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Checkout this TaiHEN plugin from developer Rinnegatamante as he also releases this plugin recently, this plugin is only for PS Vita devices as it disable the RearTouchpad of the handheld device. So obviously not much use on the TV counterpart the PlayStationTV as it lacks a RearTouchpad, however you can achieve front touchpad support on a PSTV with a DualShock 4 Controller. but for that annoyance of pressing it on some games Rinnegatamante has a solution to that problem​
The GekiHEN Contest has come to a close and with 39 total entries that were accepted, we believe it was a very successful contest with a great variety of homebrew thanks to the developer's who took part in the event. Now the time has finally came for us to announce the 4 Winner entries. As Best Homebrew Game / Emu & Port / Utility / Plugins have been determined, There was no doubt some tough decisions had to be made from everyone who carried a vote. As I honestly believe multiple projects had legitimate shots at being the winners in most categories, however this is a contest and there can only be one winner crowned from each catagory, so lets get to it and finally reveal the winners of the GekiHEN Homebrew Contest brought to you by ,, &
As psx-place's own @kozarovv informed us the other day in the NEW section here "The Pulse" we learned of the upcoming changes to 6.61 Adrenaline-3 , which will unlock the power of the on board PSP emulator for your Vita devices with this powerful eCFW that now has full PS1 Support with the ability to launch PS1 Games from the XMB and does have full sound support . This makes Adrenaline a much more complete eCFW for HENkaku enabled devices on 3.60.​
Developer's devnoname120 & arkanite have recently updated the Vita Homebrew Browser (VHBB) to version v0.8. The Homebrew Store for your HENkaku enabled PS Vita or PlayStation TV [Vita TV] makes picking out and downloading your Homebrew a breeze. View the large library of homebrew that the Vita Community has to offer and this app will download and install VPK and will be ready to play (in most cases, some apps may require additional installation). .​

The time has finally arrived, as we now can place votes for your favorite Homebrew for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV that has entered the GekiHEN Contest. There is 39 entries spawning over four categories. Be sure to vote for your favorites in all fourr polls.

  • We have four voting categories that will break down as follows: Click title to be taken to polls
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    2. Emulators & Ports
    3. Utilities & Hacks
    4. Plugins
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Since we last checked in on this homebrew, developer CelesteBlue has made several updates to the incredibly useful ePSP Bubble Installer with the release of version 3.0 and 3.1. Which added the ability to duplicate ePSP bubbles & adds a bubble Removal functions (v3.1 actually fixes an issue with the new feature added in 3.0) & various other changes have been outlined in the logs, a very useful utility for exploiting and utilizing the psp emulator with henkaku.
Following the previous update to Project Void from developer Akabane87, we have seen an extensive changes that includes a vast amount of changes, making this one step (of the many) closer to a complete game and this homebrew project is really impressive as Project Void put you in a dogfight in space with your ship against the elements. This update brings alot of new elements so give this new vpk a go and also read the "Latest Update" tab for all the details of this update. Also view what is currently playable and operational within Project Void.​
We have seen some cool Homebrew Stores for Console's like the PS3 such as DeViL303's XMBPD, we seen for the Vita, and an app that supported the website but sadly we have not seen that resource updated very well with homebrew, but Vita Homebrew Browser from developer Devnoname120 has most homebrew and is a really great looking homebrew store. Simply browse, choose & download and then it installs to the LiveArea of either your PS Vita or PlayStation TV. That simple for user's already running the Henkaku exploit. A good thing the store does provide some information about the release, which the devs plans to add additional details for the releases as well, among other future plans details in the release notes.​
As the GekiHEN Contest is winding down developer's such as The Suicidal Robot is submitting exciting projects. This developer contribution to that claim comes in the form of a new Homebrew Game for Henkaku called Galactic Federation, this game is not complete quite yet ,as the dev labels this build an early sample. The game's setting is an Action Sci-Fi RPG, so it has a great storyline with four classes to choose from, so checkout it out and leave the developer some feedback on this creative RPG.
Following up on the Vita Net Profile Check utility recently released by developer @Joel16, the dev has another project that he was working on is the latest entries to the GekiHEN Contest that is entry date expires at the end of today (EST Time) which a live counter can be seen in our forums for a precise time. VITAForecast as developer Joel16 gave psx-place members a sneak peak a couple days ago, this weather app is now released, digging its weather info from and brings the data in this HENkaku homebrew for both the PS Vita and PlayStation TV devices.​