Sep 18, 2014
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I do not answer questions on my profile. Post question forum. Aug 15, 2018

    1. Yugonibblit
      Sent you 20.00 via pay pal
      Money sent
      $20.00 USD
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    2. Warez007
    3. C7TJFVB7-CAZ
      yo bro can i talk to u on skype, got heavy problemz with my CECH C04 that drivez me crazy >(
    4. STLcardsWS
      I do not answer questions on my profile. Post question forum.
    5. Cameoppa
      Hi im sorry i am new to jailbreaking ps3.. I have an old ps3 with broken bluray laser... so i cant play disk on it, so i was thinking of playing games through an external hdd or thumbdrive so that i can pass this ps3 to my little cousin (i have a ps4 already). Can someone please help me to get my old ps3 to play basically ps3 games that ive downloaded online.. It woulf be a great help thank you.
    6. BwE
      lol following me
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    7. King1Day
      Hi, I'm new to this world. Yesterday I broke my ps3 with Ferrox and I also have multiman. It took forever with a YouTube video lol. Well, I'm wondering 2 things 1st is there an emulator with games that's easy to download really craving some old school marvel vs capcom. 2nd question what's the easiest way to down load GTA 5 blus mods
    8. Flodia
      Hi plz I want to inject disk copied game uncharted 3 to my super slim but when I launch the true ancestor it says "the game contains splitted files merge it first". Plz how do merge it
    9. lukeeey
      Do you run the site?
    10. keliuss
      Thanks for sorting out that registration issue buddy :)
    11. Ian Haskins
      Ian Haskins
      i jailbroke one of my ps3s fine, the other one it keeps saying corrupted data, how do i fix it
    12. Ian Haskins
      Ian Haskins
      yo can you help me
    13. baberuth2021
      im new to the modding world i just jail broke my first ps3 kuddos to psx place and xploit ps3 for the help in the process having troubles with games in webman games maybe its the new version that has bugs or its me that doesnt know what to do but when i choose bo2 in webman it will load the disc icon but then get a black screen and cant back out any links to videos would be nice or some useful info
    14. rositasucita
      hi I need help how upgrade hdd keeping han games installed and acounts I have 160 and I want ro replace it. thanks for your attention
    15. Ps3OfwUser
      StLcardsWS, the people who's use Chrome Os can't execute The etHANol Resigner, because the people who's use Chrome OS (like me) can't execute .exe or .bat files, only can run the ''chrome web store'' apps or extensions, if u can make a Resigner for the people who's use Chrome os they give the huge thanks !!!!! (im spanish, my english is so bad)
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    16. rositasucita
      hack is find the easyest way for everything incluyed in life pkgs splited is the easyest way.
    17. rositasucita
      many ps3 users has been tested the pkgs splited and says work there is many exelent game heavy like metal gear 4 thanks again for your attention
    18. rositasucita
      why there is not splited pkgs for ps3 han ofw I tried looking for so long My computer is brocken thanks for your attention
    19. max nascimento santos
      max nascimento santos
      How can I fix this error ps3?
    20. Alex_1985
      Hello! Please tell me how i can delete my account?
      1. STLcardsWS
        Don't login. We don't remove accounts it messes up other aspects of the site like threads you may of posted in. Simple solution is dont login and use the account.
        Mar 25, 2018
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