PS3 GameSonic Spoof 4.76 - For 4.75 COBRA CFW's

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 7, 2015.

By STLcardsWS on Sep 7, 2015 at 10:49 PM
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    Another CFW Spoofing option has made it's way to the public in recent days as developer Orion has released the GameSonic Spoof 4.76 for use with only 4.75 COBRA CFW. This spoof is not for any other custom firmwares, as with using any spoof or cfw use at your own risk, see full details from Orion in[break]ss[/break] the provided google translation.

    Note: REBUG REX v4.75.3 contains an official REBUG Spoofer built in and no need to use this spoof.


    Download: GameSonic Spoof 4.76 (for Cobra 4.75 cfw only)



Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 7, 2015.

    1. atreyu187
      OK I want to use this for Rebug [MENTION=17]Orion[/MENTION] as it spoofs Rebug in "normal" XMB option correct? I used Arch's before as I feel safer (I know no proof of this just MY prefrence only) while the XMB is as "normal" as possible. But I have to ask which I'm sure it doesn't since it is for Cobra only but does it break PS2/PSP? Or does it retain the hashes? Reguardles thanks for all your help today getting app_home gone and XMBM+ working again for 4.75. You seem to be on a roll with stuff here lately. Hope you sort out the kernel switching on your Rebug VSH menu and your PSN app that is upcoming. Also you might want to share your app you made for app_home removal as I am sure more then just myself will find it useful.
    2. Joonie
      If you plan to use REBUG 4.75.3 and add spoof on NORMAL mode. Why don't you just swap those files by yourself they are already ready to be used.... all those files are ready in the pup..

      I do not understand why it is so hard for you. I know a fact you and @noobzilla released rebug 4.46 cobra before..
    3. atreyu187
      LOL its a matter of access to a PC bud. Only got my Android tablet and I have always had both modes spoofed before. Stops my kiddy from accidentally hitting update. Not that matters either as I have an E3 if needed but this is the first day I have had off in three weeks nearly and took me 8 hours just to grab the PUP as my data is capped at 10kb/s ATM. Just simplicity is the main reason but time and PC access as well. But thank you for your suggestion didn't think I could just move the files via the PS3 and a file manager.
    4. Joonie
      ah that's hard.. lol ok, but when I was on vacation some time ago, I had a similar problem where I did not have a pc access, but I was able to do stuff with browsers on PS3 and my iPhone with ftp file manager...
    5. atreyu187
      My phone friggin disconnects so much with FTP but a small file I don't think would be an issue. Just been enjoying the day with my kid as its the first one I have had in a while. Last 72 hours I worked three 13 hour shifts and only got 8 hours sleep combined. My mind has been a little frazzled, last night I got 7 hours conservatively so much better just still not all there. LOL but thanks for helping get the wheels churning as I do like to do stuff myself. In the middle of mid tear down and thermal paste replacement as I decided to do it after my PS4 HDMI port repair went so well and the kids asleep. Want to get it all set as I noticed the temp go up three degrees Celsius on the GPU and its one of the cooler days this summer. I finally had to leave 4.21.2 REX Cobra due to all my toying with PSTV since it doesn't have USB support and that firmware doesn't have WiFi transfers added yet. Will be nice to have DS4 support back and a new firmware to toy with tomorrow as well as getting stuff on my new PSTV. Excited to get PS4 Link working. Anyhow I'm babbling thanks bud for the suggestions and as always your dedication to Rebug and the PS3 scene in general. Maye I should take a vacation as its been five years now since I took one.
    6. bitsbubba
      this doesn't change hashes so will break PS2/PSP
    7. atreyu187
      Ummm kinda lost it doesn't break hashes so it will break PS2/PSP? :-p
    8. bitsbubba
      you're always lost :p this spoof doesn't change vsh hashes in stage2 so more than likely PS2/PSP playback will be broken (only files included are index.dat, version.txt & vsh.self)
    9. atreyu187
      That makes much more sense. I thought you were saying that the hashes didn't break as in they matched up instead of mismatching after spoof. But in fact they do mismatch now. I really need to get a full night's rest. Working till I'm so tired I can't sleep sucks. Can't retain memories without sleep. Think I'm gonna put down the PS4 pad and Last of Us for the night but dang this game is addicitve. Best it on PS3 and got a debug version of the DLC on bluray hoping it would work as I traded a Dreamcast GD-R beta for it but no dice. So now I'm just playing it on PS4 with glitchy GFX to see the entire game. Naughty Dog really out did themselves this time.
    10. bitsbubba
      sleep dammit :) I've gotta get to sleep also got get my 8 year old to school in the morning :p
    11. atreyu187
      Yea I gotta seven year old little girl I need to get to school as well. 7:15 is gonna come early. She fell asleep and I picked up the pad LOL night brother. I am just gonna do as [MENTION=29]Joonie[/MENTION] suggested. Wonder if I can just copy it from Rebug mode to Normal mode keeping both spoofed? Ned to check the hashes tomorrow and see. Haven't dug into Rebug firmware since the dual VSH was done not sure how that works. Off to take one of my anexity meds and knock myself out. Don't like to take them unless needed but I think sleep is a good excuse. Thanks to both of you guys. Your info and work makes CFW maintence light work. BTW any chance of seeing your unoffical Rebug updater come out? Loved the options of quick installs of the stuff. Setting up my USB tether then mhotspot takes to long. Virgin Mobile really did a good job locking out wifi tether with their unlimited data plan. 5gb (which is now up from 3gb) goes really fast. Then is 14kb/s max till next month. Wish they would add a way to just buy data. Well they have but only via Walmarts "data done right" deal but I can't justify buying a new cellphone and slightly higher monthly plan. Love my $30 a month unlimited everything plan.
    12. bitsbubba
      if you can point me to all the files you've been using, I can make you up a custom updater (like we've planning all along :p) I myself just add all the file in proper folder format and ftp them over to the "Cobra CFW Tools" folder for quick updates when changing FW. Waiting for PUAD 2.0 so to pre-add all my customs straight to the PUP
      Last edited: Sep 8, 2015
    13. Sdw100
    14. Zar
      It look like this spoof is using cobra_map_path() to redirect original path of index version and vsh to the patched file inside the pkg.
    15. Orion
      This is a great idea
    16. Zbutsum
      Can someone please make a spoof for the rest of the Cobra firmwares? It's still not explained if the ARCH spoof is safe for non-Rebug Cobra CFW...
    17. bitsbubba
      SEN Enabler is on the front page
      Last edited: Sep 8, 2015
    18. Phil
      This spoof makes the epilepsy warning come back on habib 4.75 v4 not much of a problem just wondering if it affects anything else I'm unaware of. Works like a charm tho
    19. Orion
      because vsh.self is not patched to skip epilepsy message....i will update this with a new interessant relase in the next hours

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