PS3 4.81 FERROX COBRA (7.3) CFW by Alexander [UPDATED v1.01+ Released]

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 2, 2016 at 7:18 PM
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    Update [November 20 2016] Version 1.01+ Released (Bug Fix Cobra now fully operational)

    Following the release 4.81 FERROX Standard Edition CFW, Alexander has now put the finishing touches on 4.81 FERROX COBRA (7.3) CFW. This firmware comes with all the features of the Standard Edition plus has Cobra v7.3 and all the features like plugin support on boot, ISO support for PS3/PS2/PSP ect, NetISO Support (network loading/streaming of games and movies with ps3netsrv) . Checkout out the full details from Alexander..

    Official Support Forum for FERROX CFW:

    • (Google Translation)

      UPDATE v1.01 & v1.01+

      After considering the reports of some users, alexander updated version 1.01. Console on some fact was not syncing the controller to 'start, if you turn on the console via the Wireless Controller in the same mode. In fact, using the cable, or turning on with POWER button, the problem would not show up. Well, the problem was solved. This problem had previously seen on some firmware. The problem was in the TAR. On the advice of Developer Habib, and Evilnat collaboration, here we give the revision 1.01+

      CHANGELOG v1.01 +
      • Fixed the Controller to sync Boot via the Wireless Controller for PS button.
      • Fixed XMB InGame.

      We thank the users and developer who helped Test. If you aiutassimo more often at each other in the PS3 scene, between Developer and Tester, it would be a different story. Special thanks to Atreyu and Kozárov by PSX-Place site, for testing on older FAT Console. A big thank you also to our @mizio90 for the 'Installer. It must be said that the new version of the CFW was ready already for a while, but I did make late because of the 'Installer
      Thanks Habib and Evilnat for your cooperation to fixed the Controller's question.

    • This version does NOT have the Mod Graphics you saw in FERROX 4.80. However it will be added later, releasing a separate version, or a simple package.

      The Developer Alexander tells us that the Source Code of its Porting COBRA will be available soon in its Github.​

      • Built on the basis of 'OFW 4.81 SONY.
      • PSN / SEN Enabled.
      • Update from any possibility of CFW (CEX).
      • Ability to Upgrade from OFW 3.55.
      • Ability to Downgrade from any CFW with QA active Flags.
      • QA Flags active if previously enabled.
      • FEATURE - Added COBRA PATCH 7.30!
      • FEATURE - Compatibility PS2 games.
      • FEATURE - Compatibility with the 'latest version of ReactPSN.
      • FEATURE - RSOD Bypass Screen Console sufferers RSOD.
      • FEATURE - 4.81 Key to start games signed with 4.81 keys.
      • FEATURE - app_home / PS3_GAME.
      • FEATURE - XMB Support In-Game Screenshots.
      • FEATURE - Support Remote Play.
      • FEATURE - Integrated Package Manager, replaces the classic Install Package Files.
      • PATCH - LV1: Patched to remove the LV2 protection.
      • PATCH - LV1: Patched the CoreOS Hash Check to prevent Brick Console Downgradate non-Dehashed.
      • PATCH - LV1: Peek & Poke.
      • PATCH - LV2: Peek & Poke.
      • PATCH - PS3 BT Remote Patch.
      • PATCH - PS3 BluRay Disc Patch.
      • PATCH - Disabled Epilepsy Message to Boot.
      • PATCH - Disabled Cinavia protection.
      • Loading Plugin to Boot automatically, through boot_plugins.txt File to 'internal dev_hdd0
      • Support for ISO PS3
      • Support for ISO PS2
      • Support for ISO PSX
      • Support for ISO PSP
      • Support for ISO DVD
      • Support for ISO BluRay
      • Support for ISO Splittate on Fat32 Devices
      • Support for NTFS formatted devices (dear External Hard Disk)
      • NetISO support (Ps3netsrv) PS3-BD-DVD-PSX ISO / CUE / BIN

      These are the tests carried out by us on the console in our possession.

      • Download the CFW at the bottom. Rename the File .pup exactly: PS3UPDAT.PUP and confrontatene the 'MD5 with what you find at the bottom! You can use the Tool md5sums.

      • Take a USB FAT32 formatted, and create a new folder called PS3, inside this create another 'other still called UPDATE, and inside latter' inseriteci the PS3UPDAT.PUP File, which would be the custom firmware.

      • Insert the USB in the far right of the PS3 port.

      • Be sure to: Remove any disc from the player Ps3, Remove any games loaded with any Manager, Disable Internet Connection.

      • Ok. You can choose to install the CFW from the XMB or from Recovery.

      • On the XMB will just go into 'Settings' column, then 'System Upgrade' and choose 'With storage media'. Select the CFW and will start the process.

      • To enter Recovery Instead, turn off the console. Turn it back on by holding down the Power button until the console is turned off again. Now turn it back on by holding down the Power button until you hear two beeps very close. Then release the Power button! Recovery time from the menu, select 'System Update' and follow the instructions.

      • For a clean installation, you can install 2 times the CFW. You can also go back into Recovery and click Options for Rebuilding the Database and Restore the System File. So you'll have a setup more than clean and safe.

    Download (v1.01+): 4.81 FERROX [COBRA v7.3) CFW
    Md5: a90225408ba549db8102177100e3083c​
    DOWNLOAD v1.00 4.81 FERROX COBRA 7.3 CFW
    v1.00 MD5:

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 2, 2016.

    1. bguerville
      You need a drive for 5mn, can you not borrow one?
      The language selection is enough but you can continue to the end if you prefer.
      You won't lose anything at all..
      The PS3 will ask you to reinstall due to fatal crash.

      So I guess you don't have the eid_root_key?
    2. Parzana
      I dont now what is eID_root_key, its the backup of Nand/Nor? I could borrow some HD's but from blocked ps3's. This procedure does what with the spares HDs?
    3. Parzana
      I have to know what happens with the borrow HD with this method. The HD must be new? It can be archives inside the HD, or it has to be recent formated? It can be an HD from and Blocked Ps3? The cfw is installed on ps3 or on the HD? TOO MUCH QUESTIONS!!! hahahaha Sorry, but i'm so so so grateful for the help you gave me today. Very very thanks man, helped alot in a moment of sadness hahaha And sorry for the bad english, this is not my main language : )
    4. bguerville
      No the hdd can be anything as long as it works. Format it with your PC first.
      The procedure will reformat the drive & install the CFW on it. Later you can erase it again...
      The eid_root_key is the AES encryption key to decrypt your internal hdd. To be able to read the hdd with the PC tool ps3 hdd reader you must have the encryption key otherwise you are stuck & the disk cannot be read. AES is too strong to be brute forced.
      The eid_root_key can be obtained by using the Rebug Toolbox or ERK Dumper..
    5. kiwon445
      So glad to hear Rebug finally came out with a 4.81 update ;) im thinking of going back to it. Is it possible to update to Rebug Rex 4.81 from Ferrox Cobra 4.81 without issue? do i have to delete anything before updating?
    6. bguerville
      Nope. Just update directly...
      You will need to remember to remove the webMAN-MOD path entry from /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt if you intend to use the Rebug way of managing webMAN-MOD promoting it to system plugin & toggling the feature on/off from the Rebug Toolbox.

      Otherwise you can keep it as it is using Cobra to load the plugin but don't use the Rebug Toolbox webman toggle feature. That's what I always do but mostly for practical testing reasons... It will work the same.

      The webMAN-MOD updater detects the installation type & update accordingly so updates are not a problem in either case.

      However you must choose one way, you cannot use both at the same time.
    7. kiwon445
      Welp i guess im ready to go :) ill just uninstall webman & use the rebug version when i update. thanks!
    8. Parzana
      So i fixed my problem, thx man! When it starts to "autoinstall", the hdmi cable disconnect and reconnect (bad contact) , that forces the ps3 to close the install windows and get back to XMB. One last question, can i use the 3 option of the Recovery menu to Defrag my HD without losing my cfw? Thx for everything man!
    9. bguerville
      There's no such thing as defragmentation on the PS3.
      I suppose you are talking about rebuilding the database. You won't lose any data with this option.
      The internal hdd is using an encrypted file system which supposedly takes care of itself & doesn't require defragmentation. So no defragmentation feature is available.
      Last edited: Dec 23, 2016
    10. Benjamin Santiago
      Benjamin Santiago
      PS3 4.81 FERROX COBRA (7.3) CFW by Alexander [UPDATED v1.01+ Released]

      HI Everyone!! Just A Little Question About This Custom Firmware..

      ¿I Need To Do A Downgrade First OR Just Install As Says In The Instructions Provided Here?

      Thanks In Advance!!
    11. Alexander
      if you are already on custom firmware, you should not make any downgrade.
      I invite you to install the latest release 1.02. You can find it here.
      Benjamin Santiago likes this.
    12. Benjamin Santiago
      Benjamin Santiago
      HI Thanks For A Fast Answer, My PS3 Is On Official Firmware And I Really Interested In Put A CFW To It! I Know The Risk But Is There A Safer Way To Do It? And Did You Has A Link With The Instructions To Do All The Process!!

      Thanks Again!!
    13. Alexander
      as I said, you have to be already on custom firmware. If you're on ofw, you need a hardware flasher to downgrade your ps3.
    14. Megatrony latyakos
      Megatrony latyakos
      it is great !! congratulations to all !! How to make multiple virtual drives?
    15. Alexander
      It depends what you mean.
      kozarovv likes this.
    16. Alexander
      As I have seen, there are no major changes in version 4.82, so, i think the only patches will be for the fixed exploit ofw 481. However, I think a cobra version 7.53 can be released in no time after appropriate tests . Surely in the next few hours.
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    17. bguerville
      At first glance, it doesn't even look that way Alexander. If I am not mistaken, webkit seems to be untouched tbh.
      As soon as I can inspect vsh.self in 4.82, I can port the exploit & test....
      STLcardsWS and Alexander like this.
    18. Alexander
      It does not seem to have had substantial changes in the vsh.:disillusionment:
      STLcardsWS likes this.
    19. bguerville
      Some small changes here and there apparently nonetheless so toc has changed & then offsets too as far as I can tell...
      STLcardsWS and aray276 like this.
    20. Alexander
      in the coming hours ...
      - Ferrox 4.82 Cobra 7.53
      - Ferrox 4.82 Cobra 7.53 noBD
      - Ferrox 4.82 Retail

      src cobra, as always, you find it in my github at the time of release.

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