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  1. LuanTeles
    LuanTeles aldostools
    can you make the Retro Folders Categorized? or Multiple Folder for different type of roms.. i have about 1500 roms and its a pain in the ass scroll all way down and see which retro console is it for
  2. atreyu187
    Hacking Sony one system at a time, currently with testing Ensō & 4.06 Playground
  3. Deepak R
    Deepak R deank
    Hi deank. I'm completely new to this and glad that i am at the right place and the right person. Is there a way to jailbreak a 4.81 OFW PS3 without downgrading? Or is there a way to inject games without another CFW PS3?
  4. Yugonibblit
    Downgrade pcb for ps3 available at ebay seller nibblitbean2
  5. matrix07
    Just a newbie
  6. Jdsketch
    Jdsketch Grim Doe
    How do we go about getting the mkke mods? Ive looked everywhere all i see are post no links. I got zombie Johnny cage to work. Just cant find any more skins. And you got the best lol plz help:(
  7. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS windrider
    Happy Birthday
  8. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS BenMitnicK
    Upgraded to Developer Status.
  9. zerodevide
  10. acemegss
    acemegss STLcardsWS
    also when i try to install cfw through recovery mode it says that i need a version that is higher that 9.99 please can you help thanks.
  11. acemegss
    acemegss STLcardsWS
    Hi, I have A Problem With My PS3 Im New To The Jailbreaking Stuff and basically i downgraded my ps3 with an e3 flasher and i installed 3.55 rogero downgrader and it insatlled but, when i try going to cfw it says and error and i cant update it. also i dont have toggle qa installed because my install package files are not working when i go on it , it says an error occured during the start operation 80028f14.
  12. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS usineur
    Welcome to the forum !!!

    Account upgraded to Developer Status.
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  13. thirupathi
  14. LilaQ
    LilaQ habib
    I'm having problems with getting USB peripherals to work with Rebug 4.81.2 with PS2 games
    I can not find any info if this is possible

    Tried SingStar mics with PS2 games - not working
    Tried Light Gun via USB with PS2/PS3 games - not working
    Tried Buzzers with PS2 Buzzer games - not working
    Tried both USB ports.

    Someone told me that you made a USB fix, so I'm trying to get in contact with you.
    Thanks in advance
  15. picafumo
    picafumo STLcardsWS
  16. Kibz
    Kibz habib
    Hey, I have Habib 4.81 with cobra 7.50 installed and was trying PS3XPAD plugin but cant get the XPAD menu from the plugin to pop up, I might need to use VSH loader or PRX loader to install the plug in but none of the loaders are compatible, is there another way to do it on your cfw?
  17. tonybologna
    scene watcher & follower for years. Made apps for the Crsytal modchip on PS2 back at PSX-Scene in the old days.
  18. wmxp
    Visiting Mod
  19. samet2012
    Hentai is won!
  20. esc0rtd3w
    esc0rtd3w Phil
    link posted for v3.01 NoPSN