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  1. TMNT2003Fan
    TMNT2003Fan UniqueUserName
    Hello UUN I've downloaded the version of RemoteJoyLite 0.20a from your page. But I can't get it to work for some reason it only says "Disp Off" when I try to use it. And this is after the game has already started.
  2. LightningMods
  3. cgtchy
  4. xiaoyang
    xiaoyang aldostools
  5. xiaoyang
    xiaoyang Zwei
  6. xiaoyang
    xiaoyang Fersed
    NO -BD Download?
    1. Fersed
      I don't use NOBD.
      Jan 11, 2017
  7. Crezazel
    Crezazel aldostools
    Hi, I have CECHA01 PS3 w/ Rebug 4.81.1 REX w/ multiMAN 4.81.02 + webMAN 1.45.08. I'm want to use External Game Data in webMAN. I deleted game data from int. HDD, enable External Game Data in webMAN, but when try install Game Data to ext. HDD it installs to int. HDD. Ext. HDD is 1TB format FAT32 in USB_00 GAMEI folder created. My PS3 b/ups are on 2TB ext. HDD format NTFS in USB_02. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  8. dquestagod
    dquestagod kozarovv
    i put up screen shot
  9. xiaoyang
    xiaoyang Berion
    Can help to be sola Aoi XBM and webMAN MOD theme Thank you
  10. Ps3ps4
  11. oceansoul
    oceansoul darkjiros
    Ty for your CFW and if is not problem i have problem just loose bluray drive and cant find your cfw with nobd for 4.81 is it big job for make one standard edition without cobra please if you have time . Ty very much
  12. xiaoyang
  13. TITOU86
    TITOU86 kozarovv
    BONjour mon bo frere a un code d erreur 80710A06 quel peu m aide s il vous plai
    1. kozarovv
      A na jakim siedzisz sofcie?

      Ps. This will happen when we all gonna use our native language. Also please post this on ps3 help forum here on psx-place, more people can help then.
      Dec 30, 2016
  14. Ghafar
    Ghafar littlebalup
    I have PS3 slim , I checked lowest firmware it say 3.50 or later can be installed , currently I am on 4.81 OFW, Kindly tell me can I downgrade my console from 4.81 OFW to 3.50 through soft modification? or Is there any other way to install CFW on my system or any method to play backup
    games ?
    if yes pls guide me.. Thanks a lot
  15. strumentu
    You can find the tools you are looking for at strumentu. we carry power tools, bare tools ,hand tools, cordless tools.
  16. waleed jeba
    waleed jeba Tranced
    hy evry body
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  17. blue
    blue STLcardsWS
    will be a time that we can say " PS4 Hacked like PS3" ???
  18. waleed jeba
    waleed jeba STLcardsWS
    hllw evry body
    am just need help so plz help me
    my ps3 when i open multiman or other app .It display black fo long period am just waiting but nothing happen
    i mss my game
    for long days
  19. Gera Strummer
    Gera Strummer
    Freedom, Love, Happiness!!!
  20. Future Appeaser
    Future Appeaser
    Hope everyone is having a nice day.. ;)