are very useful for some users.​
Joel16 is back with a new update to the original Vita identification tool called VITAindent, With an update progressing the Homebrew Utility to version 0.4 as developer Joel16 adds additional improvements since adding a GUI version in the v0.3 update. In v0.4 better model detection and additional displaying of information like displaying of internal storage has been some of the additions found in this update,​
Here is a utility for the Vita community called Application Storage Manager by Lupo511, this utility takes advantage of the extra free space on the internal storage on various PS Vita & PlayStation TV [vita tv], something we have seen psx-place's own @atreyu187 make mention of a few times and outlined in the recent thread "Need Extra data for your Vita / PsTv" that contains some interesting details in how Sony iblocks off access completely for some models despite the space being there. This utility from lupo511 makes moving apps easy from internal storage to the Vita memory card a breeze.
Since we our initial report and some sequential update to follow of Vita Moonlight we have seen several updates in the Alpha stages of the project that have added both functionality and improved quality over time. Now with the latest update from developer d3m3vilurr , the dev graduates the project to version v0.1 removing the "Alpha" status alongside. In recent alpha builds we seen a new GUI added along with many improvements to make setup easier for your PS Vita or PlayStation TV (vita TV) devices running the HENkaku exploit on 3.60 firmware.