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As crazy at it sounds its has been a bit since we have seen developer Rinnegatamante with something new for the PsV / PsTV . As his past activities have spoiled us since Homebrew Capabilities on the VITA (PS TV) as there has been alot of amazing projects spanning from a large variety, some of these projects include: Lua Player Plus. vitaQuake, 4Rows,EasyRPG Vita, vitaWolfen. RayCast3D Engine. VitaSudoku, VitaPad, AntiBlacklist, vitaWanted, vitaHexen II, Minicraft, luaIRC & rinCheat SE. Now the developer has a "major update" for one of my personal favorite releases from this dev of Labyrinth 3D v1.3.
Developer @SilicaAndPina has released psvimgtools 0.2 today. For those wondering what this tool is, it is a GUI interface for Team Molecule/Yifanlu's psvimgtools. This is a tool that can be used to decrypt and extract PS Vita backup files (.psvimg) as long as you know the AID of the account that created the backup. This tool works up to firmware 3.63 (As of 3/4/17) and should until a new firmware update arises.
The GekiHEN Contest continues to see some new entries since the deadline expansion of the current running Homebrew Contest for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV / Vita TV, this time around we have another Game Port Zsokoban by gdljjrod using OneLua, this LUA port which is based on the classic Japanese Sokoban is a really fun puzzle game that will having you pushing blocks to solve. Checkout it out.
Developer BenMitnicK updated his VitaToolBox for use on PS Vita Firmware 3.60 (Henkaku) from v1.1 to now v1.2 . VitaToolBox is a Vitashell 1.51 fork with additional features you can call it a AiO or feature rich PS Vita Homebrew in other words. In the latest updates is a VitaIdent screen which i find is very useful because you will find all the information about your PS Vita you need ( for example even your cid and psid are here all in one place). plus in the recent update of v1.21 we see the inclusions of instruction manual added with other additional changes to view in the included v.1.21 changelog​
Following the recent work from vita developer qwikrazor87 who has done some great work with ARK has now released "ARK 3.60 Auto Boot pboot", this release makes launching your PSP Games and brew much easier, from the convenience of the LiveArea. You will have edit your own packages so hopefully we see some other developer's create some tools to automate this process a bit, but its not very hard either. Checkout the release quote from the developer:​
We told you earlier in the week of the Competition VitaShell developer TheFlow was holding and the winner will be used as the official theme for VitaShell in the future. As TheFlow is seeking a new fresh look to the popular Vita /PsTV Homebrew that has evolved quite a bit since its introduction back with the Rejuvenate exploit was the excitement in the Vita Scene. So, A fresh new eye-candy is well over due for this homebrew, many have already answered the call and you can see some of those designs in this post, plus get moving on your theme submissions as the window is closing fast (very fast on the 19th). . ​

Well just days ago I reported on an update to this useful application. Seems another has been pushed via the devs github bringing it up to v1.05 now with a few fixes and added features mentioned below. While the activation of a system hasn't been added (yet but that is because ePSP Bubble Installer 2.0 source isn't public yet) I am sure it is right around the corner. Till then the app seems to offer some really great additions as well as bug fixes seen below.
PS Now is a streaming service by Sony which allows subscribers to stream PS3 games to their Sony consoles and the PC. However sad news awaits as on August 15th the PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation TV, All Samsung TV models, All Sony Blue-ray models, and all Sony Bravia TV models before 2015. Sony Bravia TVs 2016 models will be discontinued on April 1st 2017.This indeed is bad news for owners of those devices, and likely will decrease PlayStation Now memberships, as this decision will affect many user's. Which makes little sense for this "thoughtful consideration" to even occur, as the point of a digital service is to support as many device possible, not axe most of thme,

So it seems the dev behind EasyInstaller has been updating his project that recently went open source. This time around he has fixed the issue some users had with the ID.DAT as well as adding some other features as well. He implemented CelesteBlue's ePSP Base Game Bubble Creator. Just one less app we need to install but needs to be noted as without his work this would not be in this app at least not in this update. So big props to all open source developers.​
Looks like VitaShell developer TheFlow is holding a competition for a new look to VitaShell, that will soon have a ground breaking new feature for the PlayStation TV running HENkaku / TaiHEN, ability to mount USB Storage Devices as a memory card, so this means you will be able to run Homebrew Applications & Games from a USB Storage Device. So not only do we have that feature to look forward to in VitaShell but also a new look that could be inspired by you !!!. So get the crayola's & construction paper and get to designing the new VitaShell lt.​