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Hi i was caught up in exams again, have a week of holiday so i would release the cfw anytime soon with new features and hopefully no bugs :p Dec 4, 2016

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Sep 20, 2017 at 3:37 AM
    1. LilaQ
      I'm having problems with getting USB peripherals to work with Rebug 4.81.2 with PS2 games
      I can not find any info if this is possible

      Tried SingStar mics with PS2 games - not working
      Tried Light Gun via USB with PS2/PS3 games - not working
      Tried Buzzers with PS2 Buzzer games - not working
      Tried both USB ports.

      Someone told me that you made a USB fix, so I'm trying to get in contact with you.
      Thanks in advance
    2. Kibz
      Hey, I have Habib 4.81 with cobra 7.50 installed and was trying PS3XPAD plugin but cant get the XPAD menu from the plugin to pop up, I might need to use VSH loader or PRX loader to install the plug in but none of the loaders are compatible, is there another way to do it on your cfw?
    3. tommy7600
      Will you release 4.81 with Cobra 7.52 (with Deank patch that allows to read burned discs)?
      1. habib
        No plans for now
        Feb 23, 2017
      2. tommy7600
        Feb 23, 2017
    4. jaimaz
      Thanks a lot habib for this wonderful CFW. i have been waiting it so long
      but can you tell me what to do with (lv2_sc15) zip file and what it does?
      i am somekind new for this stuffs
      1. habib
        You dont need it :)
        Dec 8, 2016
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    5. LittleBoy
      Hello sir, I want to play Silent Hill Origins (PS2 game), but there are some issues such as the white overblending at burning house.Could you fix them ? Thank you.
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      2. LittleBoy
        Wow, Thanks. How should I edit the config file? Just input "00000000 3D 00 00 00 F6 41 00 00 40 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 [email protected]" to the file ?
        Jan 4, 2017
      3. habib
        Jan 4, 2017
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      4. LittleBoy
        Thank you so much !
        Jan 4, 2017
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    6. jaimaz
      No problem my friend
      thanks a lot for the hard work
      i hope you will pass the exam with high points. its more important than ps3
    7. habib
      Hi i was caught up in exams again, have a week of holiday so i would release the cfw anytime soon with new features and hopefully no bugs :p
    8. xiaoyang
      You can link the link to me alone I can test
    9. xiaoyang
      Do you want to release tonight?habib 4.81Thank youStill testing?
    10. xiaoyang
      Today released habib 4.81?
      1. habib
        testing, should be maybe tomorrow
        Nov 27, 2016
    11. xiaoyang
      Thank you Look forward to your release
    12. xiaoyang
      When does release habib 4.81?
      1. habib
        This sunday
        Nov 23, 2016
    13. habib
      Sorry for the cfw delay, thats because i have some exams and wasnt able to complete during the weekend.will release this weekend for sure!
    14. xiaoyang
      Thank you for the release tomorrow HABIB 4.81 COBRA V1.00
    15. xiaoyang
      Do you have a release date?
      1. habib
        This week
        Nov 16, 2016
    16. xiaoyang
      HABIB 4.81 COBRA V1.00 Will it be released?Thank you.
      1. habib
        Nov 16, 2016
    17. Mchd
      newbie here.

      my ps3 HDDjust died, I need to change it. it was on CFW but I don't know which one. Could you please tell me which CFW should I install?
    18. mario77
      I have Rogero 4.55 and new multiman...installed by tutorial from Habib ISO_LAUNCHER_1.03.pkg and reActPSN_v3.20+.pkg.983.v3.20+_brewology_com
      I can start ps2ISO game ok with ISO Launcher 1.03...but for example on singstar ps2 game my USB microphones are not recognized,I have wireless and on cable for ps2/ps3 .
      I tried all plug-in options left usb port,right...nothing works,tried 4games singstar and nothing.
      Can you please give some details about that...I am not expert for ps3,but i would follow your instructions.
      Thanks in advance.
    19. solidsnake
      Good day sir! Im a newbie here. just want to ask for your help. I have a ps3 running on rogero ( i dont know the version but someone jaibreak it on 2013) . We bought skylander for my son and update it on 4.6 OFW so we he can play it. Now I want to install 4.78 starbucks but it will stop on 70% and its written that its corrupt ( I already installed the 4.78 OFW ). This is my first time to try to jailbreak my ps3 .So what should i need to do? Any help will much appreciated. Thank you!
    20. STLcardsWS
      Disregard last PM i sent, now seen the Beta Post :)
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