PS VITA / PS TV Adrenaline EasyInstaller Updated once again to v1.05 by freakler94

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Feb 16, 2017.

By atreyu187 on Feb 16, 2017 at 3:38 PM
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    Well just days ago I reported on an update to this useful application. Seems another has been pushed via the devs github bringing it up to v1.05 now with a few fixes and added features mentioned below. While the activation of a system hasn't been added (yet but that is because ePSP Bubble Installer 2.0 source isn't public yet) I am sure it is right around the corner. Till then the app seems to offer some really great additions as well as bug fixes seen below.

    You can see the developer is actively improving this wonderful app. I still whole heartedly feel that the activation will be added soon enough so that this is the only app needed in order to get adrenaline up and running with a true all-in-one application. I'm sure once Celeste blue makes the source code available for his activation files from his app ePSP Bubble Installer it will be added here soon enough. But Custom Protocol the guys in control of the GekiHEN competition still have not pushed the update from version 1.2 to his latest build of 2.0 which contains the new activation method no longer requiring access to the PlayStation Network for a PlayStation 3. Till then enjoy this great piece of Brew.

    • Vita AdrenalineEasyInstaller v1.05
      As you can see the menu has changed some from my v1.04 screen shots to reflect changes.

      This is the v1.04 menu compared to v1.05 above this image.

      The theme options screen

      Advanced options screenshot
      V1.05 Changelog
      • added 6.61 Update file download progress indicator
      • added update history info to Livearea
      • while installing the Home button is now blocked
      • fixed a bug with wrongly formatted tai-config file

    Downloads & Source Code: Source Code and VPK @Github

    News Source: @Freakler94 via Twitter
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Feb 16, 2017.

    1. pinky
      I discovered a bug with this app. when u install adrenaline, ur config.txt file is replaced entirely with one that includes adrenaline only, so any plugins listed originally will no longer be listed.
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