PS3 Fake Save Data & Game Quit Pop up Removal - Patches Released by Habib

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By STLcardsWS on Dec 31, 2016 at 12:02 PM
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    So here is a cool release for 4.81 REBUG REX CFW as Habib releases patches to remove the "Caution: Fake Save Data" popup notification on every single game save & also provides patches to remove the "Game Quit" notification pop-up. So, say good-bye to those useless popups that annoy REBUG user's and especially users who use the Fake Save Data feature on REBUG cfw, as the features essentially gives you full freedom of the game saves being used on your console. Now you can use any game save with success. Stepping the PS3 back to the PS2 ability and functionality with freedom of sharing and using even your own saves files from another ones of your PS3 consoles with ease. An exclusive Rebug feature now gets even better.

    Note: A more user friendly way to add these patches for popup removal will be incoming with the release of COBRA v7.32.

    PS3_Fake _Save_Date_Owner.jpg

    • Fake Save Data and Game Quit pop up removal

      hey guys!
      this is something which many people wanted so i thought that i need to patch this out, its out of beta so here it goes all these patches are for 4.81 rebug

      fake save:
      • vsh.self : 0x128bc0->0x60000000

      game quit no request event:
      • game_ext_plugin.sprx : 0xe508->0x60000000

    • Assuming you have the REBUG Toolbox installed already​
      The pkg file comes included in REBUG CFW and you can find it by entering Package Manager on the XMB in the GAME category​

      Package Manager --> Install Package Files ---> PS3 Hard Disk ---> Rebug Toolbox v _____ ......

      , Open the Rebug Toolbox and you will scroll to the 2nd category (Selector) as the picture shows below.​


      From There we want to change/ensure that:
      • System Mode is on REBUG,
      • XMB Operation Mode: DEBUG
      • Debug Menu Type: DEX

      Now from there we must exit the application and the system will reboot the console to input our changes. Now once back to the XMB we need to scroll to the SETTING category on the main XMB and then scroll down to DEBUG Settings from here we need to scroll through the many options until we find "Fake Save Data Owner" and activate that to ON and you now have the freedom to use any Game Save that easily

      SETTING (Column) --> DEBUG Settings --> fake Save Data Owner --> ON

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 31, 2016.

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