PS VITA / PS TV Annoucing the GekiHEN Homebrew Contest for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV ( #HENkaku )

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By STLcardsWS on Sep 12, 2016 at 9:45 PM
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    Here is some exciting news for developer's and end user's as well. As some of he biggest names in the homebrew community team up to kick off one giant Homebrew Contest. Introducing the GekiHEN Homebrew Contest, a new contest for developer's creating various Homebrew and Hacks for the PS Vita / PlayStation utilizing the HENkaku exploit (which was updated today (see here) ) . So what are the prizes and details of the GekiHEN contest?

    Well the contest takes place NOW and will run all the way until January 27th 2017, so submit your homebrew and update along the way, So hopefully we see some new projects and the progression of those projects over the next few months. There is already a decent sized prizepool ($800) currently but we hope to seek some community donations as well to increase the total size (as other sponsors plan to do the same), details on how you can make a contribution to the contest will be coming in the next few days.

    Also, PSX-Place will be doing a several side event tied into this Contest. Just to sweeten the pot a bit, maybe some bounties, maybe rewarding devs providing support to our psx-place members. Maybe a bit of all of it, stay tuned as we are sure to have alot of with this. But we will only relay this information to our members for these special bonus, so if your not logged in you may mis-out on the information. First matter of business is, we need idea's and those come from all our reader. So checkout this thread and leave your homebrew concepts and idea;s You might just inspire a developer and a new project as well win some gifts in the process for simply sharing your idea's..


    • Conditions to submit a homebrew

      • Your entry must use HENkaku one way or another, so it must be a “native” homebrew (and not a PSP homebrew launched by VHBL, for example).
        • In the same way as the ReVitalize competition, are forbidden to participate: themes, wallpapers, PC Utilities, flash games and portals.
      • You can submit your entry until January 27th, 2017 (included) to participate.
      • You are allowed to submit as many entries as you want.
      • You can work in teams, but we will need a single contact person for the prizes.
      • The homebrew must be made by you. Updates of somebody else’s homebrew will be accepted ONLY if you prove that you got authorization from the original creator(s) to enter this contest. Please do not simply take someone’s source and add your name to it. We will find out and it’s just not cool. Keep it clean.
        • Ports of open source software are considered ok, as long as you follow the license rules.
      • The homebrew must be entirely new, or a significant update (or mod) of your existing homebrew. We might refuse “updates” or “mods” if we think they do not bring much new features to your homebrew.
      • First of all, your homebrew must be published on the website GekiHEN (more informations below). You must wait until a moderator valid your entry before publishing it on other websites/forum, else it will be refused (for information, an e-mail is automatically send when a moderator has validated or not your project).
      • Your homebrew must display one of the competition splash screens provided below. If your homebrew can not technically use a splash screen (such as some plugins), you will be asked to provide the splash screen in the homebrew archive.
      • Do not submit illegal content! In particular, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the necessary authorization to distribute the graphics, musics, etc… included in your homebrew. We don’t have the manpower to do this verification ourselves.

    • website
      • The website was created to identify all the entries of the GekiHEN contest. You have to submit your project on this website if you want it to be a part of the contest.
      • When you have submited your homebrew, a confirmation link will be sent to your mail adress. You will need to click on it, and write your homebrew’s name to send it to the moderators.
      • When a moderator will validate or refuse your homebrew, you will receive another mail.
        • If your project is validated : you will receive a link to the page of your homebrew on the GekiHEN's website, and a special password you will have to enter if you want to update your submission (the update will not be published instantly, a moderator have to approve it).
        • If your project is rejected : you will receive the reason(s) why your entry is rejected, and possibly a link to a page where you can modify your submission, then resend it to the moderators.

    • Judges and prizes
      Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite entry in each of the following categories:
      • Best game (reward: 200 $ / 180 €)
      • Best utility/hack (reward: 200 $ / 180 €)
      • Best emulator (reward: 200 $ / 180 €)
      • Best plugin (reward: 200 $ / 180 €)

      • The winner of one of the prizes can choose among:
        • A PayPal payment
        • Cards for his prefered store: PlayStation Store, Steam, Nintendo eShop, League of Legends, PaySafeCard...

    • Partners & donators - We thank the following websites for their participation to the GekiHEN Contest (in alphabetical order) :

      We also thank our dear donators (in alphabetical order):

    Submit Entries @
    (Must be approved before entered)​
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 12, 2016.

    1. kozarovv
      Only two entries? I know, developing need to take a time. :) Still waiting for CyanogenPSP entry, this can be good alternative for vita shell. And can push developers of both projects to make something new. :)
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    2. bitsbubba
      I know right? Is the rules that hard? Since the contest started I've seen a few releases that never entered.
    3. kozarovv

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