PS3 Mysis (POC) Gameplay Recording Plugin

A multi-feature plugin that offers GamePlay Recording, XMB Screenshot and other abilities.

  1. mysis

    • PS3 Games
      * PSP Games/Minis
      * PS1 Games
      * PlayView

    • Version
      Gameplay recording:
      • Alot more PS3 games recording now + PSP Games/Minis + PlayView + PS1 Games (via MM)
      • Switched from game memory container to custom 5-7 MB memory container
      • Added quality selection (Right Analog Stick):
        • Hold Up: high quality (MJPEG Encoder + 1280x720 Resolution), bigger file size (.avi),7 MB
        • Hold Left : quality (MJPEG Encoder + 640x368 Resolution), bigger file size (.avi), 5 MB - (works with save game utility, thx neozero)
        • Hold Down good quality (M4HD Encoder + 640x368 Resolution), smaller file size (.mp4),6 MB
        • Note: (Default: High quality, change BEFORE start recording)
      • Hold R3: Recording start
      • Press PS-Button: Recording Stop
      • Note: Recording will stop and notify automatically after ps-button is pressed. It is not advised to use high/good quality with save game utility or with other plugins while recording! Feel free to report more tested games at:
      • Added to R1-Button
        • Dump current Disc Hash Key
        • Enable Secure File ID catcher
      • Note: secureFileId is caught once enabled and a savegame loaded afterwards

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  1. Mysis (POC) Gameplay Recording Plugin

Recent Reviews

  1. bguerville
    Great plugin, not perfect due to some limitations but very useful!
  2. STLcardsWS
    While it has it trouble on high memory PS3 games, MANY PS3 games however can be recorded with this amazing plugin that contains various other functions