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  1. PandaDeOro
    I need help with my JB!! Please check me out.
  2. Felipe1almeida
    Felipe1almeida Mauricio Munhos
    cara, conseguiu instalar algum jogo do guitar hero no ps3?
  3. Exploitation
    Exploitation Danyaal Majid
    Hi danyasl I am from Pakistan I am s Muslim we can become friends do you live in Lahore or Karachi?
  4. Exploitation
    Exploitation habib
    Hi having I am from Pakistan I want to know that is ps3exploit v4 really coming out PL don't be angry.and I also have another question what is your religion
  5. ahmessid
    ahmessid pinky
    HELLO PINKY.. i just wanna ask you about PS3 HAN, after install psn pkg and anstall rif file every thing ok but after reboot console and enable han the game not work, do i need to install rif pkg every time ?
    1. Nazarenodtr125
      Nov 23, 2018
  6. ahmessid
    ahmessid abnkamal
    alsalam 3alikom: hello bro i just wanna ask you did you solve proplem whan instal rif file and reboot ps3 its need to install again
  7. K.I.T.T.
    I got a CECH-2101A on November 17
  8. Yugonibblit
    Yugonibblit STLcardsWS
    Sent you 20.00 via pay pal
    Money sent
    $20.00 USD
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  9. K.I.T.T.
    RIP My PS3 Slim CECH-2501A 2010-2018
  10. Yugonibblit
    Yugonibblit pinky
    [email protected] hope your doing well and I hope you have a great day! I've been trying to survive. Lost a couple of good friends. Life seems Dead to me. But I will be ok I think. Keep the great advice buddy. Take care.
  11. GeneXL
    "We did it boys, we have stopped racism." Skipper - 2018
  12. GeneXL
    "We did it boys, we have stopped racism.
  13. jesus alberto
    jesus alberto habib
    hello habib my question is if this new 4.83 will be compactible with the super slim. and can it be updated via usb?
  14. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS kozarovv
    change made in resources..... :)
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    2. kozarovv
      Awesome! Thx. :)
      Dec 1, 2018
  15. Louay
    Louay littlebalup
    i pm you hope you respond :)
  16. dmikeforlife
    dmikeforlife Orbital
    Hey, I already have the config. I only use PS2 Classics, not sure how to give you the screenshot
  17. Warez007
  18. ricardo guedes
    ricardo guedes
  19. Filho_do_RPG
    Filho_do_RPG esc0rtd3w
    my old model ps3 at 4xxx
    now my new model is 25xx
  20. Filho_do_RPG
    Filho_do_RPG esc0rtd3w
    hey bro! my ps3 upgrading to 4.83 but i want intall cfw!
    Are you working on patch 4.83 right?
    please save me from this update 4.83
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