PS4 PS4 Doom (+ Brutal PS4 Doom) v0.4

A (UNITY) port of the classic DOOM (Made w/ Unity)

  1. STLcardsWS
    PS4 DooM

    (powered by Unity)

    • UPDATE V0.4
      "Now with PS4 Controller Support!"

      NOTE: Controller sensitivity may be to high and the deadzone may be to off. Controller input mapping and configuration WILL be updated in the future.

      There are two releases this time. regular PS4 DooM, and Brutal PS4 DooM alpha v0.1.

      General Features:
      • Controller Support
      Brutal PS4 DooM Features:
      • Blood Spraying Effect added to Gunshot wounds
      • Dynamic Lights have been mounted to Imp's Fireball explosion, and to Blood droplets

    Release Thread / Source:

    Supported on 4.55 Exploited Firmware:
    5.05 Unknown