Trial and Error Professional, from New England, USA

    1. TMNT2003Fan
      I didn't download the version of RomoteJoyLitever0.19 that you posted a link to. BUT i have got a version of RomoteJoyLitever0.19 on my computer. I used it to record some X-Men Legends Rise of Apocalypse gameplay video's for my YouTube channel. But for some reason I cannot use that same version of RJL to record my Marvel: Ultimate Alliance gameplay. Whenever I try to do so the game crashes and then my PSP turns off.
      1. UniqueUserName
        Im going to start an Inbox/PM conversation with you to try and resolve this, so we dont fill up my profile page with forum help.

        In the mean time, Id ask you again to please try the only thing I asked for, trying the version I linked... as there are dozens of hacked versions of RJL floating around the Net (I personally sifted through several glitchy ones alone before I found the stable version I shared here). ;)
        Jan 18, 2017
    2. TMNT2003Fan
      Hello UUN I've downloaded the version of RemoteJoyLite 0.20a from your page. But I can't get it to work for some reason it only says "Disp Off" when I try to use it. And this is after the game has already started.
      1. UniqueUserName
        .20-A = is an Alpha Build of Remote Joy Lite, to improve speeds and compatibility, but breaks some other normal functions...
        Can you please confirm for me if the last stable-version (non-alpha/beta version) works with your setup?


        We have to start there first before we can attempt to fix a less-stable build. ;)
        Please let me know your results.
        Jan 18, 2017
    3. Paulkuria
      hello thank you...i know how to use free mc boot..about ps3?
      will i only install rebug at the recovery menu and after installing i install multiman at xmb and from there i can copy games to my ps3 hdd?
      will i need to sigh in to playstatio network for multiman to work?
      1. UniqueUserName
        Jan 18, 2017
    4. STLcardsWS
      Doing alot of good things around here, don;t think i have not noticed or appreciate the efforts.

      Thanks :)
      1. UniqueUserName likes this.
    5. UniqueUserName
      Trial and Error Professional
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