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Here is a new utility that runs on your HENkaku exploited devices (vita/pstv) as developer Redsquirrel87.has released Custom Theme Manager. A vpk that will install and give you a great utility for installing and managing your LiveArena themes. Currently there is 185 custom themes that can be downloaded and installed. The release is the latest in the GekiHEN contest and comes packed with tons of functionality. See all the features in this introductory release of Custom Theme Manager.
This release gives "Let's get Ready to "Rumble"" a whole new meaning. For our PS3 veterans in the community you may recall the PS Vibe an application(s) by jjolano & deroad that was originally designed for the DualShock 3 Controller (jjloano's version), thus making a new "instrument" or simply a new "toy" So, once DS3 controllers where flying off the selves due to PS Vibe :p the natural progression was of course the Move Controller (deroad's version) when it was introduced.. Maybe it was the glowing ball or simply the elongated shape or could've just been a handy trigger button was the main draws. Who knows? maybe one of the 10,000 that downloaded just @ brewology alone .. Now, apparently there is demand for some of the same sensations on the PlayStation TV (PsTV), while you will not be able to pair your Move Controller, PS Vibe enthusiast will be able to use the DS3 along for the first time the DualShock 4 .
Developer cpasjuste is back with a new release for the GekiHEN Contest and this time around the developer has presented us with psp2Shell for HENkaku , this release is gear more towards aiding in development as this remote shell (library + client) comes in two flavor for Linux (ubuntu) & a less polished version Windows x64 that the developer has labeled a WIP still. Hopefully this is a utility that can help and aid future homebrew for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV
The libretro team & vita developer frangar has been making significant progress on the RetroArch (Vita/PsTV) nightly builds in recent weeks with things really moving at a rapid pace this past week. First, we seen 4 player Support Added, Rear Touchpad Support (Vita) added for L2/L3/R2/R3 buttons with support for those same buttons for the PsTV counterpart, but then things really started to heat up as we started to see some big improvements as frangar was able to get the Dynarec working on HENkaku enables devices, which essentially means greatly improved emulation.. Plus,
Well, here is a handy little utility for when you need to crunch some numbers as developer Flappy Jesus has introduced his 2nd GekiHEN Contest entry with the introduction of Vita Caluclator, that follows his previous submission of Bernard Chronicles (Tetris Attack Clone) The dev (as other's) was annoyed by the fact there was no official calculator , so what he did is what any developer would do, provide a solution for a problem and this solution being the Vita Calculator. While simple, its one of those welcome additions to the library of homebrew utilities for the Vita / PsTV.
Developer Leecherman is back with a new utility for PS VIta / PsTV user's who have been enjoying the HENkaku Hacks, As this tool VitaPackageViewer allows you to view the contents of a VPK and its details, while providing various features, even a feature for scanning files "for any critical\suspicion codes" which has been rather important of late as some have been releasing "brick vpk's". If your seeking additional features and information on this release then checkout what the developer details in the release notes provided.​
PS Vita developer Flappy Jesus is the latest person to enter the GekiHEN Contest with a new game to introduce "Bernard Chronicles (Tetris Attack)" is as the title states a Tetris Attack Clone. The game has a challenging UI with different levels of difficulty in the game introductory release to the VITA / PsTV Community. The dev has plans for future improvements and releases, so be sure to give the developer some feedback in the comments
Developer @endrift updated his multiplatform mGBA emulator to version 0.5.1. This is a bugfix release, but still list of changes is impressive. If you are not aware what is mGBA, and why we are reporting it here. mGBA is a very fast and accurate Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulator, with ability to emulate also Gameboy and Gameboy Color hardware. And is available also for Playstation Vita/TV with 3.60 henkaku exploit.
@Red is back with a new release as the developer drops by the psx-place forums to release an easy to use installer for The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (Vita) Game Mods There is various mods included that we seen Red post in the forums recently (link) prior to the release of this installer. Installing these mods is simple but note you must have a decrypted dump of your purchased game so that the files can be modified and thus the installation of game mods can occur. From there use this simple installer and that is it. Let us know your thoughts on these mods and the installer?
c0d3m4st4 who is the developer behind the VPKTool has upgraded the tool to version 1.6. This utility for the Vita and PlayStation TV runs on the PC and contains various functions and features for your VPK files (zipped files). Checkout the details of this tool and its past updates in the changelog tab along with other usage instructions from the developer .​