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  1. Isaac945
    Isaac945 esc0rtd3w
    Someday the CFW will come out for ps3 3xxx and for the 4xxx a signal :) esc0rtd3w
  2. Prosencrantz
    "Courage need not to be remembered, for it is never forgotten"
  3. Ser97
    Ser97 pink1
    for CFW compatible system, what do you mean?
    I'm sorry I wrote you, I did not know how to do it
  4. Prosencrantz
  5. Ser97
    Ser97 aldostools
    Is there a way to run "Multiman" on ps3 super slim? could you tell me what I could do? If you want, you can link me some video to edit my super slim ps3 and then add working Multiman.
  6. keliuss
    keliuss STLcardsWS
    Thanks for sorting out that registration issue buddy :)
  7. Incorruptable
    Favorite games - Space Inv, Golden Axe, Outrun, Crash Bandicoot, Zelda, Mario, Super smash, Minecraft, All Lego games & Another World
  8. Fearfr3
  9. Cecil2016_Gaming
    Cecil2016_Gaming clayson
    When will your animation tool come out?
  10. Noden
  11. Danyaal Majid
    Danyaal Majid habib
    hi.i was wondering where you are from and if you are from my country or close by we can become friends.and dont think that i am inquiring to get your info but only to see if you live in pakistan or not.please dont mind my question and thanks for all the stuff u have done over the years
  12. AluCarD75rus
    AluCarD75rus ransom
    Hello, can you give me please your site with configs, there are three games i need, Call of Duty 3, Big Red One, King Kong. Big Red One and Kong low fps, CoD3 crash on loading first mission.
  13. psydefx
    psydefx aldostools
    hey aldo. wanted to ask if you could help add ps3mapi support to sMAN
    1. aldostools
      Unfortunately I don't have the time nor the interest to do this task, specially because that feature is already present in wMM.
      Jun 11, 2018
    2. psydefx
      i understand. thanks anyways
      Jun 11, 2018
  14. Josi
    Josi esc0rtd3w
    HI Brother, I need your help. Recently I bought a ps3 Model ps3 cech-3001B and since I live in Africa, is there a way to jailbreak this ps3 and make it play games from flash, hard disc?
  15. Ian Haskins
    Ian Haskins STLcardsWS
    i jailbroke one of my ps3s fine, the other one it keeps saying corrupted data, how do i fix it
  16. Ian Haskins
    Ian Haskins STLcardsWS
    yo can you help me
  17. BasilouR
    BasilouR montcer
    Thanks for your Large Pkg Splitter ! That a very nice project :D
  18. nCadeRegal
    nCadeRegal atreyu187
    Hey bud, havent seen ya round for awhile. Shoot a pm and let me know you are alright.
  19. Hazeboy
    Hazeboy zecoxao
    hey, can you help me it is about the fact that I make a ps4 mod menu for 5.05 and I miss the following components

  20. Basil Leo
    Basil Leo Skippyz
    could you send me the link for how to install the gta 5 mod menu