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So we all know we can use the Vita as a PS4 remote but developer xerpi is aiming to turn the tables allowing one to use the DS4 as a remote for the Vita thanks to the taiHEN CFW framework. But that isn't all he has also made a plugin to use our Wiimotes on the Vita even adding "Classic Controller" and third party pad support as of late. This may come in handy for those using developer xyzz of Team Molecule's Moonlight or even using rinCHEAT by developer Rinnegatamante to stream your Vita screen to your PC for a pseudo PSTV of sorts. The possibilities are endless. Updates seem to be coming out daily if not hourly at some times for these two great plugins. So lets take a look at what we have so far with ds4vita first.
Well seems developer frangarcj developer that has really gotten RetroARCH where it is today with the dynarec working & the video filters for Adrenaline has a new plugin for our Vita's or PSTV but this time it was built around the taiHEN framework. Move over Better Amphetamin as here comes a new challenger to take its place as the best way to fully maximize your systems full potential.
Developer Joel16 is at it again with another update to VITAident. The previous build, been version 0.4, introduced some added model detection and the developer further improves said detection for 'PTEL and PDEL' models. For taiHEN users you get better fself compression and for those following the​
Developer Yifan Lu announced that eight beta of taiHENkaku is available. In this release Yifan is suggesting that current beta release is good moment to move from stable Henkaku releases to beta taiHENkaku. Looks like taiHENkaku is now very stable, and is good time to help team Molecule to find out there is something that they can improve. One of points in changelog is "Compability for a future VitaShell update". Which can be small teasing for latest USB connectivity find outs by TheFlow.
NamelessGhoul0 has released the latest entry into the gekiHEN Contest, this classic which was a staple in gaming history as one of Atari's first games now has a port for HENkaku / taiHEN exploits for the PS Vita or PlayStation TV [Vita TV] devices. Yes of course PONG, this simple clone of a classic is still very playable game to this day and is a welcome addition for when you want to smack that digital ball moving across your modern day screens. Do you have (or still have) the skills to be the a pong master in this clone? Checkout this gem in gaming history and tell us how you enjoy it in 2016​
A Zelda : Return of the Hylian (Roth) port arrives to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV with the port coming from developer usineur who keeps rolling out various Vita / PsTV releases for taiHEN / HENkaku, many of which and including this release are entries in the GekiHEN contest. This fan created Zelda game that was originally by Vincent Jouillat ( Picks up the story of Link and fills in some gaps of the official story.
A new Homebrew Game arises for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV with the release of Starfield_Vita an original creation from developer gnmmarechal. A PC game created by the dev has now been ported and re-written using Lua Player Plus. The creator of the project has many planned features & additions for the game as future updates will be incoming. The object of this simplistic game is to dodge the stars and in a future update abilties like shooting stars are in the fold so dodge for now will a blast incoming, Future updates will also bring a more graphical ship as its current test form is quite simple. So keep a watch on the progress of this new creation.
ONElua team updated their lua language interpreter for PS Vita/Playstation TV to version 2r0 to the GekiHEN entry. This release adding many new possibilities to developers. Included real-time debugger for sure help to track any bugs. Added suport for MP3, you can now call uri's, use https addresses, ability to compress files, and folders. Also from these release you can use screen streaming based on Rinnegatamante rinCheat. Many new possibilities with this release, I hope that developers will use that in their homebrews.​
A new release from developer Rinnegatamante, if you have homebrew installed on your PS Vita or a PsTV there is a good chance you have one of this developer's projects on your device. As Rinnegatamante continues to roll off some impressive creations. The latest release rinCheat SE (Savedata Extension) comes as one of the latest entries to enter the Plugin category for the GekiHEN contest.
To checkout additional works and creations from this developer there is not better place then to checkout the official site: [URL='​
So seems yifanlu has been up to helping out the Vita scene yet again. This time making it easy for anyone to update to 3.60 from any firmware below 3.60 to enable HENkaku/taiHENkaku. All one has to do is change the DNS server on your Vita/PSTV then use the official update method via the settings in the "Live Area". Best of all it will stop any accidental updating past 3.60 as it is the only firmware that will show up when you try to access the update setting. And best of all you can still use your browser and system as usual so you don't have to change the DNS settings to view YouTube surf the web or enable the hacks, just said it once and forget about it. Here I will leave what the dev had to say to explain it some more.