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  1. tonybologna
    scene watcher & follower for years. Made apps for the Crsytal modchip on PS2 back at PSX-Scene in the old days.
  2. wmxp
  3. samet2012
    Hentai is won!
  4. esc0rtd3w
    esc0rtd3w Phil
    link posted for v3.01 NoPSN
  5. Rishu
    Rishu pinky
    When i copy ps3 game from extrnal hdd to internal hdd . It copy the game very slow what i do
    1. pinky
      the game could have a lot of files. how slow is it going?
      Mar 15, 2017
    2. Rishu
      God of war is taking 7 to 8 hour
      Mar 24, 2017 at 12:07 PM
    3. pinky
      try using a direct connection. put the game on ur computer, then use an ethernet cable to transfer to the internal hdd.
      Mar 25, 2017 at 11:38 AM
  6. yusuf29
    yusuf29 kozarovv
    hi, am trying to download ps vita games. from my region is not working. help me if there is any other way. games like fifa 17
  7. Berion
  8. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS jjolano
    Welcome to PSX_Place
  9. nCadeRegal
    nCadeRegal Berion
    Congrats on your dev status bro. Long overdue.
  10. Rishu
    Rishu pinky
    I want to buy a ps3 jailbreak in india
  11. esc0rtd3w
    esc0rtd3w Phil
    I posted the EU version of YouTube v3.00 earlier in case you didn't know
  12. Rishu
    Rishu pinky
    How to unban my ps3
    1. pinky
      u'll need a new idps.
      Mar 12, 2017
    2. Rishu
      How I get the idps
      Mar 12, 2017
    3. pinky
      u can get one from another ps3. I don't think fake ones work anymore if they ever did.
      Mar 12, 2017
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  13. Rishu
    Rishu STLcardsWS
    How to unban my psid
  14. Red
    Red STLcardsWS
    I see you sneaking around Se7enSins ;) Im getting a notice added to our sections now stating that psxhax posts will be removed/infracted. The moderators are well aware of it as well!
  15. Death_Dealer
    Updating minecraft tools, 1.42 EE in the works:)
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  16. pony-modz
  17. pony-modz
  18. oneohthree
  19. Death_Dealer
    Figuring out how all this works:P
  20. smikk
    smikk aldostools
    gentle Mr. Aldos Vargas, if possible I would need information on how to install on windows 10. The sdk, sony SDK and PSLight.

    I also tried the following SDK: 2014PS3SDKOfflineInstaller.exe - Version 450 - 1.44gb

    But I can not find it on google.

    It could help about

    with gratitude