PS3 FERROX 4.82 v1.01 COBRA 7.55 by Alexander

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By LizZo on Dec 7, 2017 at 11:16 AM
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    New CFW build released from developer @Alexander, in this build we can find the introduction of the new 7.55 COBRA This updated version of COBRA includes a bug fix for deleting PKGs and Game Updates that was present in v7.54. Alexander & Beta Tester's (@ CyberModding,it) discovered this problem during a late test session before release of FERROX v1.01. There are also other fixes contained in this new build as outlined in the release note provided below for 4.82 FERROX COBRA (v7.55) CFW v1.01


    • CHANGELOG v1.01:
      • COBRA 7.54 - Fixed the installation of Packages and game updates with Syscalls disabled. Credits to Alexander, Aldo Vargas, Joonie
      • COBRA 7.55 - Fixed deleting Homebrews / Apps / Game updates with Syscalls disabled. Credits to Alexander
      • Fix PSP DRM & Fix PSX. So now PSP PKGs and PSX PKGs runs correctly
      • Fix BlueRay ISO
      • Added support to download unsigned PKG from XMBPD - Credits to DeViL303, Bobby_Downgrades

    • CFW Features are the same as v1.00.
      • Built from the base of OFW 4.82
      • Can be installed from every CEX CFW and 3.55 OFW and 4.82 OFW via PS3Xploit
      • QA Flags enabled if already enabled, so there is the possibility to Downgrade to every Fw version
      • COBRA 7.55
      • Optional Graphic mods can be installed, along with HB Store. Read under the features.
      • PS2, PSX, PSP ISO / Minis / Remasterred Compatibility
      • ReactPSN Compatibility
      • RSOD Screen Bypass
      • App_home/PS3_GAME
      • XMB In-Game Screenshot
      • Remote Play Compatibility
      • Package Manager replaces the classic Install Install Package Files
      • CPU & RSX Temperature are now shown on XMB In-Game while playing PS2 Games
      • LV1: Patched to remove PS2 LV2 Protection
      • LV1: Patched coreOS Hash Check to prevent Brick non non-Dehashed consoles
      • LV1: Peek & Poke
      • LV2: Peek & Poke
      • Disabled Epilepsy message
      • CINAVIA completely Disabled

    • Optional Install (FERROX MOD Installer): You will find the PKG always available in Package Manager - Internal Storage. Thanks to XMBM+ for the installer base!

      Here is a video (from Ferrox 4.80) showing the mods available .

      Results after installing Mods (Click pic for larger view)

      1.png 2.png 3.png
      The custom wave is not included.

    Many tests have been done before release this version. Tested PS3, PS2, PSP, PSX and BD in various formats. If you find any bugs, please report in the comments!! Do you want to install this CFW but you have an Original Firmware (4.82 OFW)? Follow this guide and you will able to install it (ONLY if your model is Compatible): PS3Xploit Guide

    Ah, and in the future there will be good news for Ferrox users. ;)
    - LizZo

    MD5: 4ea0375a93cd888afbdf8797bb1a9d4f

    Update: bug fixed in version 1.01
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Discussion in 'PS3 Jailbreaks / CFW' started by LizZo, Dec 7, 2017.

    1. LizZo
    2. NewYears1978
      Can someone tell me the easiest way to upgrade my HDD while using Ferrox Cobra? I should have installed a new HDD first but was not sure how it was going to go.

      I've seen many people saying diff ways to do this. Rebug had a HDD Debug backup tool, we have the Sony Backup method.. but I hear it's slow and not advised.

      Does Ferrox have some sort of backup util?

      Google has not helped me tonight.
    3. pinky
      unfortunately, the backup utility by sony is clunky as hell just like the hdd formatting tool. 50 hours to format an hdd - I mean come on, sony! the best option might be to send the data to your pc via an ethernet cable. that's also cumbersome since the connection crashes a lot with small files. I guess either way it's going to be slow as hell.
    4. NewYears1978
      Man you’re right. I heard copying my folder structure to usb was the best method. Started last night. Six hours was only at 5% of 320gb. When I woke up it said error or user cancelled. Think instead I’ll just back up my trophies:profile folder and just go fresh from there.

      So I’ll copy the trophy/profiles folder. Put in my new hdd and install cfw from usb. I’ll use normal means for installing multiman and webman. Restore my profile and trophies by copying that back with multiman. Then I’ll ftp my ISO’s.

      Should be good right? I don’t need any save games. One thing I read something about rebuilding database from safe mode - do I have to do that?
    5. complexusername
      There is another FTP sprx that you can use that doesn't have the crashing. It helped speed up my CECHB01 backup tremendously.
    6. Dymblos
      Why the Mega link is
      strikethrough ? i see both archive the same :S

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