Aldo's PS3 Tools Collection Version 2.7.40 Released

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Tranced, Feb 21, 2016.

By Tranced on Feb 21, 2016 at 11:46 AM
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    Developer Aldostools dropped a link to this 'updated', personal build of PS3 Tools Collection. It has been a while since we have seen a release from the developer but this is not per se a release but rather the dev helping out a member here at PSX-Place. Yes there could be some changes but no changelog has been divulged by Aldostools and don't expect any. Just bask in the notion that the dev did not have to release his personal version[break].[/break] but did so to help out a fellow scener and now we all benefit.

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Tranced, Feb 21, 2016.

    1. Sdw100
      Thanks great stuff [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION]
    2. Zoilus
      thanks [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] ! great stuff

      Almost feels like it was meant just for me! :p:D
      Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
    3. tonybologna
      Why use Sendspace folks? It's one of the slowest filehosting sites there is available. Please put up some mirrors for download.
    4. CloneD
      Thanks [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] and then life just got easier. :)
    5. Assassins
      Thanks alot [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] Nice Job
    6. ARCH
      cool, my favorite suite of tools that speed and class interface and easy to use. Thank you great job as usual.
    7. CrazyCellist
      You Rock!

      Thanks Aldo!
    8. Dr. L Ron Bumquist
      Dr. L Ron Bumquist
      in the tread title you state "Aldo's PS3 Tools Collection Version 2.7.40 Released" then in the body of your post you state "It has been a while since we have seen a release from the developer but this is not per se a release but rather the dev helping out a member here at PSX-Place."

      Why is this news worthy?
    9. kozarovv
      Are you using this tools? If you answered yes. You want to use latest version? If you answered yes. How did you know that new version is released (even released in that way)? Not everyone reading all threads here, a lot of users are just reading our front page. Is not worth to write about update of well known tool for ps3 users from trusted dev just because he released this to help one user? Btw. Fixed shell extensions will help for more users, maybe there is more changes idk. That's why is newsworthy. And of course most important reason, because we can :p
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    10. Dr. L Ron Bumquist
      Dr. L Ron Bumquist
      AM I using aldols ps3tools? YES

      AM I using the latest version? NO

      Do I want to use the latest version? YES

      Why AM I not using the latest version? Because as far as I know it doesn't work on XP (at least the five or six previous versions didn't anyway.)

      As for the rest of your post, psx-place staff can write whatever they want(its not like they need my permission any way)

      I just hope that psx-place staff might realize that making news out of every little thing a dev may do is not conducive to longevity of the site assuming predilection is in fact what you are trying to engender among devs.
    11. kozarovv
      I didn't know that (not xp user here). [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] can you confirm? What requirements can't be done on xp to make it compatible. As far as i know only VB5 Runtime Modules are needed to run this pack.

      Maybe that was little update but last time we write news about PS3 Tools Collection was 26-Feb-2015. If after one year some bug fix was released then why not write about that. If 2.7.40 released today and lets say that 2.7.41 tommorow, we are just updating article, not writing new. But after one year..
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    12. aldostools
      It is possible that XP support is broken due I'm compiling the project with Windows 10, and VB5 applications may have issues with older OS when they are compiled on newer versions (due dependencies are usually forward compatible, not backward compatible).

      BTW this is a small fix for resigning EBOOT/SELF:
      (just replace the exe in %userprofile%/ps3tools/ps3tools/tools)
    13. jabbbar
      which app/tool not working on win xp?
    14. tonybologna
      Something strange is going on with my install of this latest version of PS3 Tools. I usually copy/send a menu shortcut to my desktop for easy startup of the program from the desktop. I have searched all through the install folders for PS3 Tools & can't find the PS3 Tools Menu shortcut file. I've always been able to do this in past versions.

      I just can't remember where the PS3 Tools Menu shortcut is placed upon installation of the program. Somebody please tell me where this menu shortcut is located so I can send it again to my desktop for easy startup. Right now, if I use that shortcut it will start the previous version because it's not been updated with this one(v2.7.40). Thanks!
    15. Drag
      Aldo, thank you so much for all you have done with the ps3 scene, you're a master
    16. tonybologna
    17. bitsbubba
    18. tonybologna
      That's where I have the install path but there is no PS3_Tools_Menu file. It's liked it's not even included in the install. I removed & reinstalled with no success either. This is crazy! I must have a ghost/monster inside my laptop. Good grief! :crazy: Edit: Stupid me. I was looking under the wrong path. Thanks bitsbubba for quoting the direct path because I had some other install path on my mind.
      Last edited: Feb 29, 2016
    19. bitsbubba
      np tony :)

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