Sep 18, 2014
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    1. rositasucita
      hi I need help how upgrade hdd keeping han games installed and acounts I have 160 and I want ro replace it. thanks for your attention
    2. Ps3OfwUser
      StLcardsWS, the people who's use Chrome Os can't execute The etHANol Resigner, because the people who's use Chrome OS (like me) can't execute .exe or .bat files, only can run the ''chrome web store'' apps or extensions, if u can make a Resigner for the people who's use Chrome os they give the huge thanks !!!!! (im spanish, my english is so bad)
    3. rositasucita
      hack is find the easyest way for everything incluyed in life pkgs splited is the easyest way.
    4. rositasucita
      many ps3 users has been tested the pkgs splited and says work there is many exelent game heavy like metal gear 4 thanks again for your attention
    5. rositasucita
      why there is not splited pkgs for ps3 han ofw I tried looking for so long My computer is brocken thanks for your attention
    6. max nascimento santos
      max nascimento santos
      How can I fix this error ps3?
    7. Alex_1985
      Hello! Please tell me how i can delete my account?
      1. STLcardsWS
        Don't login. We don't remove accounts it messes up other aspects of the site like threads you may of posted in. Simple solution is dont login and use the account.
        Mar 25, 2018
    8. ayassinsayed
      please help me i try method (PSX CDDA Fix instructions) fail to play game audio track
      do you have another tut to help ???
    9. RenLabs
      Hi is there a link where it shows me how to jailbreak my ps3, cech-4012c ,4.82? and if there is, once i jailbreak, can i download games and all? im new at this and i want to jailbreak. please help :)
    10. Ace112
      I's It, easy to jailbreak Ps-3 slim 2501b 4.82 .?.

      What do ya,ll suggest .?. If u don't mind me askin ..
    11. Jin799
      Any chance of cfw 3.55 and 3.55 ofw here somewhere ,cos I can't find them.
    12. Yonas.bob
      Can you please help me?
      I just Jailbreak my PS3 and it was working and then I install tools then in the next day I install ferrox mod installer and I lunch it and I take the first one and again the first one then my ps3 reboot then I see down there's ferrox and I turn off my PS3 and back on and i forget to set it back abd I deleted mod installer and now I can't sing in.
      1. Yonas.bob
        and I can't start a game or tools it just come black screen.
        Any idea?
        Feb 27, 2018
    13. FartCompany
      Can you fix the cuss checking erros pleas, it prevents me from posting EVEN WITHOUT SWEARING. thats how broken it is
    14. BzkMichasosa
    15. Dikara
      i need lv2diag.self for ps3 Ofw .. broken factory service mode
    16. shawn fenstermacher
      shawn fenstermacher
      im trying to jailbreak my ps3 but i dont know how
    17. nav
      Hi friend I hope you help me .. multiman not opening in my ps3 it’s showing error 80010017 ..
      and (installation packages file) also not showing in my ps3 please help me ..
    18. Kraizic
      In short, the problem is this, I'm starting to do the firmware, I go to the installation point of the exploit with сredthetrainer. ... I'm doing everything according to the instructions, but the browser writes "It's not possible to display the page, error 80710a06" .Help, what's wrong? Why does the browser not allow me to enter?
    19. estelar
      Hola tiene el PKG MAME 0.142 PS3 que funcione en cfw 4.xx? por favor
    20. TheOldExperience
      Waiting till any updates will come for the Nor nand flash writer.
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