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PlayStation TV (PSTV) user's got a new plugin DSMotion (two variants available) which aims to add Motion Control Support for both the DualShock 3 k 4 controllers, which is essential in completing / playing some games as these games were blacklisted from playing the PSTV originally. There are some limitations but a step forward especially for games that require some motion controls as the titles outlined in the release note.​
OpenTTD is an open port of Transport Tycoon Deluxe that clones many of the original features of the business simulation game, Now thanks to developer angguss anyone with a exploited PS Vita / PlayStation TV running 3.60 FW can checkout this Open Sourced Clone. To get this running checkout the simple but important steps that the dev has lined out in his release notes attached below -STLcardsWS
Here is an interesting release from a developer that veteran PS3 CFW users knows well. MiraLaTijera know for various advancements with MiraLaTijera CFW (aka MLT CFW) has now turn attention with Dragen to the Vita Platform with this handy utility called MLTactivator, which is an offline method for activating your PlayStation TV or PS Vita, Useful for various task such as helping untapping that potential in the onboard PSP emulator (within Vita fw) & more. -STLcardsWS

  • Easy Configurator for AutoBoot Plugin.
    This useful application allows you to simply and easily configure the 'AutoBoot' plugin, to select the target to be launched automatically at each start.​


    • [up]/[down]: Navigate the application list.
    • [cross]: Set a selected application as default boot.
    • [l]/[r]: Disable/Enable the plugin.
    Changelog 1.2
    • Fix to remove old updater bubble.
    Changelog 1.1
    • A little re organized code.
    • Updated the 'AutoBoot' to 1.2 version, compatible with enso.
    Changelog 1.0
    • Initial release.
    • Added support to install last version of plugin.
    • Added automatic network update. app will now notify you when there's a new update.
    • Added suport to enable/disable plugin.
Davis Nuñez‏ has released a welcomed utility for the PS Vita & PlayStation TV, FTPzilla Vita is as the developer describes as "an FTP client written in pure LUA, which is fast and functional". As FTP transfers are very useful for many devices, but for a homebrew enthusiast they are a must have. So keep a look on this FTP client that is already functional but aims to do even more in future updates. Checkout all the included released details from the dev.
Developer big_Sakis25 (of VitaHEX Games) follows up the homebrew game Crazy Traffic Jam 3D, with an exciting release PRO Camera Via, which brings an amazing amount of features in this Camera App that no doubt supersedes the official camera app capabilities. With this release the dev has unlocked all the hidden features while also bringing a feel that is familiar to what we would find in most smartphone camera interfaces. Included is a BETA Gallery which perhaps once this application matures a PSTV variant can be used for quick editing of photos stored, but for PS Vita internal camera , i think most user's who use the feature will see this is as a welcome and exciting release from VitaHEX Games
big_Sakis25 (of VitaHEX games) has released a new homebrew game for our exploited PS Vita or PSTV called Crazy Traffic Jam 3D, This game is powered by LuaPlayerPlus (LPP) and is an arcade style driving game, where weaving your car through traffic and obstacles is the goal while collecting power-ups and coins for a max score. Looks to be a great nod to the classic SpyHunter and similar games​
We seen the RetroArch (Vita) updated recently which also has its own FBA (Final Burn Alpha) Arcade emulator (core), but a new fork has emerged recently from rsn8887 who has added some addional changes to PFBA (Vita) Emulator a release originally by Cpasjuste, This fork has a variety of changes for enjoying those classic Arcade hits, all additions and difference in this version of Portable Final Burn Alpha (pFBA) are outlined in the release notes:​
Heh, release time I guess. As I stated earlier game mode is rather limited so unless someone reverse's SceShell this plugin's functionality is going to be limited. Most of the features in this plugin/recovery are already available in other homebrews so this isn't necessarily something new, however that is possibly going to change in the future. The main reason was to bring back the nostalgia from the good old PSP days. For PSTV users it allows you to quickly reboot/shutdown/suspend the device so there's the benefit in that.​
Not only was RetroArch updated for exploited PS3 Consoles (CFW & ODE) but also the PS Vita / PlayStation TV port (with most other ports being updated as well). In this update of v1.6.3 the Vita platform has a couple new welcomed additions. The first being Cheevos Support (Achievements) & also then also External USB Support has been added to the mult-System emulator that comes bundled with plenty of Retro emulation that will take you back to the roots of gaming.. Truly has been great to see the success of a Homebrew on that runs on so many platforms that has a deep root in the PlayStation Homebrew Scene. The project continues to evolve even on this early port still for the Vita Platform.​