PS3 "CFW Extras" XMB Category (v1.00) - See Video & Download of this new impressive mod by DeViL303

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By DeViL303 on May 31, 2017 at 12:23 PM
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    This is a new collection of mods all combined into one "new" category on REBUG 4.81 CFW, with all xmls and icons in one place on HDD. It allows for the user to choose exactly which components to install, and they can choose where to install them, and it also allows easy updating / modifying of each component of the XMB individually. All mods are translated into Spanish, French, Italian and German in this release so far (based on system's XMB settings)

    The basic idea is that I moved the original network items over to PSN and renamed that to Network, I also cleaned some useless items out of the PSN category. The easiest way to understand how it works and what it changes is to watch the included video.

    Please note, if you downloaded your addons before 28th of November 2017, that
    there is a risk of brick if you try to enter FSM via this tool, it has been patched now,
    So Please redownload CFW Tools if you already have it.

    • Below are the XMB items/Mods/Addons you can choose to install, each one (or all) can be installed into either the new CFW Extras Category, or into the game category, or both:
      • Soft Reboot
      • Hard Reboot
      • Shutdown
      • App Home
      • Configuration Manager
      • CFW Tools (Mod of Mod)
      • Homebrew Folder
      • Package Manager
      • Package Manager Plus (Mod)
      • webMAN Games
      • webMAN Mod Settings
      • XMB Manager (Mod , no "plus")
      • XMB Package Downloader
      In the users category you can choose to add some or all of the following items:
      • Soft Reboot
      • Hard Reboot
      • Shutdown

      CFW settings.png
      Most items don't need any explanation as they are self explanatory by the name, but the Homebrew Folder might, This is a new item that can be added to Game or CFW Extras, it will show any apps that have the category designation "CB" in the PARAM.SFO, So if for example you wanted to move some of your apps into this, you would edit the PARAM.SFO to "CB", then rebuild database and they will appear inside there, or just pack that PARAM.SFO into the pkg before install.

      This also installs the Whats New on PSX-Place Item, it will replace the original "Whats New" in the PSN category (the original was broken in Rebug anyway, links don't work).

      There are more features too, such as the ability to install mods into any category without modifying flash again, I have made 5 generic "extension slots" in each category, but they wont be used in this initial release.

    • Big thanks to all the developers/originators of those mods/plugins/hacks and everyone who has helped with translating, testing and ideas etc, there are too many to name, but here are some anyway,
      Special thanks to the translators - littlebalup (French), disyoko (Spanish), MHAF99 (Arabic), thehero (Italian) and to Berion for the icons, aldostools for webMAN mod, and bguerville/Mysis for the xai_plugin.

    • Important Notes:

      • This is ONLY for Rebug 4.81.
      • Do NOT activate FSM through this addon.
      • If you have any existing mods in any category this will wipe them out.
      • You are required to have a webMAN MOD plugin running for some features to work, such as webMAN games, webMAN mod settings, and XMBPD (full edition of wMM required for this).
      • Due to the amount of items this adds, your ingame XMB will struggle to show all of the icons more than usual, and some of the icons for the mods will never show.
      • This is the first release of a WIP so there are most likely some bugs.

      * I will add more to this description over time. (Resource Link)

    Download & Source @:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, May 31, 2017.

    1. Spawn
      Still not working with sMan?

      I find the XMB package downloader quite useful, but I don't use WebmanMod anymore. :(
    2. DeViL303
      No sMan support. I use webMAN mod and don't really have time for updating this, maybe someday.
    3. bguerville
      To make XMBPD compatible with sMan you would need to mod sMan, not XMBPD!
      SMan does not have pkg download/installation support. I wrote that code for wMM originally & Aldo included it but the feature was not added to sMan & most likely never will.
      aldostools likes this.
    4. DeViL303
      I assumed he was asking if this mod supported sMAN (XMB entry), it doesn't, if he was asking about XMBPD then that is different of course.
    5. Frosthaxx
      Any chance we can get an add-on like this for Hans or not possible?
    6. DeViL303
      Its possible to do something similar, but there are not really enough custom items that work on HAN to fill a whole category, maybe someday.
    7. Frosthaxx
      Ofc things take time. I'm just so glad something can happen. I member the old bd exploit that allowed nes. That was patched then I lost my 80 gig, well more like someone stole it got this unhackable and until han I was never able to do anything since then. Definitely a breakthrough

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