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Oct 13, 2014
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Hi i was caught up in exams again, have a week of holiday so i would release the cfw anytime soon with new features and hopefully no bugs :p Dec 4, 2016

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Jun 20, 2018 at 7:36 AM
    1. Danyaal Majid
      Danyaal Majid
      hi.i was wondering where you are from and if you are from my country or close by we can become friends.and dont think that i am inquiring to get your info but only to see if you live in pakistan or not.please dont mind my question and thanks for all the stuff u have done over the years
    2. Ed Roberts
      Ed Roberts
      Im looking for help, I Successfully installed 4 back-ups using cfw2ofw helper/make back ups .batch which creates the 3 pkgs/and the resigner ! they work fine ! then I used the same Procedure to install C.O.D Black-ops3 and Tekken Tag 2....and on both of them I get Error 8001003E which says insert disc and restart ! do you have an Idea as to why ? ....And or a Solution ?
    3. Ps3OfwUser
      Habib, the people who's use Chrome Os can't execute The etHANol Resigner, because the people who's use Chrome OS (like me) can't execute .exe or .bat files, only can run the ''chrome web store'' apps or extensions, if u can make a Resigner for the people who's use Chrome os they give the huge thanks !!!!! (im spanish, my english is so bad)
    4. jesus alberto
      jesus alberto
      habib we ask you of heart for the cumunidad of ps3 super slim that we are still millions we need your help to enjoy this console, and we can have a cfw and a multiman. habib do not get tired strength that I know your team can !!!
    5. jesus alberto
      jesus alberto
      since the ps3xploit 3.0 you can not play games with more than 4GB and every time you turn on the console you have to download the exploit, and another problem for those who do not have internet as they are going to do? nor the windows 10 because there are many people who have their pc in windows 7. that's why you have to think about everything ..
    6. jesus alberto
      jesus alberto
      Hi Habib, I would like to know if your team is still working on the CFW for the PS3 3xxxx and 4xxxx since we are a great community that we have these models and for the moment we can not have a PS4. we send you strength and encouragement that you do not abandon that project, that we need the cfw.
    7. Yo it’s James ps3
      Yo it’s James ps3
      Please help when I try to burn a disk to the HD’s aswell it’s failing ?????? Help
    8. Yo it’s James ps3
      Yo it’s James ps3
      ?????? I’m trying to load up paradise the one you can load gsc inject from and I’m getting infinite loads on bo2
    9. amritpalh
      Hey dude I try to make a pkg from a games bluray folder and i keep getting this using make pkg backup. The cmd says CAUTION:DEPTH OF DIRECTORIES WAS RESTRICTED. <MAX.9>.THE OTHER ERROR IS REGISTRATION ERROR. Know of any methods around this?
    10. xboxtoo
      hey will i get ban if i update my games from xmb?
    11. xboxtoo
      Hey @habib is your resigner tool compatible with 10+ gb PKG?
      1. habib
        Yes it is, no size limit
        Mar 16, 2018
    12. amritpalh
      hey habib is it true you are working on a way to jailbreak the ps3 models that can't be jailbroken? I heard it from a youtube source I can't remember that you were. Thought I would ask you straight because rumours are rumours.

      Kind Regards!
    13. Joyas
      What Will Be The Advantages Of Staying On 4.81 (HEN) Will It Only Allow Us To Use FAKE SAVE OWNER Or More??
      1. habib
        That’s all what it would allow
        Mar 13, 2018
    14. uday
      will you release the exploit3.0 nxt week????
    15. Ps3OfwUser
      Mr Habib, you are going to release Ps3xploit 3.0 This week?
    16. Louay
      how to resign psn content like resident evil 4 hd i have rap file EP0102-NPEB00342_00-CONTENT0000DLPKG.rap i want to play it on ofw because i use psn liberator on cfw its work without reactpsn now but after DTU to OFW console it say error code 80010017 ??
    17. tourist
      Where is Cinavia Protection Tool v4.822222222222222222222 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    18. xiaoyang
      Is there an HABIB 4.82 Cobra Release?
      1. Ps3OfwUser
        Mar 10, 2018
    19. xiaoyang
      HABIB 4.82 COBRA V1.00 Will it be released?
      A lot of players are looking forward to your release
      1. Ps3OfwUser
        Can u only wait please?!?!?!?
        Mar 10, 2018
    20. SLENDERX
      can you do a superslim cfw plzzz :p
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