PS3 DARKNET (Standard CEX) 4.70 & COBRA Builds v7.02 & 7.03 Released !!!

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    CFW developer darkjiros has release several new Custom Firmwares for version v4.70. First off the developer has released a Stanard CEX CFW for 4.70 that comes equipped with various additions like Cinavia Protection Removed, ScreenShot patch enabled, among other features commonly found in CFW's. Plus the developer has released the first TWO Cobra CFW builds. The first build is based off COBRA v7.02 & the second build is based off OBRA v7.03, they both are compatable with [break]ss[/break] mmCM v04.66.10 then v7.03 gives supoort to NzV's PS3 Manager Support (PS3 MAPI) and also support for the PSNpatch Stealth Extension by KW. So be sure to read and understand what is best for your needs.

    DARKNET CEX 4.70 COBRA.png

    DARKNET CEX 4.70 V1.00.PUP
    MD5 : 016F53F1A1A4D1A3DD24E2F8828B12B2

    Standard CEX

    • 1. Properly built from OFW 4.70

    • 2. Install Package Files and App_Home

    • 3. Patched LV0 to disable ECDSA check of CoreOS

    • 4. Patched LV2 to add PEEK/POKE

    • 5. Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection

    • 6. Patched LV1 to add PEEK/ POKE

    • 7. Games signed with keys up to 4.70 Supported

    • 8. Can be updated over ANY CFW.

    • 9. Can be updated over 3.55 OFW

    • 10. RSOD bypass

    • 11. ReactPSN Offline patch added

    • 12. PSP Remaster / Minis supported added

    • 13. QA FLAG Enabled by Default if it was previously applied

    • 14. Enhanced Remote play with PC

    • 15. In Screen game shot patch

    • 16. 100% Cinavia Protection Fully Disabled

    MD5 : D373A53ED9898F67A9CA7FA4EA567E11

    COBRA v7.02 Edition
    stage2.bin : 67.8KB (69,504 byte) - MD5 : C4376DDC20560FA0D16A0B4A3B9742F5
    COBRA v7.02 --- FEATURES:
    1. Built based on Standard DARKNET CEX 4.70 V1.00
    2. COBRA 7.02 Added (Used the DARKNET 4.66 COBRA Source)
    • Optimized light weight payload without unnecessary dynamic CFW patches.(stage2.bin : 67.8KB)
    • Deank's permission fix to improve game compatibility with COBRA payload
    • PS2 Rebug Holder R2 Support (Habib's workaround)
      • ※ PS3 MAPI Not Supported (7.03 only for my release)
      • ※ PSNPatch stealth mode Not Supported (7.03 only for my release)

    MD5 : E4601D0A978B50E2C53207CA69850830

    COBRA v7.03 Edition
    stage2.bin : 75.6KB (77,440 byte) -- MD5 : 8CE0D8B15FBB8DA9EF6219157232E52B
    COBRA v7.03 --- FEATURES:
    1. DARKNET CEX 4.70 V1.00 [COBRA EDITION 7.02] with the same patch
    2. COBRA 7.03 Added (Used the Habib & DARKNET 4.66 COBRA Source)
    • Re-added spoof code into Stage2 And add other code (stage2.bin : 75.6KB) [This won't enable PSN but prevents FW updates in the future when spoof is enabled by COBRA]
    • Deank's permission fix to improve game compatibility with COBRA payload
    • PS2 Rebug Holder R2 Support (Habib's workaround)
    • PS3 MAPI Support (Nzv's)
    • PSNPatch stealth mode (KW's)

    DARKNET 4.70 COBRA 7.03 PS3mapi Installer.pkg
    MD5: 9DC4A18A838071FAB008B13D48FD460C

    Download --> DARKNET 4.70 COBRA 7.03 PS3mapi Installer

    PS2 For BC and Semi-BC: (COBRA 7.02/7.03)

    • Full PS2 ISO / Optical Media compatibility via COBRA payload, no bugs at all
    PS2 For Non-BC: (COBRA 7.02/7.03)

    • ISO wireless sync supported, mount iso with multiman and run it through ps2 classic placeholder(redirection). if file /dev_hdd0/classic_ps2 present then redirection will be disabled and classics will run.

    • In some case, some PS3 models won't ever get pads synced wirelessly.
    Homebrew Supported (All DARKNET Firmwares) :

    Homebrew NOT Supported (All DARKNET Firmwares) :

    Tested Consoles (All DARKNET Firmwares) :

    • CECHA00

    • CECHA01

    • CECHA07

    • CECHK05

    • CECHC04

    • CECHL04

    • CECHL05

    • CECH-2001B

    • CECH-2004A

    • CECH-2005A

    • CECH-2500A
    Test videos (CECH-2505A) :
    PS3MAPI Connection test
    [video=youtube;cPjsWFZaJJ0] t_79b8Q[/video]
    PS2ISO DS3 Wireless Test (PS2 Rebug Holder R2)
    [video=youtube;eaB5pzFM8_8] index=3[/video]
    DARKNET CEX 4.70 CORBA - PC to PS3 Remote Test
    DARKNET 4.70 COBRA - MMCM Test

    4.70 Cinavia Disable test01.JPG
    Cinavia Disable
    (Test 1)
    4.70 Cinavia Disable test02.JPG
    Cinavia Disable
    (Test 2)
    Gamesonic Manager - v3.59.2.png
    Gamesonic Manager - v3.59.2 (test)
    Irisman 3.45
    MMCM 4.66.10.JPG
    MMCM 4.66.01 (Test) (Cobra 7.02 & 7.03)
    PS3MAPI connection
    PS1 ISO.jpg
    PS1 ISO (Test)
    Wireless Pad Support.JPG
    PS2 ISO
    PS2 Classic.jpg
    PS2 Classic (Test)
    PSP ISO.jpg
    PSP Remaster (Test)
    PS3 to PC Remote Play-01.png
    PS3 to PC Remote Play (Test)
    PS3 to PC Remote Play-02.png
    PS3 to PC Remote Play (Test)

    Credits and Special thanks

    • BlueRabbit (I received a very big help in finding the offset.)
    • Unknown Cobra USB dev (Biggest thanks for open sourced projects of COBRA)
    • Joonie (Help with Setting up Compilation environment for CELL SDK )
    • Habib (PS2 workaround / Cinavia reversing)
    • Mysis (Cinavia reversing)
    • Team REBUG (CFW reverse engineering)
    • Nzv (PS3 Mapi Source)
    • KW (PSN Patch Source)
    • chipwelt ( (admin) - CECHA00/C04/2004A console was a test)
    • Aldo Vargas, Deank, All forum members of and Darkiris.NET (Firmware Test)



    (NEW Links & Mirrors added (Thanks [MENTION=281]wicko[/MENTION] ) )



Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 6, 2015.

    1. darkjiros
    2. atreyu187
      Am I misunderstanding this? PSN access is not possible with these Cobra builds?
    3. Fuzion9
      I'm in the same boat. Not sure what to make of it?
    4. darkjiros
      All DARKNET 4.70 CFW version PSN-connect support
    5. Fuzion9
      Thanks :) So are the psnpatch stealth extensions included or do we just use psnpatch to disable syscalls etc as always?
      Just want to make sure lol
    6. urdandy
      Thank you for hard work. They are awesome!
      I'd like clarification on what you mean by "Re-added spoof code into Stage2 And add other code (stage2.bin : 75.6KB) [This won't enable PSN but..." on the description of Cobra 7.03. Does added spoof code have some problem?
      Last edited: Mar 6, 2015
    7. kokotonix
      Very Very good !
      thank you [MENTION=156]darkjiros[/MENTION] :)
    8. Joonie
      It supports built-in Cobra version spoofer for next FW update, however it won't allow PSN access, and this has been patched a long ago by SONY, you would have to wait for patched VSH.self, index.dat,version.txt and updated stage2.bin with 64bit hash for vsh for Full COBRA functionality.

      So don't worry about this until new SONY's OFW update.
    9. urdandy
      Thank you for kind reply.
    10. atreyu187
      So what would be the benefit of the Cobra 7.02 over 7.03? Just seems like a step back, not that there is anything wrong with choices just curious as to why you made both. Though I am greatful for the work that much is for sure.

      BTW tested on four models today for friends all using the Cobra 7.03 build all flawless.

      CECHB-01, CECHL-01, CECH-2100 and my CECH-2500
      Last edited: Mar 6, 2015
    11. STLcardsWS
      New Mirrors added as original links are no longer active thanks [MENTION=281]wicko[/MENTION]

      (more mirrors are welcome :) )
    12. STLcardsWS
      Somehow the thread was closed. (may of checked the box by mistake) anyhow back open and my apologies
    13. plasticos201193
      I think i found an incompatible game with this firmware (maybe with the antiode patch's):

      BLUS31140 Call of Duty BlackOps 2, for some reason the game only shows the first loading icon and BAM!! Black Screen. I used to play this game on COBRA 4.46 without problem.

      Ps3 CECH2511 Darknet 4.70 Cobra 7.03. Game: BLUS31140 iso parts (.iso.0, .iso.1, . . .)

      I don't know if only this version of the game is problematic maybe somebody with this game and diferent version can confirm.

      I try with my original copy of this game and works like a charm.
    14. kozarovv
      Delete game data (not save) and install again. Should help.
    15. afreeman
      can it work with CECH-2006B ?
    16. kozarovv
      Yes, if you have 3,55 ofw or any cfw instaled now.
    17. jowiflow
      ok im new on this and this is my first time posting.

      When i try to update my ps3 with the usb i get an error 8002F957

      My Ps3 4.70 version and console CECH2501B

      What shuld i do to solve this?
    18. Tranced
      If your are running official firmware 4.70 then you will need to downgrade your console to install custom firmware. You cannot install CFW over official firmware.
    19. jowiflow
      Thanks Tranced for fast response.

      Where i can find the downgrade version 3.55?

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