PS VITA / PS TV Final weeks of GekiHEN Contest: Submit your Homebrew + Checkout all the current Entries

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    The GekiHEN Contest deadline is approaching and time is running out to get your entries into the homebrew contest. There has been various projects submitted but some categories are a bit bare with just a few entries. While even the sections that have a good number of entries, its still is anyone's competition and we hope to see even more homebrew added to those catagories as well. The contest is winding down, lets take a look at what we have entered into the contest to this point. There is a lot of homebrew to checkout, but help developer improve their projects with some valuable feedback as developer can still provide updates for their projects.

    Note the website is back online, so you can resume submitting entries there.


    • The GekiHEN Contest.

      The GekiHEN contest is a Homebrew Competition for the PS Vita (& PlayStation TV) .
      It's the first homebrew contest for HENkaku. Everyone can submit his homebrew(s) to participate, just as easy as reading this. But don't forget to read carefully the rules before!

      Checkout Next Tabs for Current Entries (See official site for latest updates)

    • Homebrew Games
      screenshot1.jpg Starkiller HD: This is a basic & minimalistic 2D puzzle game using vita2Dlib by xerpi and my contribution to this contest! The game isn't meant to look pretty with a lot of fancy graphics but further stay in a somewhat "text-based-adventure-way". This release has 54 Levels currently and there also is a level editor for even more fun..Download
      screenshot1.jpg Starfield Vita A small endless game where you must dodge the stars.
      This is a port (or rather, a rewrite, written at the same time the PC version was being written) of a small game made for Programming classes at my university. I've decided to rewrite it in Lua. It's rather incomplete because the original game isn't finished either, and I'll add most features from the PC version once that one is finished. Probably. :D
      screenshot1.jpg Pong: This is a classic pong clone I created as a throwback to the origin of video games. This is also my first homebrew game and I designed it to resemble the original Pong by Ralph Baer.Download
      screenshot1.png Bernard Chronicles: It is a TetrisAttack/Pokemon Puzzle League like game with fully working AI : are you good enough to beat it?Download
      screenshot1.jpg Zelda: Return of the Hylian (ROTH): This is a Vita port of the Zelda fan game: The legend of Zelda : Return of the Hylian, made by Vincent Jouillat (
      screenshot1.jpg Bermuda Syndrome: This is a Vita port of the game Bermuda Syndrome, using the reverse engine made by Gregory Montoir:
      screenshot1.jpg Minicraft: This is a port of the Ludum Dare #22 entry by Notch called Minicraft. Minicraft is a 2D top-down sandbox game where your final goal is to "kill the only other sentient being in the world, making sure you’ll be alone forever" as stated personally by Notch whn he first released this game.Download
      screenshot1.jpg Heart of the Alien (HOTA): This is a Vita port of the reverse engine for Heart of the Alien, the sequel of Another World. It's based on the reverse engine made originally by Gil Megidish: To port it on Vita, I use this and migration the code from SDL 1.2 to SDL 2.Download
      screenshot1.png Another World Vita: is a 1991 cinematic platformer action-adventure game designed by Éric Chahi for Delphine Software. The game tells a story of Lester, a young scientist who, as a result of an experiment gone wrong, finds himself in a dangerous alien world where he is forced to fight for his survival.Download
      screenshot1.jpg Price of Persia: An open-source port of Prince of Persia for the PS VITADownload
      screenshot1.jpg vOpenTyrian: is a port of OpenTyrian to the PlayStation Vita handled. Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter. The story is set in 20,031 where you play as Trent Hawkins, a skilled fighter-pilot employed to fight Microsol and save the galaxy.Download

    • Emulators
      screenshot1.jpg uae4all: is an Amiga 500/1200 emulator ported to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV / Vita TV.

      - install vpk
      - put disks (adf) in "ux0:/data/uae4all/roms"
      - put kickstart roms (kick13.rom, kick31.rom) in "ux0:/data/uae4all/kickstarts"

    • .
      screenshot1.jpg ONElua Vita: ONElua was originally a lua interpreter for the PSP, which is currently being ported to the PSVita with Henkaku and all the possibilities it offers ! Okay, but what is an interpreter? Basically with this tool (interpreter), you can create your own homebrew and applications, introducing and translating your ideas through the built in ONElua and of course native LUA......Download
      screenshot1.jpg rinCheat SE: allows you to apply several cheats to your savedata with few passages. You can select your savedata slot and your preferred cheats from the official database that will be automatically updated at homebrew start. rinCheat SE also works as a database updater for rinCheat (plugin) since when it will download database updates, ...Download
      screenshot1.jpg Game Shrinker: Save valuable space on your memory card by shrinking unneeded manuals, language and video files to 0-Byte files.the tool automatically searches for manuals, language (text, audio, images) and video files in the game directories and offers you the possibility to shrink them to 0-Byte.....Download
      screenshot1.jpg Custom Theme Manager: is a simple application that allows you, as the name implies, to fully manage your Custom Themes direcly from the console. The user can browse, view, download and install Custom Themes from the online repository of on his PSVita directly from the same application,...Download
      screenshot1.png psp2shell: psp2shell is an utility/remote shell (library+client) to ease the development process on ps vita devices.Download
      screenshot1.jpg Vita Calculator: Because it annoyed so much, that the vita had no calculator I decided to make one.
      I hope you find it useful as well.
      screenshot1.jpg luaIRC: luaIrc is an IRC client for PS Vita wrote with Lua Player Plus Vita, allowing you to chat with your friends whenever you want.Download

    • Plugins
      screenshot1.jpg TrackPlug: is a simple plugin allowing you to take track of the time you spend in your games. The plugin will automatically take playtime info. You can use the TrackPlug vpk application to see current playtime status for every game you started at least once
      screenshot1.jpg rinCheat: is a multi-function plugin which allows you to do several stuffs during your gaming phase.

      • Realtime cheats with cheats database support.
      • Realtime memory scanner with (partial) heap scanner and main thread stack scanner.
      • Decrypted savedata exporter/importer with multiple saveslots.
      • Improved screenshot feature (no compression) in any game and any situation.
      • FTP Server during gaming phase.
      • Possibility to change console clockage with CPU, GPU, BUS, GPU Crossbar support.
      • Possibility to disable Auto Suspend feature while in game.
      • Possibility to stream PSVITA screen to PC while gaming.

    Contest Rules: via
    Submit an Entry: via

    Checkout our Resource Section of the site for mirrors to many of these entries and other PS Vita Homebrew:
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 7, 2017.

    1. atreyu187
      Such a great contest. While we have some pretty descent software I was hoping for more. There is wonderful things done that weren't added like O'ClockVita and Adrenaline.

      Not sure if they didn't care for the e peen which I am sure is the case for frangjarc and possibly TheFl0w. Regardless who ever wins deserves it as the system has come so far so quick with a miniscule database abusers compared to the 3DS.

      I really wish @STLcardsWS ran this as I feel it would have gotten more positive attention. Instead feels like he was left out and only involved for the cash side of the contest. These are MY THOUGHTS not Cards or Place, just let that be known.
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    2. GregoryRasputin
      I think TheFl0w didn't enter it because he knew he would win with anything he entered, perhaps he didn't think that was fair.

      I am glad the competition happened, i only regret the problems it has been plagued with since since it started for example i am getting this on the GekiHEN website:

      But like i said i am grateful the competition happened, i just hope next time the CustomProtocol guys hold a competition such as this one it is better managed.

      Also STL any chance you could add a 'quote' button to the editor ?
    3. STLcardsWS
      Its there,
      On the editor: the icon after smiley/pic/video.
      When clicked on the next one in order you should have the 4 options.
    4. GregoryRasputin
      Ahhh cool, didn't know it was hidden away :p

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