4.78 FERROX (Standard CEX) NOBD CFW by Alexander

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 16, 2016 at 10:15 PM
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    So you find yourself with a PS3 Console that will display the XMB but when you go to launch a Game or App you find yourself unable, in many cases this means your BD Drive and/or BD Logic Board is damaged. If these items are damaged you obviously will not be able to use the disc drive in your console, but thanks to the "fine" developers over at SONY this affects the launching of Applications and HDD based games also. So if your were an Official Firmware (OFW) users you would have a sick paperweight with a cool digital wave (when connected to a TV). However if your a CFW user, that paperweight can rightfully be used once again as a Console for playing your favorite movies and games[break]gg[/break]. With the use of a NOBD CFW, now this CFW will not magically repair your BD Drive/Board but it will bypass it, and this bypass is key as now you can launch applications and hdd based games once again and thus do not need to rebuy a console but rather you can still use your working hardware that is essentially disabled for an OFW user.

    So now that we know what a NOBD CFW is and what type of console it used on, lets talk about CFW developer Alexander's latest release as he debuts 4.78 FERROX NOBD CFW, this CFW if used on a system with a working BD Drive you will render your drive useless for the duration of this firmware install.

    Firmware Version
    CFW Type
    Developer4.78 Apps / CFW

    • FERROX- NOBD v1.00

    • 4.78 - CEX

    MD5: 859b362d59cea061950ad99f9e2c93fb - USE ANY CFW AT YOUR OWN RISK
    [HR][/HR]Downloads: 4.78 FERROX -NOBD CFW

    Source: cybermodding.it


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 16, 2016.

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      Thank you release
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      Wouw, Thank you so much Alexander i have my Ps3 BACK, people like you are real heroes today in the system that we have to live, keep going best wishes for your life:)
    4. Alexander
      I'm here for you all.
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      Thank you :D
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      Hello everyone.. Obviously im very much a noob here and i really don't even know where to start so i decided to just reach out to some actual human beings and see if they could help me get more out of my ps3! So if anyone has some free time please get at me and drop some knowledge on me!
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      What exactly you want to know?

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