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  1. n00b
    Pl forgive me if i say or do something wrong.
  2. Yugonibblit
  3. Yugonibblit
  4. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS D4rK Aisen
    This person is known for posting Fake Content.....
    He is not a creditable source of information.

    -Founder and Site admin of PSX-Place
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  5. ISAK.M
    XBOX 360 (Trinity 250GB) soon to be RGHed (RGH2)
  6. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS ps1noob
    This escalated because of yourself.
    You would of never had a ban if you did not try and removed all your post.
    That screws up other people post and threads.

    Also, you say this but you say different on someone else profile i see,
  7. STLcardsWS
    STLcardsWS ps1noob
    Example of an edited post?

    did not see any, only your edits?
    1. ps1noob
      no with edited i meant my own edits to the posts with "-" bc i couldn't delete them. the only problem i had was why some of my content was removed.

      1 removed threat was about how tiredsome i grew of all the people asking for a 4.83 han release and a suggestion to set up a paywall. I can understand that you would see this as starting drama.

      to be honest, i really dont know how this escalated this quick....
      Feb 6, 2019
  8. RetroFan_90
    Wake me up when the PS3 Gets Full RSX Acceleration. :)
  9. gercapo
    gercapo clayson
    i want to download msf converter.Where is the link?
  10. Yugonibblit
    word of the day....GrUndal
  11. Yugonibblit
    phrase of the day...scrotum chips
  12. Yugonibblit
    fuzzing, in which you feed random permutations of data into a program to crash it, after which you can determine the vulnerabilities
  13. Yugonibblit
    Word of the day....FuZZing
  14. bitsbubba
  15. Yugonibblit
    Word of the day ...muFFmunCher
  16. .....
    Nothing much to say...
  17. Yugonibblit
    word of the day....crotchduster
  18. Yugonibblit
    word of the day....stoolpusher
  19. Jay L
    Jay L
  20. Exploitation
    Exploitation STLcardsWS
    I am interested in contributing my time to psx place.Dear administrator i request you to assign me some work.I dont have regular time but i can manage some time.Pl assign me a task