PS VITA / PS TV DSMotion [Plugin] - DualShock 3 & 4 Motion Control Support by OperationNT

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    PlayStation TV (PSTV) user's got a new plugin DSMotion (two variants available) which aims to add Motion Control Support for both the DualShock 3 k 4 controllers, which is essential in completing / playing some games as these games were blacklisted from playing the PSTV originally. There are some limitations but a step forward especially for games that require some motion controls as the titles outlined in the release note.


    • DSMotion
      Henkaku plugins which adds motion control support for PlayStation TV with DualShock controllers​

      There are 2 plugins:
      • Kernel plugin dsmotion.skprx: it hooks BlueTooth calls to catch DualShock controller packets and exposes user services to get the intercepted motion data
      • User plugin dsmotion.suprx: it calls the kernel plugin services and reinterprets the given data for SceMotion functions return


      In order to activate those plugins featues, you must edit your ux0:tai/config.txt file:
      Replace TITLEID00 by a title identifier which needs motion control or by ALL to affect all titles.


      • NPXS10007 - Welcome Park - The skate board game is playable.
      • PCSF00214 - Tearaway - Introduction which asks to shake the PS Vita can now be passed by shaking the controller.
      • PCSF00349 - Flower - The game is playable.
      • PCSF00007 - WipEout 2048 - The game can be played with motion commands option.
      • PCSA00029 - Uncharted Golden Abyss - River game at chapter 12 and other balance mini-games can be completed.
      • PCSB00031 - Virtua Tennis 4 - "Match VR" mode has inverted horizontal controls.
      • PCSF00024 - Gravity Rush - "No gravity" mode has inverted horizontal controls.


      • If a DualShock 3 controller is used, it must not be directly plugged with USB on the PS TV otherwise, signal will be sent through USB instead of BlueTooth (and it won't be catched): use an external charger for the controller.
      • It doesn't work well on classic PS Vita with "ds4vita": for an unknown reason, motion control samples seems to be too much spaced over time.
      • It hooks documented "SceMotion" user functions instead of undocumented "SceMotionDev" kernel functions: if we could understand those kernel functions, we could have more compatibility with a single kernel plugin (no more need for a user plugin).
      • Device orientation quaternion and rotation matrix are not currently accurate: they give unstable result and they don't support full orientation, feel free to give help if you have some maths/IMU skills!
      • Some games (specially those with inverted horizontal controls) call functions to activate the PS Vita magnetometer: DualShock controllers don't have this feature.


      • xerpi for his "ds3vita" and "ds4vita" plugins source code which helped me a lot to understand BlueTooth communication!
      • TheFlow for his "VitaShell" source code which helped me to understand how to export functions from kernel plugin and call them in user plugin
      • YifanLu for Henkaku which makes everything possible (except coffee) on this device!

      Update: Version 1.1
      Vertical control issue fix

      User plugin changes:

      • Change cross product way for device quaternion to fix some vertical inversion
      • Remove useless hook on "sceMotionGetBasicOrientation": this function always returns (0,1,0) even on PS Vita

      Documentation changes:

      • Compatibility list updated (special thanks to "stranno" who made a lot of tests!)
      • Limitation on signed titles removed: after some tests on original titles, it works fine
      • New limitation discovered: apparently, PS Vita can activate a magnometer which is used specially by games with horizontal conrol issues

    Latest version
    (download) & Source:
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 21, 2017.

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      Need this for pc... still cant find anything to get motion sensor output form DS3: /
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