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. . . Dec 12, 2017

    1. New
      Buenas, quisiera que me respondiera y me ayudara , ¿Alguna forma de piratear una ps2 sin Swap magic y sin otra memory card que tenga FMCB ..
      Edito por que no se responder, disculpa que le escriba en español, tengo un chip matrix pero el lector no sirve , mande a hacer eso y lo que me colocaron fue el opl y no puedo ejecutar emuladores ni nada
      :( gracias de todas maneras ...
      1. aldostools
        Another method is installing a modchip (original method). Maybe you can buy online a memory card with fmcb already installed.
        Dec 19, 2017
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    2. aldostools
    3. aldostools
    4. NotYourDope
      Hi Aldo, I'm trying to unlock a Skate 3 save to be used on any PS3/Account but the 'Decrypt PFD' box is just greyed out. I tried to resign it without decrypting but it just corrupted the save. Any ideas why I can't decrypt it?
    5. xiaoyang
      IRISMAN v 4.82 release?
    6. LuanTeles
      can you make the Retro Folders Categorized? or Multiple Folder for different type of roms.. i have about 1500 roms and its a pain in the ass scroll all way down and see which retro console is it for
    7. smikk
      gentle Mr. Aldos Vargas, if possible I would need information on how to install on windows 10. The sdk, sony SDK and PSLight.

      I also tried the following SDK: 2014PS3SDKOfflineInstaller.exe - Version 450 - 1.44gb

      But I can not find it on google.

      It could help about

      with gratitude
    8. Junk
      hello aldostools. i got error when psnpatch plugin install.

      Plugin handler install error
      Error code 6

      like this:

      thank you advice.

      PSN Patch: 2017.02/B
      PS3: ITA4.75 (NON COBRA)
      1. aldostools
        Please report this issue to Kokotonix / KW.

        I'm not the developer of PSNpatch.
        Feb 9, 2017
    9. xiaoyang
    10. xiaoyang
    11. Crezazel
      Hi, I have CECHA01 PS3 w/ Rebug 4.81.1 REX w/ multiMAN 4.81.02 + webMAN 1.45.08. I'm want to use External Game Data in webMAN. I deleted game data from int. HDD, enable External Game Data in webMAN, but when try install Game Data to ext. HDD it installs to int. HDD. Ext. HDD is 1TB format FAT32 in USB_00 GAMEI folder created. My PS3 b/ups are on 2TB ext. HDD format NTFS in USB_02. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
    12. Zoilus
      omg...I feel like a doofus! lol thanks @aldostools

      Well I did the CTRL+Enter but it opened up the hex editor. what I wanted was to convert it back to bin. is there a short cut for that?

    13. aldostools
      @Zoilus Press ctrl+enter on the elf file.
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    14. Zoilus
      hello , hey I know this is going to sound silly but , I know how to easily extract the elf from the eboot.bin. with the pkg option in the context menu...but how on earth do you convert the eboot.elf back into the eboot.bin?? is there a gui in your tools that does this. I thought I saw one but im looking around and I don't see it. sorry for being so silly about this , im sure its something easy I can't see. Thanks
    15. yusuf29
      good day sir i saw all your post on the forums please. sir did you come across this error 8002f2f0 help me
    16. Shinigami1337
      [email protected]
      hello Aldos, can you please help me i am new at the jailbreak thing of the ps3....I would like to jailbreak my ps3 and run on it ps2 Isos games...Can you please spear a bit of your time and please send me some guide lines i think i get the basic right is just that in this website they give you all the apps as separate tools and all the others is in a package of 47-217MB....

      A help in this sector would be greatly appreciated...
    18. mamij
    19. xvi3r

      I would like to ask you a question if you dont mind.

      I got this game called Hell Yeah Wrath of the Dead Rabbit and i turned to ISO. (the game was PKG), everything is fine, runs fine game turned ISO format no problems.

      The problem is when i try to load the ISO with the DLC's (Virtual rabbit and clothes), the game starts fine, no problems but it gets stuck in the loading screen (infinite 1/4 of loading screen)

      what im doing wrong?

      sorry if i bother you with my questions. I just did all in the god mighty google and no luck :(

      if you can, you can write (yes please!) me at my email: [email protected]


      thank you
    20. big-meat420
      Hi I'm trying to make a rebug cobra but I don't know what to do to get everything I need to download I use to have one but I got banned my old rebug now I want to create one
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