PS3 4.76 FERROX DualBoot Firmware by Alexander

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By STLcardsWS on Sep 7, 2015 at 8:49 PM
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    PlayStation 3 Developer Alexander follows up his 4.76 FERROX (Standard CEX) CFW with the release of 4.76 FERROX DualBoot, DualBoot Firmwares are useful to only CFW users. It's an Official Firmware (in this case 4.76 OFW) that has slight modifications that will allow CFW users to return back to a CFW after using this firmware that will behave exactly as OFW would, excluding the fact it lets you return to a CFW. The theory and purpose [break]sss[/break] of this firmware is so it gives CFW user's a safer approach in logging into PSN to play your disc based games online. As with anything USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and understand what you are using...

    Based on FW:
    FW Type:CFW Type:Developer:

    • 4.76

    • OFW (CEX)


    • Alexander
    DOWNLOAD: 4.76 DualBoot Firmware
    MD5: e831d90a4efbfc169041f60438629962



Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 7, 2015.

    1. pinky
      probably not needed to format the hdd. I can guarantee that's not what sony looks for. it's dissuade anyone from going legit. the easiest way to determine if ur on cfw is doing something ofw can't do. there's a specific location for this and for that. it'd be as simple as trying to load a game file from the hdd. let's say u have an install data. let's try to load a file that's not in the install data from the hdd. if it loads, ur on cfw. it's really that simple. speaking of install data, which many ps3 games do, there's a list of install files with the install data file changing its extensions once all is installed. now, let's have it try to install something not in the list. it shouldn't be able to, because the list says what files r to be installed, and the extension has changed. now, let's load a file that shouldn't be on the hdd. :-/

      edit: I go by I think it was bloodrain in which the .str file turns into .end after all is installed. I think the eboot launches the file in question, then tries to launch a file not in the gamedata. that's how I think sony is looking at that. it would get by dualbooting as well since the file is on the hdd anyway. microsoft knows ur on a jtag/rgh since u've broken the security of ur kv, so ur prevented access immediately. that would explain y it takes longer here if sony or devs go by what's installed and what shouldn't.
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    2. XiNNiX
      Thank you

      very Much thank You!
    3. yatir1989
      So if I have version 4.75 not jailbreak

      I can install "4.76 DualBoot Firmware" after dropping from your link

      And then install version 4.76 jailbreak like "4.76 FERROX CFW (CEX) - by Alexander"

      It should work for me ?
    4. bitsbubba
      No, if you have OFW above 3.55 this will not install, you must first downgrade or install CFW with a Nand/Nor flasher
    5. yatir1989
      I broke the ps3 one time

      And I updated via the Internet by mistake to 4.75

      How to re-download the version again ?

      ( Thanks for the help )
    6. bitsbubba
      hardware downgrade with a Nand/ Nor flasher (ONLY WAY)
    7. wicko
    8. atreyu187

      So what are you really trying to say?? I am lost again LOL J/K :-p
    9. iznoguth
      Hi All,

      Can you please take me out a doubt?

      If I put a new hdd, format it and put the Ferrox DB 4.76 I have a clean system and can go online with less risk to be ban (this is a fact).

      After that I can change to the hdd that I use today with the 4.76 Rebug and play again in my CFW?

      My idea is have two hdd one with Ferrox DB to play only FIFA online and another to play offline the rest of my games. And change it everytime that I want.

      Last year I was ban, and I bought a new PSID and IDPS. With IDPSet I change it permanently and I want reduce the maximum the ban risk.

      Thanks in advance.
    10. Dr. L Ron Bumquist
      Dr. L Ron Bumquist
      You will have to reinstall each firmware every time you change hdd's and switch between rebug/ferrox.
    11. princebhoi
      how i make my ps3 slim ofw 4.76 to cfw plzzzzzzzzzzz help me...........
    12. Sdw100

      First thing to do is make sure ur console is capable of being downgraded use this>>SKU Models - PS3 Developer wiki
      Then if u have a model that can go to 3.55 you WILL need a hardware flasher or have somebody downgrade that perticular ps3,
      There is NO other way for YOU,
      Last edited: Oct 12, 2015

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